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Hannity warns McConnell on impeachment: 'You should know better'

2021-01-13 | 🔗
'Hannity' host responds to House impeachment vote, slams 'massive double standard'
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Thank you with that Sean Hannity welcome to Hannity it tonight the mob in the media. They would like you to believe today. We witnessed what is a momentous historic moment, a solemn moment in our nations capital I hate to break their burst their bubble, but in reality it was just a typical day for Democrats in Washington D, DOT C Humberside accusations flying a flash impeachment ran through the house, breathtaking hypocrisy and massive double standard and more obsessive, impeach, impeach impeach madness. Weve had this for four years. By the way it all ends justifies the means, but it really means nothing to you. We, the american people, it means nothing. What we watched today was a vindictive political charade, political theater. It typical phony, feigned outrage, a slap in the face to T president and all of his
supporters, some seventy five million of them just one week until inauguration day. Perhaps most importantly, this now lowers the bar for all future impeachments. We are going to break all of this town in great detail and were going to show you how their new standard of impeachment and were going to apply it to the Democrats should be applied immediately, meaning one week from today. First, unlike Nancy Pelosi, President Trump is actually calling for calm tonight. In a statement to Fox NEWS, the President said in light of reports of more demonstrations, there be no more violence, no lawbreaking, no vandalism of any kind thats, not what I stand for its, not what America stands for. I all Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. He continued his calls for calm and a video released by the White House if they had to put it on their twitter account because, of course, the presidents voice has been silenced on twitter and
Facebook and pretty much everywhere else. Take a look. I want to be very clear. I unequivocally condemned the violence that we saw last week. Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country and no place in our movement. Making America great again has always been about defending the rule of law. No true supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow Americans. If you do any of these things, you are not supporting our movement. You are attacking it to. You are attacking our country now, im asking everyone who has ever believed in Argenta to be thinking of ways to ease tensions, calm, tempers and help to promote peace in our country. The presidents absolutely right a peaceful transition of power, as hes been saying, will happen. Violence of any kind should not
be tolerated, as we speak. Inauguration day is now less than a week away on January January, 20th at noon, the frail, weak, cognitively, struggling hiding, Joe Biden, will be seen in public sworn in. This brings us to an important question. What did todays flash impeachment accomplish? Well, we will get to the Democrats bogus arguments in the seconds. First lets look at a time when he appeared at democratic, controlled house passed articles of impeachment against the president of those articles must now be transferred to the: U Dot S Senate for a boat to convict. As we accurately reported last night, the sun is not reconvening until January 19th in Mitch. Mcconnells office confirmed to me that the absolute earliest the articles could be transmitted is January. 20Th that 100 p dot m its an important hour at the earliest. The trial could
begin would be Post Donald Trump residency once Trump leaves office. The Senate cant hold in the impeachment trial. Such a child would be unconstitutional. Alan Dershowitz said the same on this program this week. What was todays impeachment trade all about a number of things. First Democrats are now going to be able to brag to all their friends and families we did to. We did a president. Trump is the first president to be impeached twice. We are so great incredible right. The second. This gave Democrats one last opportunity to scream and yell at the president. They even changed at the house rules. The Democrats did so they can go after the president. Personally, they changed it just for the occasion take a look because he had the hats on the army of Mega Dominic Maga, which is what I refer to as make Ameri
great again, weve been asked to turn a blind eye to the criminality and disrespect of rule of law by the President and the White House, because the President of the United States and cited this insurrection, this armed rebellion against this country, he must go. He is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love. Racism played a direct role in this incitement. The presidents violence rhetoric is always at its most fevered pitch when he is talking about the civil rights and civic aspirations of black Americans and other minority communities. If we fail to remove a white supremacist President who incited a whites premises instruction, it will be communities like Missouris, first district that will suffer the most hes capable of starting a civil war. He must be impeached. He must be stopped now same lunatic, same speech, same hate different
