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Hannity: This is the 'biggest tipping point election in history'

2020-10-27 | 🔗
'Hannity' host warns viewers to brace for a tough final week of campaign as voting day draws near.
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Times, presidents have nominated justices. Thank you, Lindsey, for being with us, you witnessed history in the making judge, Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as the newest. U dot S Supreme Court Justice, the originalist judge will now be the third Trump appointee to serve on the court, and tonight we are only eight days away from what is the biggest tipping point election in history buckle up. This is just the beginning of what will be a very pivotal week. The president hitting the campaign trail harder than ever earlier. Today he held three massive rallies tomorrow. He will be in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska. From now until the election president Trump will be working around the clock. Crisscrossing, the nation, multiple rallies daily in all the important states. What we call swing states keep in mind thats on top of his regular duties as commander in chief Joe Biden, on the other hand, is probably asleep right now, probably taking his well later afternoon, nap that goes into the late evening.
He looked absolutely pathetic earlier today, zero energy. You have to give him a little bit of credit today got to give credit where its due, he managed to travel five miles across the Delaware border for a minuscule event in Chester Pennsylvania to his credit, Joe Biden well very weak and frail answered three whole questions from his adoring fans in the media mob. We are eight days away. You are the ultimate jury Justice Barrett talking about we, the people. Well, you the people, we the people. This is your election, its a big story when Joe Biden actually leaves his basement bunker yesterday, another day in hiding last week, he barely went outside at all, taking four days off to prepare for the final presidential debate. On Sunday he held one virtual event from the comfort of yes, his basement bunker. Sadly, it was one more than he could handle at one point, Joe didnt, even quite remember who he was running against seemingly
confusing president trump I dont know with either George Bush George Washington, I dont know George Lopez. You decide theres a lot on the ballot this year. This is the most consequential, not because im running, but because of one running against most consequently election in a long long long time. The character of the country, in my view, is literally on the ballot. What kind of country we are going to be? Four more years of George George find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we are going to be in a different world. Joe come on man, youre running against Donald Trump, the President of the United States, his wife Jill sitting, there kind of an agony trying to whisper trumps name under her breath, lets be clear, theres, no great mystery as to why Joe Biden is barely campaigning at all hes, not well. He seems weak and frail not mentally or seemingly physically capable of the rigorous schedule as a candidate, never mind the
hardest job in the world. He needed five out of six days off, just to be able to do one 90 minute debate. At times he forgets what state hes in he definitely mixes up numbers and dates all over the place. Days of the week forgets whether hes running for the Senate or president. His irritability is off the charts in Saturday, while screaming into a microphone Joe Biden, Repeatedl supporters chumps. I this his irredeemable deplorable moment by the way we dont do things like those chumps are doing the Trump guys its about decency. Look weve got to come together, ill work as hard for those who dont support me as those who do, including those chumps with the microphone out there thats the job of the president. I will bring all those people together, even
those chumps back there, all right. We are all irredeemable deplorable, chomps, smelly, Walmart shopping chumps, clinging to our God and Second Amendment Chumps Joe, wants you to know hes going to work for you. Unless you work in the oil and gas industry, the energy industry repeatedly vowing to get rid of fracking. If elected at the debate, took it a step further and promise to phase out the fossil fuel industry altogether. Thats millions of high paying career jobs for Americans would buy. The way also means we are less inclined to have to get into foreign conflicts and wars over the battle of the free flow of oil at market prices. When Biden attempts to do damage, control and pretends that he doesnt really want to destroy the oil and gas industry, we know hes lying. Take a look yourself. Ive, never said I post fracking, you set it on tape. Show the tape
put it on your website, ill put it on put it on the website. With there be any place for fossil fuels, including fracking, in a Biden administration. No, we would work it out. We would make sure its eliminated. I guarantee were going to end fossil fuel. No more! No new, fracking, no fracking eliminated no fossil fuels. What state the obvious Joe Biden is lying. Like many career politicians, hes been in the swamp for forty seven years, lying is pretty much just a way of life or Joe Biden. Lied about his academic record. Lied about marching the civil rights movement, lied about getting arrested in South Africa, light about and NAACP Endorsemen lied about attending an historically black college relied about. Keep your DR keep her plan of Payless lied about the the presidents Travel Ban, which he did call xenophobic until late March, lied about his own involvement. Inin the Suns pay for play
schemes. You saw him lying about fracking, which brings us to yet another major lie pointed out by Bolshevik Bernie Sanders his new bff. Take a look. Have you been on the floor of the Senate? You are in the Senate for a few years time and time again talking about the necessity with pride about cutting social security, a cutting Medicare cutting veterans programs. You never said that. No, when ARI argued, we should freeze federal spending. I meant social security as well. I met Medicare and Medicaid. I meant every single, solitary thing, hes been running ads, saying the Trump will do this. No hes, the one thats been trying it for forty years, trying to cut social Security, Medicare veterans benefits. Who knows what we do know is now hes partnered with Bolshevik burning, because Bolshevik Bernie is his economics are and he plagiarized most of his plan.
The radical aoc in her green new deal, Shell, be the czar bozo Beto. Damn right will take your guns. Well, he is the guns are Kamala. Harris is more left in Bernie Sanders. The most left wing senator in Washington well have more on her in the case of Biden. He seems to be help trickle, heavily influenced by everybody. He is caved to the hard core left his history on race in the 1970s. He worked hand in hand with segregationists to slow the integration of schools. He tried to stop it. He called the former Ku Klux Klan member, the guided filibuster, the Civil Rights ACT and was against the Voting Rights ACT. Robert Byrd, one of his friends and mentors enjoyed with him to stop the integration of schools in the 90s refer to the thousands of inner city, minority suspenders, inner city minority suspenders,
he coast cosponsored, a crime Bil Flash forward Joe, is surrounded by radical, far left socialists, including his running mate Kamala Harris over the weekend. Senator Harris was asked about her socialist agenda and she erupted into what I would only describe as nervous laughing fits youre considered the most liberal, United States Senator somebody said that it was MIKE Pence on the debate stage. Laughs, nonpartisan, governor track has raided: U Dot s the most liberal. He supported the green new deal. You supported Medicare for all. You have supported legalizing marijuana, Joe Biden, doesnt support those things. Are you going to bring the policies, those progressive policies that you supported a senator coming to a Biden, administration,
not sure whats, so funny, Kamala Harris destroying Americas economy, trillions of dollars on the green new deal, everything is free promises that will never be fulfilled. Massive tax increases under a Harris Biden, administration, government, confiscation of wealth and property- is that funny. Of course, we are still waiting for a reporter to address several big and important issues. Now, topics with the senatorial like the time Harris said she believed that sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden or the time she publicly humiliated Biden on the democratic debate stage over his praise of segregationists, saying she wouldnt be a senator if they had their way. She brought up the issue of integration of schools and busing Harris was the one that said I was one of those little girls on those buses. Was it all an act or is Joe Biden, the racist that she previously suggested? She was the cosponsor of the
green new deal thats the bill that she literally had her signature on. She still want to ban plastic straws. Does she have anything to say about the treatment of justice Kavanaugh? The way she treated him or executive action to eliminate gun rights in this country or the blatant disregard for the presumption of innocence in the Kavanaugh case? Does she still want to confiscate guns tonight? Make sure you take a long, hard look at Kamala Harris Beliefs and agenda one way or another? If elected, she will be the driving force behind the most radical administration in american history. Nothing off the table. Court packing statehood for d, dot c, ending the legislative filibuster banning the electoral college do anything for power in perpetuity and once they get it.
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