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How much longer can Biden, Harris dodge court-packing issue?

2020-10-09 | 🔗
Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino and Trump 2020 director of press communications Erin Perrine react on 'Hannity'
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Guess what thats whats in control of the Democratic Party here with more Fox news, contributor, Dan Bongino and the Trump two thousand and twenty director of pesky medications? Erin Perini, is with us starting with you tonight by not saying its theyre saying it. We have to believe Chuck Schumer when he says everythings on the table. It dont. We absolutely! I want to say Dan. Our prayers are with you and your such a fighter and everybody on team Trump is rooting for you as you face it. Head on Democrats have been very clear, everythings on the table for them, and this is their agenda all along. They dont like the real, so they want to change them if we dont get her way, its a real shame to see what happens to your courts, your filibuster, your electoral college, thats, not America, democracy, not America. President Trump thought and believed in the three branches
of government. While Democrats want to try to do away with the filibuster, I served five years on the hill. I worked three in the Senate and the Senate is supposed to keep the hot copy of teed the house, the reactionary side calmly measured, but if they get away with that, you will upend America and Joe Biden hes, just one step closer to Democrats trying to make the United States, Venezuela and Cuba we cant. Let that happen. The reason the left wants judicial activism and, as I argued last night and on Twitter, were praying for your speedy recovery and have full confidence. You will get there because you told me you want to beat me up and will have another. You know well have our latest battle. If we do martial arts Aaron in case you dont know, we hit each other a lot and it gets very violent at times. But the reason we want what Democrats cant get done legislatively and convince
voters off what they can get accomplished through a fairy and fair election by running on real policies. They look to activists, jurists to ride law, for them to rule through judicial fiat thats the danger here it will usurp all of the power, especially of the legislative branch, wont it yeah think about it by the way very nice think about it. The left has three avenues: election bureaucracy, the courts; they had a tough time nationally, getting things passed outside of Obamacare and the other things theyve gods, especially the social agenda. Theyve moved through the courts and the bureaucracy for the cultural pressure. What has trump done? Trump change, the culture of Washington and cleaning up the bureaucracy. He is upending the entire court system to get it back to doing what it supposed to do, which is judge cases on Americans not based on their
theology thats, why they hate Trump, so much thats a great monologue here. Listen Biden is playing the game right now, where hes lying to both factions of the Democrat Party hes, telling the moderates. Hes, moderate scum, the liberals, hes liberal hes, Gumby hes, whatever you need him to be and thats the problem, hes afraid of the liberals and dont forget if you ever want to see Joe Biden and what he really is whats the golden rule of d, DOT, c politics, people our policy, who are you surrounding yourself with for vice president? He picks the most radical member of the Senate and for his unity task force platform. Who does he pick? Bernie Sanders? Look up the Biden Sanders Unity Platform, hey Dan, they denied it exists, Joe Biden wide. He denied it. He acted like im the Democrat Party. He said
Sean hes lying about everything about the tax cuts if youre repealing that Trump tax cuts, the middle class tax cuts are going up and they want to answer the question because they dont want to see the truth. Thats a fact: look look Erin lest last word: youre correct. Twenty four lies in the misleading throughout the vice presidential debate, including the taxes, including the green new deal, including banning fracking, where she lying time and again the media wanted to hit and called it. Mans planning being honest if its not thats its honesty and accountability and transparency and thats whats on the ballot in November.
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