day, keep in mind, we are still learning new details about the breach of the capitol building, which could never happen. Lets go to fake news, CNN to their investigators, beginning to believe. Investigators are believing that it was a preplanned attack and not just some protest that spiraled out o control now. Did the FBI have any information ahead of time? I have sources tonight telling me they did. Is there evidence that this was preplanned according to fake news, CNN thats what they are looking into his big jack? Well, they now cooperate with law enforcement to help get to the bottom of who is behind all this? I dont rush to judgment. They did. They need Commission senator, Graham and Senator Johnson. They are talking about it like after nine slash eleven. We need to figure out how this happened and make sure it never happens again,
thats exactly why you can have a snap impeachment. Now different facts are beginning to emerge. We dont know the whole picture yet thats. Why you dont rush to judgment any republican senator. Let me be clear: there is waste one second, on this charade after the president is gone from office. They need to be out of office. Your republican senators, who have more important priorities like getting to the bottom of this, preventing this from ever happening again, getting the vaccine to people who need it, fixing our economy and supporting our military and keeping us safe. Every republican senator must stand against this post presidency impeachment madness and reject it. As a matter of fact, republican senators Mitch Mcconnell pay close attention. Not one of your senators should partake in any of this. You shouldnt be a part of this
circus of the Democrats. Stop enabling these psychotic mentally unhinged democratic socialists and the president shouldnt waste his time or money, even bothering to send a lawyer let Chucky, Schumer and company have at it. Every republican senator needs to let the raging Democrats talk to themselves and to tell them to stop wasting the countrys time republican senators. You can show up at the time for the acquittal boat, we will probably make exceptions. We will probably make exceptions for the usual suspects met, Mick Croninmittromney, now its an investigation into the inside job, poorly planned. All along that wouldnt mean that what was said at the rally caused all of it its important to remember what the president said on January 6th words matter. He said. I know everyone here will soon be marching to the
capitol building to peacefully and patriotically, make your voices heard its called the first amendment you may not like it, but its real. According to Democrats, this is their new standard for inciting violence in insurrection, their favorite new word. They just discovered it by their own standards. This is important. Now we have to ask Congressman Democrat and Republican. Should Maxine Waters face impeachment, remember publicly fantasize about killing the president on multiple occasions, getting in the face, isnt, creating crowds and telling people in the cabinet theyre not wanted anywhere. What about impeachment manager TED lieu? He once promoted widespread civil unrest against the president. What about another impeachment manager? Eric Swalwell, should be on this as, if dating a chinese guy wasnt bad enough. Swalwell is now comparing President Trump to Bin Laden.
You cant make it up, but predictable. Holding him accountable is different from the people who directly were involved in tearing down the doors and rampaging Dominic. The capitol building Usama Bin Laden did not enter u dot S soil on September 11th, but it was widely acknowledged. He was responsible for inspiring the attack on our country all right. According to the Democrats, old standards comparing the president of the worlds most hated terrorist must be incitement right. Okay, it. What about Joe Biden, question Mckee once told his subordinates. He wanted to assault him. That has to be incitement right. This is insurrection. Theyre talking about right. I wish I could take him behind a gym.
I didnt make a mistake. They asked me if I would like to debate this gentleman. I said no, I said if we were in high school, I would beat the bleep out of him using Democrats own standards. How is that not an impeachable statement lets not forget Joes Vp Kamala Harris two thousand and twenty two weeks after Farr left rioters, they burnt down a Minneapolis police station. They burned it to the ground. Just two weeks after violence rioters attempted to storm the White House grounds. If this is what Senator Harris told us take a look, Dominic Dominic, this is a movement im. Tell you theyre not going to stop. If theyre not going to stop theyre, not going to stop it for election day, they are not going to stop after election day at that should be. Everyone should take note of that on both levels if they are not going to let up, and they should not
be when they are not going to stop. Beware, take note theyre not going to stop they shouldnt stop. That is what she says. Is she saying it? As cities are burning and stores are looted and violent riots are taking place in every major city? That was her message. She even promoted the bail fund to get violent rioters out of jail, while not thats, helping the movement shes, helping Trump get impeached by encouraging his supporters for peacefully and patriotically making their voices heard. Karl Harris has ought to be impeached and start one week from today, basing it on their standards. The rage toward Trump was so intense and violent businesses boarded up their windows ahead of election day to Democrats across the country were burning with anger, end and rage, and the culmination of
