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Karl Rove: AOC, radicals want to push Biden further left

2020-09-16 | 🔗
Karl Rove explains how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the radical left plan to take advantage of Joe Biden.
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Again, this choice is never been more clear. Its almost part of me and im going to get killed for saying this at that feel sorry for him. Theres a small part of me, thats, begin to say all right guys, everybody sees it. He wants this and he wants it badly. Maybe he has gotten into a race hes shouldnt have gotten into, but I want to clarify something I said at the beginning and I will rely on the hello Kitty Board. I was not a quartermaster in the ladies Department, but I was a sales clerk in the Mens Department at the downtown store of the Cmi in SALT Lake City. So I dont know what a quartermaster is in the ladies Department, but I do know what a sales clerk is in the Mens
Department. I just wanted to clarify that here at the beginning I know thats a big question you are facing. Thank you for that clarification. Inquiring minds wanted to know. Lets start where you started. First of all, dont ask me about popular culture. Please dont, because you had raised the issue. He did a little bit of research and you know how they went to introduce the song. They said less than innocent. They said less than innocent lyrics. They are saying something here: thats clearly referring to Joe Biden and what he does to us. It is until I provoke your screams. Oh oh, oh, oh, I thought- and I thought my god
who is going on- I dont know whats worse, my spanish or you reading the lyrics go ahead. The real news today, though, is AOC, because she is saying what a lot in the progressive left wing the fringe of the Democratic Party believe, and they have a lot of evidence to believe it. He one of the nomination by being a traditional Democrat by saying im, not with those guys saying im, not with those guys over there and they are typically more modern nature than the average modern nature than the average Democrat, even moving to the center of american politics and im going to go left. Five of them were selected by Biden,
three of them selected by burning and cochairman for each. If you want to read a scary document, read the one hundred and thirty pages of the Unity Commission and see all the nutty left wing nostrums that are printed page after page after page, and he did need to give up the platform for us and she was one of the cochairs of the Climate Committee and see what shows up in that document and its clear. The Biden, people set dont, irritate your senders compatriots and give as much to can, and now he is from mostly all about Medicare for all. He is the architect and author of a bankruptcy protection bill
when he was in the Senate. We didnt know what they did in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four with a crime bill, and he now says thats a big mistake now says: thats a big mistake and I will go just the opposite and we will take advantage of them all day long but thats not exactly what the american people want. They want somebody who, regardless of where they are believe, what you believe and are willing to stand and fight for it. This guy, a sort of like okay,.
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