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How is the 2020 presidential election different from the 2016 vote?

2020-11-01 | 🔗
Fox News contributors Ari Fleischer and Katie Pavlich join 'Hannity' to weigh in
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Sean two days away from Post Sean two days away from post important election, I think in our lifetime. How is it different from two thousand and sixteen former White House Press secretary, ARI Fleischer, laid out some major distinctions in an op ed he penned last week after not voting for either candidate. Four years ago, he decided to President Trump citing promises he made he kept. As president read. I have seen this move coming for a while. I knew I would win you over, took he a little bit longer than I thought, but that something that I think president does not get enough credit for, for he did keep his promises to me. Like me, it is important there are a group of establishment Republicans who didnt like the president before he has earned it because
of his result. Look at the economy prior to pandemic poverty rate was lowest since one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine thanks to presidents tax, cut and deregulatory environment that unleashed people to work zone got them paid more money. He accomplished more than any great society program offer in terms of lowering poverty, unemployment rate for people with high school degree only lowest in recorded history, and this is why he deserves reelection. He is a bull in a China shop every once in a while. Our country needs some bull Sean. I like a fighter. I grew up in New York. I played ice hockey. We fought every day. It is illegal in most schools. Now I think you get sent to reform school these days, but Katy or arrest
Sean from taxes to regulations to building the wall to the historic peace deals and sole Mannysole man, Solomoni Baghdadi. He kept the promises. I put all my credibility after thirty years on line as a conservative, I said he will govern conservatively. I have known him twenty five years. A lot did not believe me. Well, I think that is a big skepticism toward Donald Trump when he ran in sixteen his records showed he donated to Democrat and Republicans and different policy positions prove previousl. He does now on certain issues. He has been a conservative on a number of issues back to Rnc and how pro life he brought
Rnc to be public Lee. You know Sean, we talk about unity, whether Joe Biden can unify the nation or president Trump can. But if you look at numbers, different people types of groups that Donald Trump has brought to White House to meet on very serious issues over last four years, he never discounts four years, he never discounts, anyones opinion. He is willingi willing to work with anyone and listen. You see that no polls with african american voters with latino voters in Florida and he Erns it earns it. He cares about proving people wrong and doing the right thing and keeping his word Sean. There has never been a president ARI more Pro life pro Israel, Pro Reledgereligious freedom and pro second
amendment. You read the rest of media. They give him zero percent chance of winning zero. I look at this. I dont want to read it because it is depressing. They it it last time. Did they not eleven anything learn anything l? Are they right? They not learn much. We have to have an election to see. You know I weekend nice turn for the president, particularly in battle ground states, Arizona and Pennsylvania. It is stronger for president than it was the Friday night. These are things you are looking for. Sean all right, ive, seen.
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