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How could Biden VP pick impact 2020 race?

2020-08-07 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce and Trump 2020 campaign press communications director Erin Perrine weigh in.
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Welcome back to this special edition of Hannity, with Joe Biden expected to announce his vice presidential pick next week, Senator Kamala Harris former Obama, National Security Advisor Susan Rice and California, Karen Basskaren Bass or the fron, but regardless of who Joe Biden picks, one thing for sure the Biden campaign is committed to running the most far left and the toughest campaign we have ever seen, embracing everything from open borders, higher taxes and economy, climate and the radical agenda will be on full display at the virtual convention later this month. With speakers reportedly come, including Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren Bill and Hillary Clinton Barack and Michelle Obama, but what is still not clear is whether or not congresswoman, Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez will be
granted a high profile speaking slot, despite her role in bringing these radical positions into bidens platform, joining me for reaction, two thousand and twenty Trump air and brainy with Fox NEWS contributor, Tammy Bruce. Thank you both for joining me tonight. Tammy might want to start with you. What is on the line for the country and for Joe Biden in the selection of the vice presidential pick? Well, I dont think a great deal because the president will win reelection. I am confident of that, but what it shows you with with the Democratic Party use of the future and who they are future talent will be so for Democrats and regular Americans who are appalled as we are at what is going on and watching their party resolve right underneath them. They have an interest in what the signaling is here. If the Clintons and the Obamas are okay with this, that is the other issue you know you can look at. Portland is an indication
whether or not the Democrats felt first. Perhaps they were in charge and in control over what was happening in the streets ended. Suddenly they lost control. I think that is where they are at right now. The only person in control of an agenda in this country, thank God, is Donald Trump and he is moving it forward. General chaos. You know this is a benefit for the Democrats appear. They would have a huge floor fight and would not be able to stop Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez my advice to her by the way, if she is not invited with all the work she has done, and I am opposed to everything she does. She should have a separate, offense and challenge them with that. Americans who support her should have a right to see her if she is shut out. She should make a point. The american people understand she is unhappy about that. She has been a major impact player for the Democrats, but what Timmy mentioned is right. These elections and the candidates are put forward about the future
when they were successful, as Democrats think of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, new vibrant ideas, with a lot of energy. This time to Democrats or with somebody elected in nineteen, seventy two when I was barely kicking a soccer ball. What does that say about where the Democrats are and the importance of this VP pick for Joe Biden will commit? It shows the Democrats really dont have any true ideas. They just needed a vessel for the radical social agenda and they got that vessel in Joe Biden when it comes to VP pick. We have seen him delay and delay and delay remember had they had the convention at the normal time. It would have happen a month ago who they would select. Why is it delayed? Joe Biden has bad choices across the board between crazy or crazy when it comes to who he will try to pick. You look at Comrade Karen Bass, who praises shook social dictators and Kamala Harris on the debate stage.
I dont think like Joe Biden, that much but you look at Susan Rice, a Bisno record in the Obama, Slash Biden Administration with the cybersecurity to stand down when they knew there was a potential for foreign election interference. It really doesnt matter who Joe Biden picks because it is a bad choice all around for him. Not only is this who we thinks will be the future of the Democrat Party, but he says he is the transition candidate, but look who he is talking about. I dont know Governor Stacey Abrams were Gretchen Whitmer do, as I say, and not as I do with tyrannical poll in Michigan, it doesnt matter to Joe Biden, and he is filled with radicals Timmy. What is your reaction to that? If I can mention you know what they need from the vice presidential pick is someone who can keep a secret. Remember, hypothetically and lets say Joe Biden wins some
help which again im one hundred and ten percent sure it will not happen. What they are thinking about is what vice presidential choice, which one of those three women, for example, will keep their secrets. That was the scariest thing with Donald Trump and his team, we will come into possession of everything that they had been doing. Kamala Harris is a transactional person. She will do and say and become whatever is required to get what it is she wants and it doesnt matter what she originally thought of Joe Biden. Maybe she now will think something differently. I dont think that or Susan Well, Susan Rice can be trusted to keep secrets because she has a lot to lose as well, but I think Karen Bass will be a problem for them, so the issue is who will do what they are told without becoming a problem? That is who that person will be seen, and that is not a good sign for the future of the party either of, and you still wonder who the puppeteers are behind Joe Biden, because you know hearing from Democrat insiders.
There are a couple of people to be with Joe Biden each day. Then he goes out with a teleprompter and blows it now. Senator Sanders said Joe Biden would be the most progressive, the most liberal in the history of our country Erin. We should believe him shouldnt, we absolutely Bernies Sanders is saying Joe Biden will be the most progressive candidates. We should take him at his word on this. Why the Bernie, Slash Biden Socialist Manifesto, a policy including amnesty for eleven million illegal immigrants, free health care for illegal immigrants, but who is paying for the health care? Oh thats right the hard working taxpayers of the United States, those who are paying the taxes in the country. Listen Democrats have made it clear where they want. They want to have more money and more choice. They dont want opportunity.
They want to ban fracking, which would eliminate jobs and the contrast on the green new deal. Ten million new jobs gone. What does Joe Biden think he cant look at a teleprompter without an issue anything they are delusional and wrong for America. Thank you for.
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