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Hannity: The radical running mate

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Breaking down Kamala Harris' far left agenda as the media labels her a 'moderate.'
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The opposite is true. We will also talk about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and they are now ready to be anointed from their basement bunkers. They cant hide theyre, going to campaign no theyre, not apparently theyre going to meet with the voters. Certainly arent going to answer any questions from their adoring cult fans of propaganda. That would be the mob and the media. Take a look. Lets, go lets, go come on lets, go you guys come on lets go come on lets, go you guys lets go senior Washington, correspondent joining me now. A couple notes, Jeff, not a whole lot of questions from reporters there. We keep pressing the Biden campaign. There needs to be more questions from reporters. We know that if you Sean may be two pressers with in the
teleprompter im supposed to go to Joe now in one hundred and forty days, two really are they going to debate, or are they going to try to duck that too? The mob and the media are already fawning over Kamala Harris. They love Joe New York Toilet paper times calls for a pragmatic, moderate. That is another lie by the New York Toilet Paper times. George Stephanopoulos make believe journalists over at fake news, ABC spreading the same b dot s, take a look, Kamala comments from the middle. It rode moderate weighing of the Democratic Party, not the first choice of progressives but Joe Biden, making this historic move as the first woman of color on a national ticket will overcome that thats, not true either the mob and the media. Ninety nine percent state run democratic, socialist, fake news, but yeah totally moderate,
except for her real voting record. Two thousand and nineteen, for example, jeez to the left of Bolshevik jeez to the left of Bolshevik Bernie Sanders and her support of oh yeah Medicare for all with zero chance of you having your own health care provider, no choice, I thought liberals were pro Joyce and her sponsorship of the new Green deal its cosponsor in: U Dot S Senate Pennsylvania, Ohio Michigan! Are you watching this limit by the way? Thats? All moderate sure? I see Georgie hasnt changed since his days trying to bully reporters into not publishing stories about bill. Clintons affairs, George Stephanopoulos, nothing, but a far left political hack masquerading as a journalist, ABC News. Well, they are not telling you the truth and they are not alone. Naturally, some of Kamala Harris
biggest cheerleaders work for fake news CNN and they are fake heres. What their vetting process looks like over there take a look. I think she gave a very powerful speech and, if theres any doubt that Kamala Harris is not going to be able to go on the attack, as vice presidential candidate, usually do that was erased. Today, Kamala Harris gave a fantastic speech, absolutely nailed it her ability, I think, shows this tremendous range, the personal side of her look. It was a beautiful speech both of them. They strengthen each other. If youve got to give a headline today, it would be hope reborn as opposed to just a high school gymnasium there, and I think that the ease in which they work together was very apparent, thats, the exact opposite when she got less than two percent of the primary and she did
memorize her attack lines well and delivered them and called Joe Biden pretty much a racist. So youve got Joe Biden Kamala Harris running for the highest office in the land yeah there would be critical questions, but the mob needs to ask Joe and Kamala theyve got to answer. Today. Biden announced a plan impose a federal mask mandate. He wants every American to wear a mask any time he steps outside of your home, ive, been very outspoken, im all form Americans voluntarily wearing masks when its crowded and you cant socially distance. I said anecdotally at the Super supermarket and the epicenter of the midst of the worst moments, the midst of the worst moments in New York. They had masks and plastic anecdotally. They work and guess what were going to have mask bullies next next, they say after operation warp speed of President Trump
and now in final stage, trials for a vaccine were going to mandate that I would say, thats up to people to decide they get to choose. Will the Biden administration be handing out fines or arresting people that dont comply with their mandate? Are they universal? What about jogging outdoors swimming in the ocean or on a beach? What about those who work? Outdoors professional sports athletes does the first basement have to socially distant from this, but second baseman and the shortstop or third baseman. What about people eating in a restaurant or eating outdoors or any of these questions ever going to be answered? This is just one issue that must be addressed during the primaries Senator Harris raising numerous serious concerns. I think she memorized her lines and delivered them quite well when she confronted well the ever forgetful corrupt Joe about his work with segregation and opposing immigration, and so much
more. We will remind you on the Hyde Amendment where you made a decision for years to withhold resources to poor women, to have access to reproductive health care and including women who were the victims of rape and incest. Do you now say you have evolved and you regret that only since youve been running for president this time, I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it. Do you believe that the vice president should enter this race? He is going to have to make that decision for himself. The issue of lynching is part of the stain on Americas history. He apologized this morning on Twitter saying I should not have use those words. Do you accept that apology? I think its right for him to
apologize yeah. You also work with them to oppose busing and there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public school and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me. Wow Kamala has evolved election year conversion. I guess you might say also Kamala Harris also believed Joe Bidens accusers. She sympathized with all the women Joe made really uncomfortable with this creepy groping and touching and hugging. Remember all of this hugging remember all of this.
I got Harry legs that turned blonde in the sun blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in and pull and watch the hair come back up again, hair come back up again. We are not even showing you the really creepy moments with younger people. Kamala did you forget about that?
Do you know longer care about this? Did you have all come, as you say, maybe just use the words yeah evolving? What about bidens work with segregationists to slow school integration? He worked with the guy who actually filibustered the historic civil Rights ACT and didnt support the voting civil Rights ACT and your bff partnered with the former Klansman, because Joe Biden didnt want his children to grow up in a racial jungle. If his kids went to integrated schools, do you just no longer care? That Biden was close to the former Klansman praise to the former Klansman worked with the former klansman on something like integration. You talk about that in the debate moment you had what about principal. What about his comment? You cant go to a 7 eleven or Dunkin donuts, unless you have a
slight indian accent. What about his recent comments, suggesting that African Americans are all the same or poor? Kids are just as smart as white, kids, okay, really the mob and the media going to ask these questions. Are you that desperate in this case, to be vice president of the United States? We will just forget about all of this. Of course, this isnt just about Senator Harris its about everyone in the mob and the media they refuse to vet Joe Biden. We will do their job as they always do. The president answered dozens of questions like he almost is, on a daily basis from a hostile press corps, a cult that is psychotic in their hatred of him. Why doesnt Joe Biden, why doesnt Kamala Harris answer questions? Where is their lengthy press conference? My guess is: they are going to show up for a fluffy interview on fake news. Cnn show up on conspiracy, tv thats when they will show up. Probably nowhere else
are they going to show up for the debates? Are they not capable of the tough questions Chris Wallace go on with anybody that will ask you tough questions. What are they hiding? Is it that they are radical out of touch to socialists? Is it Joe Bidens, racist rhetoric? Is it Joe Biden, an obvious lack of strength and stamina and mental acuity mental alertness, because I think the answer may be all of the above and in eighty two days the american people have to.
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