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How far will the media go to smear President Trump and his allies?

2020-07-24 | 🔗
Insight from Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, 'Relatable' podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey and Joe Concha, media reporter for The Hill.
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We may be able to help welcome back to the welcome back to the special edition of Hannity, Nicholas Sandmann has announced he has settled with the Washington Post in a defamation suit stemming from their botched coverage of interaction with the native american elder last year that falsely portrayed him as a aggressor. If you recall media outlets, smear the teenager and misreported what happened following the news we have met with the Washington Post and CNN and the fight isnt over up to down six to go so ask yourself: how far will the media, Joe Biden, supporters and the radical Democrats go to try to smear the president and his allies? Censorship,
cancel culture and intimidation. Just look at this new poll from the Cato Institute finding that the Cato Institute finding that sixty two percent of American Americans, they discuss deeply polarized items. Take a look. You are the lightning rod. No doubt about that. In my mind, do you agree with that? Sometimes its for a purpose, so the two sides right now that are ahead. I think it was happening and then I we got hit the China virus, the best employment numbers in the history of our country, best unemployment numbers best unemployment numbers in history.
It was, we were ready to do it. It fox news, legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett, along with media reporter for the hill, Joe Concha and relatable podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey. Thank you so much for joining us Greg. I want to start with you, because a Washington post really did need to settle this. They overstep their bounds, was Nicholas Sandmann and it wasnt a coincidence that on his 18th birthday he signed this agreement. I would love to know how much you got. I would imagine tens of millions of dollars, but it underscores how the liberal mainstream media feels empowered to smear and defame anybody they perceived to be either conservative or pro Trump and Nicholas Sandmann was the prime target for this, and they were villain eyes and
demonized and thats what they did. Videotape evidence showed that he was the victim of harassment and racial slurs, but the media doesnt care about facts and truth and evidence. They abandoned their sense of fairness, but they were driven by this maniacal hatred of trump, so anything that might damage him is justified to the mainstream media, even if it destroys a young man. We certainly saw so much of this narrative driven by the media, which was false in the russian collusion case, in which they persistently for three long years, told Americans that Trump was a russian agent who colluded with Moscow in the of the Kremlin and, of course, they ignored all the compelling
evidence to the contrary, it will not change. Throwing money at a problem is the easy way out and they will never apologize for their wrongful practices. I think he was right to sue, and evidently this is not a one off situation. It happens regularly. I want to talk to you about the Cato Institute Poll, because its fascinating, nearly two and Threeinthree Americans were are intimidated by what they say about the backlash. We have seen people fire that simply forcing that Trump is the President of the United States. There was a baseball coach the other day, who got fired literally for tweeting. That President Trump is the President of the United States. People have gotten fired, for people, have gotten fired for
disagreeing about black lives matter, and they are not going to want to be outspoken about their support for President Trump or first thing they are conservatives. So what does that mean? For November? We thought we saw a lot of anti trump energy which would lead to or Clinton winning while there seems to be a lot of energy out in the streets right now, and some Democrats are now- and some Democrats are thinking that will bode well and those are intimidated into silence and its hard to tell silence and its hard to tell who really is out there. Are they able to boldly come out
out and some people just feel like they hide away in their homes and not talk about the views for the good of their home and their family? It is a sad day because people should be able to speak their mind and we as a nation, should be able to have that discussion, but I found it interesting in that poll. Only staunch liberals are showing up in the polling. I want to go and talk about Joe Biden. He is hiding in his basement and taking the softball interviews. The president day by day, are taking hard interviews and talk to a whole audience that normally isnt necessarily watching come, although they should be watching this program and showing things that Joe Biden is not able to do,
it would be to sit down and actually do interviews and about a week ago he took questions from exactly six reporters. He is the approval numbers in the g, dot op and the ninety percent range, but what he has to do is shore, but what he has to do is shore up that from twenty. Sixteen up that from twenty sixteen hes now now reaching out to people and thats a perfect place to do that, its nearly a hundred days until the election, and you have one candidate who is very active in terms of media appearances, and you have another that is sitting in a safe space, hoping to run out the clock.
Hillary Clinton tried that, and we all know how that worked out. President Trump sat down with Chris Wallace and answer the tough questions for a while. I dared Joe Biden to be able to do the same, but I really should to do the.
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