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Hannity: Trump will fight corrupt institutions for every American

2020-11-06 | 🔗
Sean Hannity spotlights alleged cases of voter fraud and irregularities in the presidential election
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A lot more on this new development, Jay Sekulow, will be joining us in a minute first in coming weeks. This president well do what he has always done. It is going to fight make sure every legal ballot is counted, he will fight for transparency, accountability and what is a lot of disasters behind the scenes? Shady vote counting process in some states. It is sad that many of our great states they run their elections perfectly. Others are a complete and utter mess. We the people deserve better. He will also fight against the lies and smears just like for the last four years and other corrupt institutions. We now see big tech companies, silencing those they disagree with by the Wyatt mark. Levin will be with us tonight. He cited the constitution and she got banned thats scary, the media shock, so many Americans, why?
If they dare to vote for the President, they like in record numbers, including minorities, we are going to detail shocking examples of election laws being broken. The great one mark, Levin, will explain his analysis. Lets make one thing really clear: every American that is skeptical of this result ends this process that we are watching unfold. You have a right to be skeptical, Texas, Florida, so many great states huge states. They were able to actually calculate accurate, verified results in a few hours that people have faith and hope and full confidence in the honesty and integrity of about a half, a dozen other critical states, its taking days and days and days to count a few thousand ballots. North Carolina has been locked in at ninety four percent. For how long every American has a right to ask themselves. Do you have faith in this process? Some locations? We know poll
observers come out publicly. They say they were barred from viewing the process. Meanwhile, we are seeing reports from fraud, irregularities, corruption, not to mention mysterious computer glitches, but wait till you hear the story we have for you tonight after years of so many lies so much deception. Such complete bias every second minute hour of every day from Americas, supposedly trustworthy institutions. Why on earth? Would anyone get this process the benefit of the doubt? We all watched a Russia hoax, consume Washington, D, dot c for years for years. The media mob and the Democrats lied day in and day out when the lie was exposed. They never said sorry, they never corrected the record. They never said they were wrong, they never apologize. This is going on now for four years at the mob, the media lying right to our faces about Hillary Clintons, dirty Russia, dossier.
The whole russian disinformation the same dirty dossier. They ignored that was never verifiable, but then got used to get someone to spy on candidate, Donald Trump and president on time. If they dont care, why theyre going after Donald Trump? What do they care? They endured a year long witch hunt, smear campaign against the president. The country has gone through its a result of this better, pertinent strip built on a mountain of lies. We saw the way they ignored and censored the legitimate Biden, family, corruption claims. They got zero experience and to Joe Biden youre, not getting one dollar billion in less you fire, the prosecutor, no scrutiny from the media, the entire campaign, its youve got a guy who is weak and frail and is struggling cognitively, and they let him hide in the basement and never
answer tough questions. You have millions of dollars a billions on the half dollar deal with the Bank of China. No questions at all three and a half million dollar money, wire transfer, the first lady of Moscow, a russian oligarch, a Kazakhstan oligarch, then the ukrainian oligarchs. Then you got the chinese nationals Whatwhat. If Hunter Bidens Bless was from, do you think they wouldve gotten the same treatment? Do you see how corrupt institutionally things are quest directly, see it slanted inaccurate and almost all of Americas, pendants and posters, more institutional corruption, its perfectly clear, the institutions will do anything and everything they can do to destroy the president and everyone who supports them eye is very sad for a country if they just hate. As Joe Biden calls us be american people, we are the chumps at the irredeemable, deplorable, smelly, Walmart, Trump supporter
and choppers. He chewed cage. It is apparent following the election one Dnc host tweeting. If you are a trumpet, I hope the pain and anxiety you feel now is excruciating. You voted against America and for cult leader who has no redeeming or admirable qualities and hes a cretin who cares nothing about the country and you dont either you deserve all that pain and more its so nice and loving according to one article in the Boston Globe. People vote for democracy. While Trump supporter we voted for whites pharmacy debated the vitriol didnt. Stop there look with your own eyes, speak of the past four years. This president has shown us that he is a misogynist, that he is homophobic, that he is racist it. Fifty percent of America saw all of that and looked at the other way to their brothers and their sisters and said im going to
vote for him anyway. That I think, is despicable its Un American, because thats the President of american States to MIKE United States, feared we like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot realizing. His time is over to speak of the presidents, words for what they are, which is the most incendiary and the M dangerous and the most flagrantly false lies among the most flagrantly false lies, hes told as President its in a moment when this country is in a fraught political state, its really serious stuff blah blah blah weve heard the same for four years, always telling us. We got to go with the moderate Republicans that always lose. They want you to believe that this weeks, vote and vote counting process is totally normal and above board. Do you really believe that they want you to ignore the irregularities lack of transparency, serious instances where the law was broken?
