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Hannity: Violence in America is preview of coming attractions if Joe Biden ever becomes president

2020-08-31 | 🔗
Is it really a coincidence that far-left radicals are rioting in nearly every major city run by Democrats for decades?
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Will tune in for that Sean Hannity awaits from New York. Welcome to Hannity a lot of covers tonight. Bidens basement bunker pulls a rapidly changing before our eyes. The media mob is now more nervous than ever former first lady, Michelle Obama stoking division as she makes claims of racism for when she was first lady, the far left as mere campaign in full gear. Tonight we are just sixty four days away from you being the ultimate jury, and that is election day November. Third, this season of lying in smears is well underway per usual democrats and complacent partners in the mob in the media they speak with one voice. First, remember they told their followers to take to the streets and resist rate in one voice. They called for lets, see harassment and never condemn the violence. It was a little scary. The next one american city
start burning before our very eyes. They ignore it as its a myth and then they mob they echo that lie and pretend its not happening. They cover it up. In other words, and now in one voice, well, okay, we cant deny it any longer. So lets go to the same old, same old and blame president Trump for the weeks and weeks and weeks, almost one hundred days of destruction carried out by left wing and archivists. Tonight we are going to peel back the layers of this political deception. We have a special Hannity investigation into what is the most radical extreme agenda and platform from any major political party in modern american history and, of course, their duplicitous partners that media mob. We begin tonight with Joe Biden two thousand and sixteen when he was slightly less weak in frail. He told the crowd of supporters. He would like to take Donald Trump behind the gym and beat him up
following weeks and months and years of chorus of Democrats and mob members and the media they vilified the president every second minute and hour of every day they violent they against harassment for people who support the president. Hillary is terrible, running mate, calling for the supporters to fight in the streets, obamas attorney general praising Anti Trump Trump rioters, who marched and bled and died Senator Cory, Booker telling activist to get up in the face of their political enemies. So do did Congresswoman Maxine waters tell them. They are not welcome anywhere in this country. Theyre calling for unrest in the streets, Kamala harassing riots, arent going to stop and shouldnt stop. Just a few days ago, speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calling Republicans enemies of the state. The Washington Post, telling conspiracy tv MSNBC that the
Republican Party should be burned to the ground. We should level them. This kind of rhetoric is nothing new. Remember Obama himself encouraged his supporters to get in the faces of their neighbors and he would, by the way, send a guy named Mister Burgess to tear me up Sean Hannity, sadly, its just a small part of the never ending nonstop psychotic hysteria among Democrats and, of course, their allies in the media mob. Take a look: gig youd, be anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant or a gasoline station you get out, and you say to the crowd. You tell them, they are not welcome paired. They ask you. If I would like to debate this gentleman, I said no. If we were in high school, I would tiki him behind the gym. Would tiki him behind the gym and beat the out of them
theyre not going to drop before election day in the not going to stop after election day theyre not going to let up and they should not. They shouldnt let up. Over and over again the president and his supporters have been slandered. Smeared libeled use, merge, dehumanized compared to and fascist called pretty much every name in the book. Isnt really a coincidence that the far left radical bays at that Democratic Party are rioting in nearly every city. Not only did high profile, Democrats and journalists encourages kind of violence daily. They destructive riots to spiral out of control paired they ignored or vile. They minimized it. Liberal mayors and block this police from blocking crowds of agitators. They slashed police budgets by
billions of dollars around the country. Joe Biden applauding this saying that he would absolutely redirect police friending, because police have become the enemy. His radical running, Mate Kamala Harris praising LOS Angeles for slashing its police budget by one hundred and fifty dollars million they disband the police department and meanwhile, police are literally under fire and attacked daily in this country. So far this year, thirty police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. Thousands more have been seriously wounded, assaulted, stabbed with knives hit with rocks and frozen water. Canes bats hockey sticks molotov cocktails members of Bidens campaign donated to a fund dedicated to bailing these violent offenders out of jail pitched by the way. If he becomes president, there will be no bail just like they have no bill in New York
in Oregon. Far left governor band police from actually using tear gas. The same thing in Seattle we saw the Seattle mayor, make that decision, TED Wheeler, prevented police from dispersing rioters and arrested arsonist under his watch. A federal courthouse was attacked, lit on fire for weeks on and until the president was sent people in troops into protect those federal buildings. Over the weekend in Portland, one trump supporter was shot by a self proclaimed member of Antifa. That city has had violent riots. Seattle was held hostage by a group of far left rioters. City officials forced the police to totally abandon their local precinct. Their genius mayor, she was telling us. It was a summer of love zone that was until to young african american teens,
were murdered in the so called autonomous chop zone. The media mob tried their best to cover up all of this. This massive wave of violence, while they are being corrected on LIVE Tv Minneapolis, was burning. Ms Nbc said it was a mostly peaceful process and look at your screen. You have to look at this. You cant make this up fake news, CNN, referring to the carnage in Kenosha Wisconsin, look at what the bottom third says fiery, but mostly peaceful. Take a good look at that. Take a good look at that picture. Of course, theyre! Not the only ones running cover for an angry, far left mob. Take a look for yourself. They got involved in the middle of the night violence across the whole country,
its happening in Portland right now, thats a myth beds being spread only in Washington DC, its a myth, dont believe what your eyes tell you Democrats have this nasty habit of ignoring violence when it hurts them politically, for example, in Obamas hometown of Chicago, neither Barack or Joe lifted a finger in eight years to fix the weekly out of control, violent crime. They are thats, Obamas home city. Meanwhile, for years on this program, we tried hard to shine a light on that very serious crisis. We scrolled the names of shooting victims on the screen. We pleaded with both Joe and Barack, and there it ministration to get to work, lets, take a trip down memory lane. Should we three thousand four hundred and seventy. We dont hear a peep out of Obama. He spoken out in eight years nine times, but if its a high profile case, he is front and center.
