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Hannity: The FBI spied on candidate Trump

2020-07-23 | 🔗
We now have indisputable evidence that the FBI planted a Crossfire Hurricane agent to spy on Team Trump.
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Smugness and group think Touche Sean Hannity. We go welcome to Hannity and we began with a Fox news alert the United States. Donald Trump will join us for an exclusive interview that is in a moment and we will discuss the brand New Rnc NEWS in terms of the convention in Florida has been canceled and the presidents reasons why. What is the backup plan? We will ask him that, and we will talk about the violence literally what he calls the war zone in american cities. We will talk about the upcoming election, Covid 19, left wing conspiracy theories. Joe Biden come a lot to get to tonight. First major, breaking news surrounding what we have identified on the show correctly to the biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal in american history, and that is, Obama Biden, James Comey working together to destroy President Trump, my first candidate trump and transition team trump. Now we have more definitive proof tonight, because a
bombshell document has now tonight been declassified by the Dni Director Radcliffe. It shows the most extreme measures that Jim Comey, Mr Hyer, on her himself. The FBI took in twenty sixteen to spy on. Then candidate, Donald Trump, the newly unearthed materials include typewritten notes from an FBI agent named Joe Panetta detailing August two thousand and sixteen briefing with Donald Trump Lieutenant General Flynn and former Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. The meeting was supposed to be a routine defensive briefing that presidential candidates received from the FBI, but in truth reality it was all a ruse according to a source, the briefing was a cover to listen for any remarks of president Trump or anyone else about Russia. So lets be clear. We now have indisputable evidence that the
FBI, literally early on planted a crossfire hurricane agent to spy on team trump. It also means Jim Comey. Mr higher honor is caught in another massive lie. Jim, I reminded you a long time ago. Well, you have them rewrite to remain silent and you should have used it by the way he testified that Trump was not under investigation. Proving another lie. Take a look all the right. Apparently we not have that we will have it hopefully soon he lied when he said the dirty dossier. Remember he went to Trump Tower, took notes as soon as he left and said. The dossier and President Elect Trump said salacious but unverified, but we know that he used that dossier as the bulk of information to secure the FISA warrant to spy on candidate trump. Just a month earlier, the official notes from the security briefing were filed
under crossfire hurricane, which, of course, the official code name for Comeys Collision Witch Hunt. It was a witch hunt and by the way, that bought and paid for dirty russian dossier of russian disinformation Hillary paid for that guess who helped Hillary. It looks like Vladimir putins Russia and also filed under Cross fire razor, remember that was the code name, the FBIS probe into, and we now know the innocent lieutenant General Michael Flynn. It is now time for investigative prosecutor, Durham to now wrap this up, bring this to a grand jury and we need indictments of every single, solitary person involved in this corruption. This abuse of power they are premade dictated lies to the FISA Court, the denial of civil liberties and constitutional rights and then tried to influence the outcome of an election and then undo a duly elected president. Mr Durham, no more time for investigating
it is time for action. The evidence is overwhelming. It is incontrovertible that, and the public domain that we know should result in indictments up all of these people. We talk about get this. The agent that did conduct this briefing, Joe Pinnock, was apparently running the Flynn probe and his briefing notes approved by none other than the infamous Peter Strzok and the FBI lawyer. We talked a lot about him too. Kevin Kleinsmith, the bureaucrat that literally detected text. Colleagues, that Trump was crazy and vice President Hance was stupid and after Trump won, he text it was Kleinsmith forging the evidence against Carter, page all to spy on back door, spy on candidate trump transition, team, Trump and deep into the presidency of Donald Trump
and, of course, Kleinsmith struck and just a tip of the Spirit Sphere, an effort at the very top. The insurance policy, in the unlikely event that he wins, that was page and Peter strzok texting each other that was Obamas infamous, remember this date January 5th, two thousand and seventeen the oval office meeting the meeting that Obama directed. We need the right people on this doing the work. Maybe we shouldnt tell all of this to the incoming administration. This is the January fifth meeting in the oval office, where Joe Biden lied to George Stephanopoulos. I didnt know anything about this, but we know from Peter Strzoks and written notes. That Biden suggested the FBI used the one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine Logan ACT, which has never been used ever to prosecute anyone now remember this was the meeting Sally Gates was at and she was shocked according to her testimony before the House
Intelligence Committee, that President Obama knew all of the infamous details about the unmasking and leaking of raw intelligence, as it relates to General Flynn and, of course, soon to be russian counterpart, and that is why Susan Rice went back on the day that Donald Trump was inaugurated. Fifteen days after the oval office meeting to write what is now known as the biggest Cya email to self on Obamas last day, trumping sworn end date, claiming that Barack said do everything by the book. Why would she write that four times? Fifteen days later, this was clearly an effort to monitor and take down the new president to undo an election and take down everyone around him. But, as we all know, although the mob and the media theyve gotten all of this wrong, they pushed lies, smears conspiracy theories, the entire hoax. They were dragging and pushing impeachment, and during
quid pro quo Joe N0 experience Hunter. There was no Russia collusion. It was always a hoax. The dossier that was used for all of these Pfizer applications has been debunked. It was never verifiable. We know the sub source said it was just Bartok and we know that still had an agenda and everybody warned that Hillary played for the russian disparate information, the real scandal and the real abuse of power. Is that President Obama? What did you know Barack and what did you know Joe, the ever confused one? What did you know Joe, and when did you know it? They turn tremendous tools of your government against their political adversary. It is a national disgrace and all must be held accountable, prosecutor, Durham. We are waiting. What we know already should be indictments for many. It is time if we dont get this right. We.
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