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Karl Rove: Biden's COVID reaction is disingenuous, just listen to his advisers

2020-09-17 | 🔗
Karl Rove criticizes Joe Biden and his top advisers for downplaying coronavirus.
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Here, with reaction, ARI Fleischer and Karl Rove Town Hall is frail, digressing and confused, but not once asked about the two plus months of about the two plus months of hysterical xenophobia. We talked about downplaying in terms of those actions which was taking it more seriously. Obviously, then Joe was about caring more about chinas feelings. The first american dies of Covid and says dont bother getting the mask, they wont. Do any good RON. Mclean says we dont have a health pandemic. We have a fear of pandemic, whether it was the China Ban or the European Travel ban. We have
top advisors to Biden saying this was unnecessary and this is ridiculous should be doing it and it downplaying it when, when Rhinelander is saying, the idea that this could somehow turn into a pandemic is very unlikely. The fact that it could be easily convertible is really not serious. So we know what Biden was thinking about all this and for.
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