He advances the narrative, no due process. No assumption of innocence. I know ive aged, but the point stays the same. Fifty years in the Washington swamp, ask yourself what has Joe Biden ever done to improve american cities? What does he ever do? Why did he feel the people of Chicago the thousand shot in the thousands dead? Why didnt he fix Baltimore after what happened? The uprising in the Freddie Gray case? What did he do in Ferguson Missouri? After what happened with Michael Brown and officer Darren Wilson, who, by the way the Doj of Obama said, was a justified shooting in the end? So what did Joe do to make America a better and safer place for all Americans and restore law and order? What police reform, what criminal justice reform thats right, president, President Trump did all those things for the up answer for Joe is: he did nothing except so division. By constantly rushing
to judgment and now Biden, Democrats, the mob and the media are being forced to address the violence in american cities. They can no longer deny reality after one hundred nights, but not because of the carnage or the assault or the threats or the arson or the murders they dont seem to care about any of that for them its all about the polls and its all about election. Listen to don lemon on fake news, CNN, the rioting has to stop Chris, as you know, and I know it showing up in the bowling it showing up in focus groups. It is the only thing it is the only thing right now that is sticking it sticking. We better deal with this because weve been denying it, but we will deal with it now for political purposes only so they will deal with it for sixty four days and go back to ignoring it. After months of covering up the chaos in Americas cities, they
now suddenly at least acknowledging that this kind of violence is not good. Here is the catch. The media and the Democrats are yet again speaking with one voice per eight. If we have to admit it lets just blame Donald Trump, Joe Biden, accusing the president of fanning the flames of violence. Vanity, fair saying the same thing for the past several days, the same language was echoed over and over and over again they are one mind. They are the propaganda media wing and the democratic wrote radical Socialist Party. Are you comfortable with the president appearing to inflame tensions instead of what we normally see from presidents, which is trying to calm them down? The president is willfully fanning the flames of this violence, easily condemned the violence and called for peaceful presentations. Trump is not that that it is the Trump supporters out here causing mayhem. We have a president who fans
the flames rather than fighting the flames spread flame spread. The president does not have a plan. He has fanned the flames. He is the exact same words, keep in mind. It was president Trump who offered federal assistance, two every everyone of these cities and states over and over and over again to restore law and order and safety and security and control and stop the violent. They would rather take their cheap political shots at Donald Trump and the President has been turned down by Americas, dumb, liberal mayors and governors over and over again. Apparently, they would rather watch their cities burn and innocent people get hurt and use it politically to blame Donald Trump for them not doing their job actually doing something about the crisis. This is their number one actual responsibility later after this show. Laura Ingraham interviewed the president about this topic. Here is a preview of what he has to say.
Biden said again today in Pittsburgh that essentially, you are not going to be safe and in Donald Trumps, America. So if it werent Donald Trump Americas to use the expression is an president, then you would have riots like youve, never seen. The Democrats have lost control of the radical left. Dont forget Biden wasnt, going to come out of his basement until the election. Now he had to because the polls are so good for me now he had to because the polls are different could give. The president is exactly right. Joe Biden is just lying to you in the election year. Conversion radical Democrats are lying to you the mob as usual. They are lying to you in, as we all will know, these are the same groups of people that have been lying in unison for years for the ones that lied to the entire country, about nonexistent trump and Russia Collusion Wall, ignoring the clear collusion, and that is
Hillary Clintons Lot bought and paid for russian dossier. They lied about quid pro quo, but they have Joe Biden on tape. You not getting a billion dollars until you by the prosecutor investigating my son being paid millions out. He did all of that now a different topic same tactic. They have been stoking the flames of violence among the radical members, fearful to correct them and stop them and speak out against them, as per usual. Lets blame Donald Trump for that too. If youre feeling sad, of course, its Donald trumps Fault, Donald Trump cured cancer, how many times what I say they would want to impeach him for that. To make no mistake what we are all seeing in Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, Wisconsin, New York City all over the country. This is what I call a preview of coming attractions if Joe Biden is elected president in sixty four days, the choice is yours: youre, the ultimate jury.
Will America caved to the radicalism or will you vote to protect the safety and security of your town and city while at the same time,.
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