If they want you to ignore the poll watchers that are barred from doing their jobs, they want you to believe that an they want you to believe that an election with millions of mail in ballots is completely safe. If they want you to ignore a massive computer glitch in Michigan that could have election all altering software, because at least six thousand republican votes for Donald Trump to be counted for Democrats, its a huge story it why it wasnt that, just that one cou there might have been forty seven counties out of the eighty counties in Michigan that used the exact same software and may have suffered a similar glitch here is what Michigans g dot op chair had to set a press conference earlier today. Take a look
in this county. Ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing six thousand vote swing against our candidates. The county clerk came forward and said tabulating software glitch and caused a miscalculation of the vote. Since then, we have now discovered that forty seven counties used this same software in the same capacity Interim county had to hand count of the ballots. These counties that used of the software to closely examine the results for similar discrepancies, the one that was Michigan, the same critical battleground date that decided to board up the windows and one of its polling locations, which the law specifically says. The public has a right to watch, so nobody could observe the process in Pennsylvania. Chaos continues to unfold, particularly surrounding the topic of mail in ballots.
According to state officials, ballots without a postmark are presumed to have been mailed by election day. Are we really just supposed to sit back and trust the level of oversight in a state that could be decided by a razor, thin margin? Question MIKE? Sadly, this is what the Democrats and the media wanted. On September, 23Rd House Republicans actually issued a warning about the very issue in a report entitled how Democrats are attempting to sew uncertainty and accuracy. The delay in the twenty slash twenty election, according to the findings in September Democrats, are seeking to change state election laws and procedures at the last minute to advantage themselves in the twenty twenty election cycle. These late changes will only increase the likelihood of her potential election related crime and errors and put at risk the integrity of the nations electoral process. The report went on to detail how
widespread male and ballots Beca serious issues surrounding election integrity because ballot of a sting and concerns surrounding an increased reliance on the postal service. Before the twenty twenty election, we experienced numerous issues with mail in voting, including problems in Michigan Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, look at your skin time and time again, ballots cause real big problems. Of course, one more example why election oversight, verification and true faith and fidelity to a fair process is critical for everybody it. To that end, every single state has laws on the books that allow poll watchers from both parties to observe all of the vote counting process. If, according to a summary, for example, the law in Pennsylvania, partisan observers may observe at polling locations and may still until
the time that the counting of the votes is complete, partisan observers may stay until the voting of the counting of the vote is complete. Lets take a look at how poll watchers were actually treated across the country. You ask yourself without law, broken, take a look. The official came out and asked us to sign documents. A few moments later we are asked to leave. We were asked to leave within ten to twelve minutes when there is an hour and a and a half left further weight, and I am from you all here at least one hundred feet away from open ballots. I go back out of our sig and we cant see them. We dont know whats happening to them. Theres, just no way for us to meaningfully observe the process process because theyve refused to let us have a meaningful view. They continued to count the
votes, because theyve done nothing to help us. They are not letting every legal vote count as the goal. Of course, the law was broken. Why should we as a country, be okay, that this can happen, except what this is the new normal? Why do we have laws when people pick and choose when we apply them? If you deleted thirty thousand subpoenaed emails and wipe your hard drive clean, what do you think would happen to you? I guess you see how that works. One set of rules for one group of people, one set for another. Now you have poll watchers barred, others not will allowed within twenty feet, which means the law isnt being enforced. You have up windows, blocked, male and ballots here there everywhere, postmark, no postmark! Is this really the best we can do when we have companies like Microsoft and Apple and to Silicon Valley, and to some of the best brightest tech minds
in the world? Is this a system that instills trust and confidence course not, especially after four years of nonstop, lies conspiracy theories? Now: censorship from the Americas, most powerful institutions, regardless of who you voted for here, regardless of what your party affiliation is America deserves, and we better demand better free, fair, legitimate voting is.
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