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How should President Trump, Republicans address coronavirus at the GOP convention?

2020-08-24 | 🔗
Insight from Fox News contributors Karl Rove and Ari Fleischer.
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Quick response that was an extremely powerful videotape, ARI Fleischer and Karl Rove joining us first of all, the production last week, and this week lets start there Karl Rove. Well, the evening is not done, we dont know if well have minor technical glitches, but this is very impressive: high production values, emotional beginning, I thought with Cardinal Dolan and the World WAR Ii veteran. I thought the tape from the nurse was particularly strong. This is an important issue to engage with Democrats built their most of their case. Around Donald Trump is a bad person, and, incidentally, he bungled the response to coronavirus laying out the case, letting people know what the president did is a very important part to establish credibility on the issue and diminishing bidens lead on it, ARI Fleischer, im
looking at it was, like I dont know, maybe a college zoom class comparison to what looks like a real set real convention. Well, nobody does patriotism better than republican conventions, its stirring, the way it began and the displays the military, the flag, the things that we should all love about. America, heres. What im looking out for one people? How many people are watching the Democrats had the lowest numbers, twenty two to twenty four million, a big drop off. What will the republican numbers be on par or more or less than two thousand and sixteen number two taking advantage of the democratic openings public safety? Is the huge opening that Democrats left Republicans they didnt talk about how to keep people safe in our cities. You can see, Republicans are talking about it. Two policy. Only the Socialists talk policy last week for the Democrats, huge opening here for President Trump and the Republicans to talk about what policies to
enact to keep America strong thats. What im looking for Karl, they ignored the violence in american cities; they ignored it all and they tried to use covid. That was a powerful tape, rebutting Democrats praising Donald Trump that counters the narrative of last week. It does damage to it. We were lectured about response to Covid by New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo. The state of New York has had more deaths than California, Texas and Florida combined all of those beach goers in Florida, California, fewer deaths in the three more the three most populous states, combined than the fourth most populous state, why he sent a lot of covid patients to nursing homes where they infected the elderly populations. To this day, the governor of New York will not release the
number of people who died in nursing homes. I think that is a big point. I want to pick up on something that ARI said its vital for the president.
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