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Impeachment exposes Democrats' never-ending obsession with Trump

2021-02-11 | 🔗
Alan Dershowitz, Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y.,, and FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich join 'Hannity'
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Just a few moments, just a few moments by the way Hollys wife Erin, joins us to talk about the night. That protesters came to her home insurrection there considering thats the word of the week or the month. Erin will join us in a moment. Twice failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton cant help but inject herself, saying tweeting. If Senate Republicans fail to convict President Trump, it wont be because the facts are with him or his lawyers mounted a competent defense. Itll just be because the jury concludes as co conspirators. Anyone in the Democratic Party have a problem with that rhetoric. Remember she told Joe Biden concede under no circumstances, but theyll never ever hold themselves accountable. Will they the Democrats, the rules dont apply to them Harvard law. Professor Alan Ovic joins us along with Katie Pavlich. Professor lets start with you. I think two or three hours a few videos, the substitution, your an Nall, the
constitution. Your analysis will be a good start, followed by the facts that it was determined. It was preplanned followed by Donald Trump is guilty of inciting insurrection, so are all of you people. Well, I dont understand. Hillary Clinton is a very good lawyer what she says to the republican senators hes as guilty youre as guilty as he is theyre listening and say: oh you mean were hes as innocent as we are. They think theyre innocent. So, if shes, making comparisons between the senators and Trump thats very ineffective, advocacy shes actually advocating for the senators to vote to acquit him, the evidence is overwhelming. The president made a statement, a speech which was so within the perimeters of our first amendment in Brandenburg, not withstanding the fact that one hundred and forty four scholars have said it would be unethical unethical to even raise the first amendment issue.
I hope the defense attorneys for Trump dont listen and make that argument. I offered to defend them in front of any bar association that finds this argument. Unethical, because these scholars are trying to intimidate lawyers trying to persuade them. They cant ethically make a first amendment argument, depriving all of America and the Senate of the opportunity to hear how the first amendment precludes this impeachment, and so I expect well hear a few hours. David shone is a very good David shown is a very good lawyer. Hell focus laser like on the first amendment issues. They should also argue the jurisdictional issue. Remember that it doesnt matter what reasons the senators have for acquitting. Some may acquit on the first amendment grounds, others, even though theyll vote it down, may still acquit on the ground, theres no jurisdiction and the total simply has to be more than one slash. Three and therell be an acquittal. I think thatll be the strategy. The Democrats overplayed their hand. Today they went on too long too repticious they should have rested yesterday.
I think the Republicans the lawyers will do a good job by making it neat and clean and to the point and short all right. Let me go to Katie Pavlich lets, look at the political side of it and then well go from there. Well. First of all, you know. Hillary Clinton was telling the world and the american people in the fall that President Trump was an Illidge Matt President, and not only was he Ellidge Matt in her opinion, but he knew he was illegitimate. She took no responsibility of pushing this lie over the past four years that President Trump was elected because of the Russians, despite it being debunked a number of times as we move forward politically, you know. Democrats have gone beyond just holding people accountable, who stormed the capitol who are responsible for their own behavior and attempted in a lot of ways, been successful at painting all Republicans as insurrectionists who applaud the mob for going after both
Republicans and Democrats on the floor of the Senate that day and thats, why? I think people are watching this going? Ok? Well, I could. I could condemn the mob. I could condemn maybe some of the rhetoric that happened, but I cannot allow Democrats to smear everybody who is not involved in this and its very clear that the Democrats are moving forward to try to go after civil liberties, theyre trying to coordinate power and solidarity around their cause going into the midterm elections. This is all about power for them, especially considering President Trump is no longer president and cannot be removed by the Senate. Lee Zelden im watching your house of representatives im thinking. Ok, they didnt have any facts or witnesses they didnt have any defense. They didnt have any due process. Is that how it works in your house of representatives, your youre, a part of that youre, a part of that body thats how it works with Nanci Pelosi as speaker and Adam
Shiv and his ship show, and Jerry Nadler and his judiciary committee. The reason why all the senators will be acquitting Donald Trump is because this is unconstitutional. It is because they realize the american public, the average person is saying to themselves. Why are we doing this impeachment hes, not even in office anymore? Why arent we working at getting our kids back into schools, theyre, looking at the facts, theyre, seeing that this was preplanned, the f dot. Bi warned about this ahead of time. The president gave a speech theyre saying you cant assign any type of metaphorical characterization on the president, saying fighting like hell when you look at his actual words hes calling for his people to go there peacefully and patriotically on the facts and also, as youve, been pointing out on hypocrisy. People are seeing the insurrection of autonomous zones in Seattle, taking over police precincts or attacking a federal courthouse, throwing molotov cocktails at police cruisers. The double standard has the average person infuriated and senators are going to acquit because of not just one reason
because of many different reasons. The whole thing is a farce. They want to see us getting back to getting kids back to school. I only got fifteen seconds professor. Would you go beyond two or three hours in the defense? I wouldnt waste more time than that. No, I think they have to make the argument again about lack of jurisdiction. They have to show the videos of all the Democrats using language like fight like hell, focus on the first amendment, laser like and then sit down and theyve won the case amen all right. I bet you. I could probably do that in an hour and a half- and I didnt even sit in your law class like MIKE Pompeo and TED.
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