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John Solomon: State Department monitored 13 prominent Americans' social media, including Hannity

2020-09-01 | 🔗
This was an enemies list, says Fox News contributor John Solomon.
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An alarming story, an alarming story- weve been tracking for months- has now broken wide open after new memos now revealed that the social media accounts of at least thirteen prominent Americans, including EF people in the press, including yours, truly. Some reason I was number one on the list were monitored by the Obama State Department Ambassador in Kiev Fox NEWS contributor. John Solomon has the full report. We expect this and more also for some time did I really get labeled number one. Was I first on the list? Really? Why couldnt you be first on the list you were on the list. Sarah was on the list. Don Jr was on the list. Laura Ingraham was on the list, Don Jr yeah. When you look at this 30000 foot eyes, this was an enemies list. This was a group of journalist that has raised questions about Russia and that about the conduct of things like Joe Biden when the embassy was monitoring
us not for national security reasons. By the reasons about the reputations of people in the past administration, the Obama Biden Clinton administration, it smacks of an enemies list and hear something. On my read to these documents meet our twenty pages made available by judicial watch. There is evidence I believe that there was more than social media monitoring going on Sean Penn. I believe there may be other communications that were monitored based on things I see in the documents tonight we suspected this all of this. This is illegal isn it it is the State Department and the embassy was told these actions violated the privacy act of the thirteen Americans, whose accounts were monitored, and the real question now is: is this the only thing they did? I have grave concern and I call on the state Department, if you have any evidence that journalists were being monitored to please come forward and let the american people know forty five pages. 302S Mueller and Weissmanns pit bulls. Asking about me. My
own one thousand three hundred personal text messages released what happened to privacy? Where are the other people in the media saying you know what I may not like Hannity, but that.
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