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Kamala Harris condemns riots weeks after promoting bail fund for rioters

2020-09-03 | 🔗
Reaction from Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik, New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell.
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Rubbing of a 78 year old man in the Bronx, they mean well on Twitter thats, just a few weeks after she promoted, said writers around the country. Oh, how the poles have changed joining us now, with reaction is Baltimore congressional candidate, Kimberly Clay, sick. I want to start to talk about Baltimore just on the street from New York. I wont have to tell you when I saw what Kamala Harris the Senator candidate for president selection for the vice president. She is out there actively promoting the way to bail people out of jail and thats a huge
difference between protests and these rioters, who allegedly did something wrong and trying to get them out as fast as you can. She is trying to switch or turn the tables now that shes been on the ticket for VP, first Jason. I want to thank LEO first Jason. I want to thank LEO Terrel for his endorsement. We are trying to put businesses and lives back together, im happy that President Trump is investigating where a lot of those federal funds are going and anyone with any intelligence would know to follow the money and thats. Why im running for Congress to do just that? Why arent they trying to figure out where some of this federal funding has gone? So, if I was in Congress, I would be standing next to Trump trying
to figure out whats been going on in the area which I resent all right. So you have some colleagues over there we work with democratic mayors and democratic governors and its shameful. The cities are falling apart and you cant even walk down the street as long as I get there is as long as they are reelected. They are okay, quite frankly, taking for granted votes that are out there. Many of these different communities. A lot of these people would vote for me anyway, and I think its important for voters to take control of their own cities and their own states. I live in New York, where we have one partys role in New York City. We are seeing an erosion of
New York City where earlier this year, they are in active cashless bail, defunding, the police in New York City standing with Nypd as a result of a surge in shootings and even suicides. By the way, we should be supporting law enforcement more, if not less, to your point Bob, unfortunately, its a consequence of politicians getting reelected and getting the votes of some of these people in this situation. What does the Democratic Party offer jobs and the economy, safety and jobs and the economy, safety and security more qualified to hold political office than Senator Harris? What are the Democrats offering nothing? They are hiding a policy and they dont want to talk about
their liberal policy. You have had chaos, total annihilation of democratic cities, and I want to applaud President Trump for holding back federal funds. We, as taxpayers, pay for all this rioting and looting and all the chaos and democratic cities, and you have the worst mayor in the nation bill De Blasio, who is destroying New York. You have the biggest ego governor Cuomo who is threatening the president. We need him now more than ever, Kimberly walk us through really quickly what needs to happen. What bigger cities like Baltimore need to turn it around and turn it into a place where families can thrive, jobs can thrive, people can feel safe and live the american dream
thats. What we see lacking, we didnt do anything to replenish those career opportunities, so I say: bring back the medical equipment opportunity and get those people real careers that come with health insurance. Talk about school choice, talk about just doing something as far as a crime and violence. I think Republicans are on board and we need Democrats to get on board as well, and you need to replace those Democrats with some Republicans. Can everyone see my hat? Can everyone read this? I want to make sure we have no choice. We have sixty days to elect President Trump. As you asked me earlier. Democrats are selling fear and pandering. We cannot let this country lose the american values in a civilized society.
We are a nation of law and the Democrats are lawlessness. I want to have more time with you, but Kimberly was on fire and I want to hear from.
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