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Hannity's history lesson on race relations in America

2020-07-06 | 🔗
Hannity's history lesson on race relations in America
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Its great to be back thanks so much God bless America, God bless America. Over the weekend historic speeches, the president did champion what is rightly called american exceptionalism and american greatness lets. Take a look on this wonderful day. We celebrate our history, our heroes, our heritage, our great american flag and our freedom. The American Republic stands today is the greatest most exceptional and most virtuous nation in the history of the world. We are the descendants of the most daring and courageous people ever to walk on the face of the earth. By the way the President announced national garden of Heroes with Americans from every race and every back back on all American celebrated for their greatness in their
exceptionalism, which I think is a great idea. The ever frail ever confused ever corrupt Joe Biden celebrating the fourth of July in a different way, a highly produced. What 972nd video of Biden? Bashing? The? U dot? S lived up to the idea that all are created equal. He now wants to transform our country. He said perhaps Biden doesnt comprehend any of this, because no country, no people, are perfect, thats. Just a fact. Its a basic fundamental truth, an undeniable truth, thanks to the wisdom, are for our framers and fathers. They develop this great constitutional republic, a system that allows this country the right to correct wrongs and correct injustices and always strive and move towards improvement. So we can become that more perfect union by the way, as the president said, both in his Friday night and Saturday night addresses this is the beauty of America thats. What we celebrate.
Of course, no, we are not perfect, but we have the ability. We have the willpower to become that more perfect union weve made major major progress. We need to make much more major progress to fulfill that dream of a more perfect union. For example, you can look at those going back in history, the 1700s dozens and dozens of our framers and our constitutional convention, unsuccessfully against the evil practice of slavery. Dr Benjamin Franklin calling it a atrocious debasement of human nature. He is one thousand percent correct James Mattis and calling it dishonorable to the national character. He was right, ordination calling slave owners, petty tyrants. Ultimately, hunters of thousands of Americans fought and died over this very issue. Thats our history. Emancipation proclamation is also our history. Later. The voting Rights ACT, civil rights act
it insured through federal law and constitutional amendments. Do we have further to go absolutely and by the way, what did Biden and other Democrats? What they want you to forget is many of those that they so admire and call their mentors. Well, they fought tooth and nail against these important reforms. For example, it was a Democrat George Wallace, who stood in the doorway of that Birmingham school to physically block racial integration. It was a Democrat Bull Connor who used fire hoses and police dogs to attack civil rights, peaceful protesters. It was over one hundred democratic lawmakers who voted against the sixty four civil rights bill: Al Gores, Father, prominent democratic senator. Well, he actually filibuster the bill. So did Robert KKK Byrd, the former Klansman, so did noted Segregationist Jay, William Fulbright. All Democrats keep in mind. Bill Clinton called Fulbright his mentor he eulogized Fulbright, while he was serving as president
despite his past as a clan leader and actually the head of the clan modern Democrats practically lined up to shower Robert Byrd, with praise they even made in the Senate Majority leader, Hillary Clinton, calling Robert Byrd, the heart and soul of the: U Dot S: Senate, Chuck, Schumer, calling bird one of the greatest men in history, Pelosi, calling Byrd an American Patriot Biden, calling Byrd the dean of the? U DOT S Senate, a close friend and a mentor of mine. Imagine a Donald Trump said this about a former about a klansman. Keep in mind. Biden wants work side by side with segregationists. This is Joe Bidens record in a speech in one thousand nine hundred and seventy three then Senator Biden praising Southern Democrats and said that the two party system in the south was good for the bleep. Around the same time, Biden was actually working with d segregationists. He was slowing and trying to stop integration opposing school busing.
According to NBC News, he led the charge on an issue that kept black students away from the classrooms from white students thats Joe Biden thats, the democratic nominee thats his history. Those are questions. The mob have not asked him in one thousand. Nine hundred and seventy seven Biden worried that his children would grow up in a racial jungle and if integration is not done in his orderly way, whatever that means one thousand nine hundred and ninety three referring to inner city youth as predators on our streets, as he coauthored an aggressive crime bill, ramping up prison sentences for dozens of crimes. Of course, Bidens racist rhetoric, didnt stop him in the 90s. Remember in two thousand and six he told a crowd. You have to have a slight indian accent to work at a 7, eleven or Dunkin donuts and im, not joking. Also in two thousand and six breaking his state was a state who would bring about that in two thousand and seven called Barack Obama eventually became
vice president, the first mainstream African American, who is actually articulate and bright and clean while MAX that is storybook man. What and last year he said, poor kids can be just as bright as white kids. A few weeks ago, he told the radio host Charlamagne THA, God that you aint black and less you support him over Trump. Excuse me, this is the guys that says he wants to transform America what into that. After decades of all of his b dot s and one hundred and twenty five years of combined failure of Biden, Pelosi and Schumer thats would be in charge of God. For did you elect him and him one hundred and twenty days trump has done more than three point five years, as I mentioned, that they could even ever think of truth matters. Hypocrisy matters for all of you, intellectually lazy people in the mob. Who wont ask these questions want to inform your viewers of this history. You are failing and derelict in your duty
actions matter decade after decade, after decade, five decades Biden, he had ample opportunity to make America a more perfect union. Instead, he made one weird racial statement after another. You know one comment about integration: segregation and, by the way, did nothing to end violence in american cities and by the way, Imaginative Donald Trump had said any of these things or supported any of these people that these modern Democrats supported, guess what history matters.
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