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John James fighting to flip Michigan Senate seat for Republicans

2020-10-28 | 🔗
James and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley join 'Hannity' to discuss the issues that matter most to Michigan residents
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The polls in the critical state of Michigan are showing a very tight contest, as republican optimism is growing by the day. Democrats seem to be increasingly nervous. President Obama will head with Joe Biden on the campaign trail to Michigan on Saturday Republican Senate candidate John Names is running a close race with the democratic incumbent, Gary Peter, Strzok, Peters and joining us is nibbling. I Nikki Haley. I said, Mr James, you are a rock star. What do you see for your race? What is happening on the ground in Michigan, for you and the President? I am not a star. I am just a syrphidae
servant. I bring glory to God in everything we do. That answer makes you a star. You could have taken all the credit and didnt good for you its about what I can do for the people in the state of Michigan, who have been so disappointed by Gary Peters. Go to my website to learn more about how I can better serve my faith and the nation. I need your help. Nikki one of the things that scares me. The power grab Democrats are saying they will be involved in. I am not sure if people fully understand court packing, I am not sure if they understand four new democratic senators or the impact of amnesty on politics for the future Sean. There is a lot of
stake, whether its a conservative court versus court, packing or law, and order versus riots and defunding the police, as we see in Philadelphia, whether its education given in the hands of parents versus education by bureaucrats, whether its foreign policy that is strong or where you buy friends with foreign aid or whether its free enterprise versus socialism, there is a lot at stake. We are campaigning here in Michigan, everybody is excited, everybody is talking about John James. This will be a fun election here in Michigan they get it. They get his energy and new ideas and the fact this is a guy who signed the front of a paycheck and not the back. He will make a difference in Washington. I he think is a rock star. Everybody that sees him knows he is a rock star. I am excited about what he will do. He will rock Chuck schumers
world dont, go Ben Sass on me when you get there because he went a little bit nuts. What do you see as the difference in the biggest issues? What these two campaigns for president are about? The biggest issue is: who is for the people in the state of Michigan? Who is for our constitutional rights and our moral values? I ask America, who you trust with your first and second amendment rights and your freedom in when your opponents tell you they will do something believe them when they tell you they will shutdown, oil believe them and when they tell you they the bring forth the green new deal. You better believe them. My opponent was just endorsed by
AOC because he will be a speed bump on the leftist roller coaster. Go to my website. We need your help. We need to maintain the republican majority. This is a winnable race.
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