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Hannity: There can be no pursuit of happiness without law and order

2020-08-26 | 🔗
Liberal governors and mayors need to quit playing politics and cooperate with federal assistance.
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The rest of the evening see you tomorrow, welcome to Hannity Fox NEWS alert night. Three of the Republican National Convention is officially under way: lookin our lookin, our national anthem, the STAR Spangled Banner, coming up Vice President MIKE Pence will be here to deliver his keynote address, also well hear from press Secretary Kelly, Mcinany, second Liddy, Karen Pence and more and the President of the United States. Donald Trump will be here to honor incredible people. Tonights theme is America, land of heros, nor the next two hours. They will highlight the hard working, courageous men and women with the heart and soul and greatness of the country. This includes the soldiers who sacrifice so much to protect all of us around the world police, first responders, risking life and limb for US
medical workers, custodians front lines against Covid 19 before Tonights show. I actually had the honor of meeting many of them that you will meet tonight. The factory workers, the truckers, the farmers Growry store workers. Everyone else never took a day off, kept this country open during the worst pandemic in one hundred years. To forget what you heard in last weeks mean spirited Dnc United States of America is gods gift to mankind here in this country. We all know anything is possible. This hour will be commercial free. My interruptions will be minimal. I cant think of anything more important than to honor our fellow great Americans. There can be no pursuit of Happy Noz without law and order. The violent rise in Wisconsin around the country were a unacceptable murder rates in Americas. Inner cities are unacceptable. Liberal governors and mayors need to cooperate with federal assistance.
The bloodshed violence must be stopped. The president has been ready willing to do anything and whatever it takes to restore law and order and safety and security to make it a safe country for every american living in every neighborhood. All right well go right back to the convention. Our first speaker up is Kayleigh Mcenany Press Secretary of the President of the United States when a great personal story, and so much more as we begin tonights coverage night three of the Republican National Convention.
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