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Hannity: Today's Democratic Party doesn't want free speech

2021-01-27 | 🔗
Sean Hannity gives his take on how the left intends to censor the conservative opposition.
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Senators, they are looking for a way out, well explain all of this tonight, but now we turn our attention to what we are calling. What is the big liberal, extremist socialist Democratic party lies. This is a short list tonight. First, there is a completely false perception. Democrats, the actually value freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth now, while the classic definition of liberalism is a willingness to respect new ideas and they support freedom of speech, they are pro choice. Freedom of inspection, while Teddys Radical Democratic Party is anything, but they dont want any freedom of speech. They want to completely silence, cancel all opposition voices, stifle speech that they disagree with and, furthermore, cancel anyone that dares offend them nationally. They applaud the
efforts of big tech to censor conservatives, not one prominent Democrat has spoken out against this practice. Not one Democrats leftists. They are also leading the calls, and they have for years against a few of us here on the Fox NEWS Channel. They would like us all, canceled and boycotted and shut down on conservative talk. Radio me rush Limbaugh, the great one. We need to be ripped off the Airways and thats, not all the Biden. Administration is already looking for ways to prevent any tough questions from the White House Press corps im not making this up. You have the press secretary telling politico. We expect reporters covering the White House to operate in good faith and organizations or individuals in conspiracy. Individuals in conspiracy theories, like CNN, ABC propaganda, Washington, Post, those that lie and spread
disinformation will not be tolerated. They will all be thrown out tomorrow and we will work with the White House Correspondent Association to decide how to handle those instances moving forward and who makes all of these decisions. That would be the same people that are perfectly okay, with not reporting on the Hunter Biden, Laptop story and the New York Post. You know the one that was true. In other words, if you report something they dont like or you, dont buy into their lives their hoaxes there conspiracy theories, they will just cancel you silence, you shut you down and apparently kick you out and they will work with their allies and the media mob and their allies in big tech, and they will walk you out of the White House and completely cancel you and the Democrats perfect Utopia. There is no difference. There are no disagreements, no alternative opinions whatsoever, their touristic twisted psychoti
the world, they hold the monopoly on truth, and, as we have long discussed on this program, they also believe- and they will tell you that they have a monopoly on compassion, which brings us to another big radical leftist sadist democratic lie. That is a lie, and this is definitely not the party that has a monopoly on compassion that is looking out for hardworking men and women in this country. The person that set record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic, Americans, Asian Americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment, African American on employment. Those records were shattered by that would be President Trump in exile. Radical socialists, based in less than one week in office the week the frail Joe Biden, has now been putting tens of thousands of our follow, hardworking Americans law abiding taxpaying citizens
out of work. Their work has been canceled all in the name of this radical new green deal, socialist redistribution model that they now endorse, keep in mind. We are in the middle of a pandemic because of a lot of democratic governors and mayors. Emma we have had draconian shutdown measures and an unemployment and the jobs that are failing well extremely high. We have millions of Americans out of work through no fault of their own and Joe adding to misery, has basically announced. We are going to have competition for the jobs that are available by giving amnesty to eleven million illegal immigrants by the stroke of a pen. Twice this week, Joe has decided to stop construction of the border wall, cancel the pipeline, causing yes, thousands more to be laid off. They already got their pink slips.
We have interviewed them and further restrictions on american fracking natural grass grass pulling back on hundreds of thousands of american jobs. Keep in mind. These are high paying jobs with great benefits. Most of them are union jobs. They fit a very specific skill set. A lot of them are making six figures. They are jobless. According to Joe Biden. His climate plan is about jobs its not like you say we are going to take this job and give you this job that never occurred. They lost their current job with no hope or reality of getting a job that is going to pay them one hundred grand a year today is climate day at the White House, which means that today is a job stay at the White House. When I think of climate change, I think about jobs,
a key plank of our bills. Better recovery plan is building a modern, resilient and clean energy future that will create millions of good paying union jobs, not seven. Eight ten twelve dollars an hour, but a prevailing wage and benefits the guys in the energy sector are getting paid on average one hundred grand a year you just laid them off Joe. Are you going to pay their mortgage? Are you going to pay their rent? You just destroyed their careers, their dreams, their livelihoods, millions of jobs are going to be created, good jobs. How do you put food on the table next week or pay their car payment next week? The competition right now for jobs has never been greater and because of amnesty and because of draconian shutdowns, its going to drive down wages,
you are taking away jobs and promising big government. The coldhearted comments of bidens cabinets are equally insane. Youve got his special envoy. These Americans need to find work elsewhere, easy for him to say, hes a multi multimillionaire in his own private jet. I dont remember him ever speaking out against the Kennedys of Nantucket. When they were going to build windmills there, it would have obstructed the Kennedy view. He never criticized that and many of these workers add I, to I said, have six figures: Hey John Kerry: where do they go for work on Monday? Can they go to take a jet to go interview? The president of the United States has expressed in every comment he has made about the climate: the need to grow the new jobs that pay better
that are cleaner. What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they can be the people to go to work, to make the solar panels they were making them here at home. That is going to be a particular focus of the build back better agenda next week. Theyve got no job to go to John. I know you married into a lot of money. I know you fly around the world, leaving your big fat carbon footprint pretty much everywhere. You go by the way. John Kerry may be a need to scrap your private jet. I think its time to sell the plane. That makes you a lying hypocrite and he is standing there with with a straight face. As callously as climate envoy, arguing that Americans will not be working next week, they should lose their job because of his radical globally dominant global warming. Green new deal socialist agenda as he uses a private jet as a lo. The cabinet members of
Joe Biden are they going to give up the government jets that paid for the american taxpayer. Theyve got fleets of them? Are they going to agree to give them up? I doubt it. He isnt the only Biden official with a cavalier attitude, either by the way, all against working Americans. They are now devastated by yes, the pink slips that they got and no job to go to high paying career jobs in the energy industry. They dont have a job on Monday. Where are they going to go Monday? Whos going to put food on the table was going to pay their rent. Their mortgage anyway. Take a look at other callousness over there house workers. Somebody else will get a job, they might be different one. You just took their job and you didnt give them another job. They dont exactly have the wealth of experience or knowledge and PETE. You just got a new job.
