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Joe Biden hides in his basement as corruption claims mount

2020-10-21 | 🔗
Trump Organization EVP Eric Trump reacts to news Hunter Biden laptop connected to money laundering probe
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We will be watching all election night two weeks from yesterday. Thirteen days away, anything can happen ultimately its in your hands. You, the american people, are the ultimate jury, not big tech companies that are biased, not the media mob, with their abusive bias against all things trump, not the Democratic Party that hates Donald Trump every second minute hour of every day and not establishment republican rhinos that also hate the president. Only you have the power to shock the world and send it Donald Trump back to the White House and prevent the socialist policies of Joe Biden from ever being implemented, which would render this country pretty unrecognizable joining us now, executive. Vice president of the Trump Organization, Eric Trump is with us. You look at all of these numbers very similar, except in many ways. We are in a better position. If you look at the real, clear politics average, from where Hillary was four
years ago to where we are today, your dad is doing what he does best and that is going out working his you know what off. If this guy has been on vacation for the last five days, is it just me or is there something off with that? Something is off with a beard is something I admire most about is something I admire most about my father. He has instilled work, ethic and a spirit I watch them campaign and what hes doing what he did in Erie Pennsylvania last night, what he did North Carolina this evening and the energy he brings to that office on the contrast you have Biden who hasnt left his house as youve been saying, work ethic is important. Showing up is important. The respect you want to show the voters, I couldnt be more proud of my father. I couldnt be more proud of what hes doing. I could tell you im out there every single day I was in Michigan yesterday, Pennsylvania at the day before the energy on the ground, its unbelievable.
I did this in two thousand and sixteen you know that we spent a lot of time together. Ive, never seen anything like that. People appreciate my father. They know he saved this country from socialism and the radical left and people love him at. This is no longer about politics. This is a movement of love. I couldnt be more proud of the man he wanted somebody with less than two weeks to go before election day. You are taking a v for that faith. Out of five days. I think Joe Biden. We need to demand that he take a physical exam and to release the results and a cognitive exam like your father dead and release the results. This is beyond unusual. If no candidate, I can think of in thirty plus years of doing this. Job on radio and tv has ever act this way, if they put him in the candidate, witness protection candidate, witness Protection
Program, Eric Bovaird, what the bleep Dominic Dominic its a forty seven year politician, he doesnt have that work ethic. He is hiding from the biggest scandals in american history. There are emails where hunters asking for ten million to be held by Hunter for the big guy Joe Biden. Then there is emails with his sister youve seen those as well, unlike what dad makes me do im not going to make you pay half of your salary to me Sean. You cant make this stuff up, hes, getting money from Russia, hes getting money from Ukraine, getting money from China now Kazakhstan and Romania and other places. He knows he can answer these questions. They have his laptop. They have the receipt with hunters a phone number on it, his signature on it. You had people on these emails corroborating the emails.
They are testing to the fact that this was sent by Hunter hows. He going to answer for all of this. America wants to know what is happening. Thats, why hes hiding out first, he doesnt have the stamina. Second, he doesnt have the work ethic. Third, he knows hes got a real problem with his son, quite frankly, his own fraud and his own bad judgment Eric Trump. Thank you for being with us. We have breaking news now it the laptop connected to.
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