years of outright lies. Bizarre conspiracy theories, never ending smears. Hillary Clinton, she called Trump an illegitimate president Pelosi said the twenty. Sixteen election was hijacked by Russia. She said it for the next several years, with the help of a phony russian dossier paid for by Hillary Democrats, the mob and the media, they wage the biggest disinformation campaign against the Trump administration this country has ever seen. Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, one big fat lie day after day week after week, year after year, a federal judge found that deeper and trumps organization were colluding with. Russian spirit is because this is evidence of willingness to complete collusion. It does look pollution, it does look like hes listening to Putin more than he is american intelligence. The presidency is effectively a russian op, a dizzying twenty four hours in the
Russia Investigation, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russians. After four separate investigations cleared the president of any Russia collusion. They never apologized. They just moved onto the next manufactured scandal. Ironically, Hillary is the one who colluded with Russia with a phony russian misinformation dossier, two thousand and nineteen. They used accusations from an anonymous hearsay, nonwhistle blower whistle blower, to accuse the president of engaging in a quid pro quo. During a perfectly normal phone call with President Zelensky of the Ukraine, President Trump ultimately released the entire transcript of the call, the whistle blower, never even testfired. It was a hearsay whistle blower. It didnt stop them from impeaching the president, the president, anyway, among party lines in a truly amazing example of hypocrisy. The media couldnt be bothered to cover Joe Bidens
Ukraine quid pro quo. He bragged about it on tape. As of next week. This day, I think we applied the same standards we will have to impeach Joe a week from today. To take a look were not going to give you a billion dollars. They said you are: have the authority im not getting a billion dollars im going to be leaving here. I think it was like six dollars im leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not powered youre, not getting the money, the prosecutor got fired, zero experience hunter made. Millions. No experience, think about how crazy it all is. The president was impeached over a third party hearsay complaint, a perfectly normal phone call. If we are going to apply the media and democratic party standards, Joe Biden should begin. Impeachment. Democrats
should join them a week from today for Joe Biden hes, the one who forestalled that to happen. Remember Hunter said I have no experience in gas, oil, energy or Ukraine, and now the lefts witch hunt had nothing to do with facts. It had everything to do with the refusal to accept the twenty. Sixteen election results. Make no mistake. Democrats will plotting impeachment before Trump was sworn in. That could be seen as an intangible offense impeach 45 impeachable impeachment thats an impeachable offense impeachment impeachable offense grounds for impeachment impeachable impeachable. If thats not impeachable, I dont know what it is impeachment grounds for impeachment. The talk for impeachment.
None of us came to Congress for Dominic to impeach a president, but we have to do our duty one week from today we will impeach Joe and Kamala Harris, as I said, from the top. What happened today was not remarkable or historic, just a predictable day in the less nonstop rage and hate against all things. Donald Trump. This was today take a look Americas heard tired of the double standard. It Democrats objected more states in twenty seventeen, then Republicans did last week. Somehow we are wrong. Democrats can raise bail and rioters all summer, the violence the summer the violence last week. Somehow we are wrong. What did he actually say? His exact words were. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically, make your voices
heard that is impeachable. A vote to impeach would further divide this nation. A vote to impeach would further fan the flames of partisan division. It will only serve to further divide a nation that is calling out for healing. I denounced the political violence from all ends of the spectrum. Make no mistake: the left in America has incited far more political violence than the right. The president lit the flame, they lit actual flames, actual fire and we there will be order in the house. I think fire bread is good for his book. I cant wait for Maxine waters to start chanting, impeach forty six, because shes going to apply the same standards right most Republicans claim this absurd political play. Liz Cheney. I have a message for
those ten republicans. Good luck in your new democratic party. I used to like you like your dad. You voted for impeachment youre out of step with Republicans and conservatives in this country. You dont, belong in leadership, good luck, working with their democratic colleagues on issues. I thought we both agreed on like national defense and did national security issues. Im sure theyve become a all pro national defense in the meantime, since ive been watching, lets be clear, a senator Republicans! You want to go along with this nonsense. Seventy five million Americans went to the polls. They went more fruit, Donald trump them for Republicans. They should think about why people voted for Donald Trump, why they support his agenda and Mitch Mcconnell. You should know better. Even considering this nonsense in the Senate will get this country nowhere. It will not heal divisions, it will not improve the lives of Americans. It will only further divide, a country that is weeks out from one of the hotly
contested races in history, as I said last night, its important for Americans to step back and take a collective breath im, not even calling for the impeachment Harris and Joe. If we applied their standards, we would be impeaching them one week from today. Tensions must cool. We must move.
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