They had good paying union jobs. You put the insane socialist green new deal ahead of everyone of these hardworking american workers and their families. Petes colleague Jennifer was at least a bit more honest by saying and stating that, of course, jobs are going to be sacrificed, but the Tomei by the Democrats, radical Green New DEA agenda, im just curious how the long term band consistent with the presents goal of putting people back to work and helping our economies grow. How is that all consistent? I think the presidents plan of building that better, which would create more jobs in energy, clean energy than the jobs that might be sacrificed. But I will say this: we dont want to see any jobs sacrificed. How does a welder and
a pipe fitter tell me how do those skills very specific learned over decades? In some cases, how do they translate to windmills youve got to help me out here, perhaps shes more honest, but just as dumb in supporting this madness and adding insert to injury guess what you are also going to be facing higher taxes, as well as higher energy tasks. In the Joe Biden Genius, on top of the predictable rising prices for your home, they are eyeing a brand new gas tax tax hikes on the middle class. Yeah, probably going to be necessary to pay for Joes New Green deal socialist agenda. Windmills solar panels hate to tell you that its not cheap, you might remember Solyndra high taxes on you, the american
people, middle class people who truly make this country great every day when he was hiding in his basement bunker during the campaign protection program with the media mob and the big tech mob, I dont recall promising to raise taxes on the middle class matter of fact. If my memory serves me well, it was quite the opposite lets see if the videotape proves me right. This is about everybody, paying their fair share. So four hundred thousand dollars there is no need. Will you be raising taxes on small businesses? You have ninety percent of the businesses out there who are mom and pop businesses. They are out there that employ less than fifty people. Nobody making more than five hundred thousand bucks should have their taxes raise period. Lets get people back to work. Okay, just took away their jobs and Jennifer. You are
on defense, going to raise taxes on the middle class, but I guess you consider anyone who has a job still middle class middle class. What Joe Biden did was lie directly to your face. I thought the media mob didnt like lying from politicians. By the way we told you, so we predicted all of this by the way. None of this will improve the climate. The world will still consume oil and gas, but now less of it will be sourced from America. Instead, all of the oil and gas, the lifeblood of the worlds economy they are going to have to ship it on trains. We will be exporting oil to countries that hate our guts, China, a hostile regime, Russia, hostile regime, other countries, Venezuela, wow,
no EPA in these countries, the Paris climate records they dont charge China the same as they charge us. China is considered a developing nation. We are the only suckers that pay the real freight. I guess we are going to make all of those hostile regimes against us rich again, well, make them great again, and America once again will be dependent on foreign energy, which compromises our security, not a good idea, not a good idea. Pollution will probably get worse. We will be paying prices on the way and, to sum it up, we are going to pay more to pay heat our homes more at the pump, and they will all get rich and they will be prospering. They are doing back flips tonight. Tens and thousands of Americans are losing high, paying career jobs, Russia, China, IRAN, other middle eastern countries doing backflips and going getting tonight Heres my prediction mark my words. This will not end well.
On top of this Biden has planned to keep Democrats in power. I warned you about this too its happening, and that includes, by the way, a bill that would grant statehood to Washington D dot C, therefore, ensuring two democratic senators from d dot c, maybe puerto rican statehood is next. They will have two more democratic senators in Perpetuity Biden is now staffing a commission to analyze Supreme Court reform. Okay, I was right again. Let me translate that for you talking about court packing, they want to figure out a way to control the: U Dot S Supreme Court and overthrow the branch of government, in other words, an unprecedented dangerous power grab. In other news, radical Democrats are falsely accusing trump of inciting an interaction Insurrec. We already know the outcome.
President Trump will be acquitted, and so they will now officially be wasting your money and your time and enough we get it. You hate President Trump, its actually amazing isnt it when you think about it. Donald Trump has this unique ability to live in these peoples minds every second minute hour of every day. He lives there for years and he is not an office and he still lives there, and now today, some in d, dot c are figuring out that they lost in terms of a conviction. We will get him this way. We will get him this way. Now. Republicans we for once get a backbone. Will you for once not capitulate not get in? He is in office enough, stop wasting our time and our money and if they are going to do that, then do it to chuck and do it to Joe and do it to Kamala Harris and do it to Maxine Waters
im going to take trump out tonight, and then you can do it to everybody else. That has said insightful insurrection like language, stop legitimizing you Republicans, you weak ones. This psychotic rage focus on your job. We are in the middle of a pandemic. There are millions of Americans out of work Democrats once again proving my point: they dont have compassion. There is no awareness, there is no empathy and sadly hardworking Americans, as we unfortunately predicted rightly are now paying the price jobs are lost.
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