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Jerry Falwell Jr. joins Hannity to discuss Liberty University's lawsuit against the New York Times

2020-07-15 | 🔗
Liberty University files defamation suit against the New York Times over COVID coverage, accuses paper of falsely reporting coronavirus outbreak on campus.
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In the real world, world actions have consequences: Liberty University is holding them accountable, Liberty, President himself, Jerry Caldwell Jr. They wrote all of these headlines, not one kid got: Covid 19 they. Apparently you have no trespassing signs that came from an actual hot spot to a place that was in hot spot. They didnt give you an opportunity to respond. Not only are they a bigoted bunch of liars but also Buzzfeed type Clickbait publication? They are also stupid because they came on campus. We had twenty five, at least no trespassing signs. We got warrants out for their arrest. They had to deal with local prosecutor from going to jailer.
It thats how dumb they are. They got their information. They are here for a few days. I think they got their information from a doctor who has a practice ten miles away from liberty. A few kids had a cold and upper respiratory problems. None of them had cobit symptoms. He told them that he wouldnt do it. He wouldnt do it. They didnt talk to us that we tried to get them correct all of the false headlines that they just recited they wouldnt. Do it the actually double down. We had no choice, they left us no choice but to defund our reputation because it scared parents. We had one thousand two hundred kids here. Some of them had elderly relatives living in their home didnt living in their home didnt have high speed internet out of eight thousand, normally here theres about one thousand two hundred here this
spring. We abided by all of the governors rules and not one case. Not one case came out of the Spirit, is zero Sean. I read the dash it. I read the dash. It was a powerfully written case. It is poorly worded needs to be revamped. Hes going to be a very rich kid. When I think of cases and lawyers, I think of Lynwood one of the best I know Michael Bowie, Michael Bowie, happens to be a friend of mine, one of the best as well. You are going all the way these lawsuits take years and can be very expensive. Thats, okay, its expensive for them too New York Times versus Sullivan, is one of the first, its a license to lie its not like that in every country in the United Kingdom, its much
easier to beat the tabloids when they lie about you. When you are a public figure in the United States, you have to prove malicious intent. I think we have that year. You are right about Michael Bowie. He is one of the best in the country, im, glad hes on my side and not someone elses if thats the case theres something called discovery that may bring us into the inner workings of what is said in the New York Times and im sure. By now they have received a preservation letter from Michael Bowie is saying: dont erase it dont delete it. Dont pull a hilly were going to follow your case. Your case were going to follow your lead. I hope you do because you need to be tough. Like me, Sean I dont have any spare time discovery years. I have the money. I can pay for a deposition.
You can make it the time I deserve. It ill tell you that its because they lied and said the doctor was in charge of all of the public health, a student health on campus. He wasnt. He told them that the doctor on campus was because you gave them a chance. Didnt you, you gave them a chance to correct the record and they.
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