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Hunter Biden requested $10M wire from China energy company head in 2017

2020-12-16 | 🔗
Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson sounds off on the latest developments on 'Hannity'
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Obsessing over Trump Slash, Russia, interference that never occurred, but, unlike the Russia, hoax and conspiracy theories, theres real evidence that the bidens took payments from China. So what kind of return did China get for their investment here now, with more Senate Homeland Security Committee, Chairman RON, Johnson of Wisconsin Senator Johnson, let me go back to the conversation you had with Mr Peters. Did we not have four investigations for four years on people like that? Senator and the people like that senator and the media and big tech, disseminating disinformation yeah, but were supposed to forget that forget the fact that for four years they never recognized that President Trump was the president of the United States that he was the legitimate president. When we see all kinds of very troubling irregularities in this election were just
supposed to ignore it and move on well, I held that hearing today because I think the american people deserve the truth. They need to understand and have these irregularities explained thats what we tried to do in the hearing he discussed wire transfers shopping sprees with chinese nationals, then Berisma Hunter had no experience in gas energy. Why was he receiving all of that money? Can you think of any reason? They were obviously selling influence if its true that theres nothing wrong, they can start proving it why hasnt Hunter turned over his tax returns to see if he ever did file an amended return claiming that four hundred thousand dollars? How about this John Solomon did an excellent report which, of course, is not being covered by the mainstream media, showing Joe Biden reported three dollars and twenty cents million of net
asets hes made sixty dollars million, since he left the vice Presidentsy. Where did all the money go based on his tax rates and what donations he made? He thought he would be reporting nine dollars million in assets. Where did all the money go enquiring minds want to know? Am, I believe, Putin is a hostile regime. Iran is a hostile regime. Iran, hostile regime Kim, is hostile. Why would the Chinese do a deal with Hunter Biden? What were they expecting for their money? They are investing in influence. Lets face it. We see how long term thinking how strategic they are look what they did to Congressman Swalwell. They groomed this guy Heres an up and Comer
lets fund. His campaign lets see how far he can go. They get him in place in the intelligence committee in the house. Nancy Pelosi knows about it is that farfetched to think they were grooming, Hunter Biden and his connections to his father. We dont even know all of the connections. Our reports show troubling corrections. This Hudson West Eefcus that was Hudson West. There are all kinds of Hudson West companies weve tracked over one hundred and fifty dollars million in transfer back and forth is that money laundering Hunter Biden gets a diamond. They use diamonds in money laundering thats. What Patrick Holmes was convicted of Hunter Biden was paid to unsuccessfully defend him. He spent time in jail for money laundering. Pieces of the puzzle are coming together, its getting obvious. I hope this: u dot. S attorney in Delaware, returns indictments soon, theyve been working on this case for two years.
Its about time tell us what hes got yeah. Have you been briefed on the contents of Hunter Bidens laptop sir? We do not have we dont. Have that hard drive? I heard all kinds of rumors: I have seen all kinds of things we need to have it validated. I have never heard anyone deny that was likely. His lawyer was asking for his laptop back and on the front cover of the New York Post, had a picture of Hunter Biden with a crack pipe in his mouth now. My question is: is it likely that if they were doing these deals with the Chinese that the Chinese could possibly have all of whatever compromising materials might be on there? Is it possible that they have compromising materials on Hunter Biden? His relationship to his father? Is it possible that both of them could be compromised by what is a hostile regime? To the? U dot s, I would say its likely
thats what Tony Bobulinski said compromised theres, no way that somebody who wants to work in the Biden administration could ever get a security clearance if they have a fraction of the background of Hunter Biden. Lets face it. Hes a drug addict, thats very unfortunate, but hes traveling, the world hes doing drugs. Hes got these computers when we travel oversea. We have to put our real phones in a very secure bag that cant be hacked. We have burner phones, I doubt he did that. So no, I think its likely that his computers were hacked. We dont know what the chinese government has on Hunter Biden. What can be used as blackmail thats, why Chuck Grassley and I are trying to warn the american public well before the election, but the news media supressed it they didnt. Let people know the news. Media social media had far greater influence on this election. This was their candidate. They got him elected because of their suppression of the news. They had far greater election interference that Russia could
have hoped for in twenty. Sixteen, its a scary scenario. I had the same experience in Vietnam and Helsinki in Singapore. I was handed a new phone every day and my room was apparently.
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