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Karl Rove blasts New York Times over report on Trump's illness

2020-10-03 | 🔗
Fox News contributor tells 'Hannity' why he was 'taken aback' by two journalists he respects
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Positive for Covid 19, the White House saying its an abundance of caution joining us on how this impacts, the twenty twenty race, an ideal team or convenient an ideal team or convenient team for anybody to get a positive covid result. You know Walter Reed. Well, you know the office that exists for a president, your thoughts overall and the campaign, and maybe on the media mob. Like the New York Times yeah, the White House is smart to adopt a transparent attitude as soon as they knew, which was apparently late. Last night, they let people know in a presidential tweet mark meadows went out to brief. That was very good, speaks of an attitude that were going to be transparent about this and tell you everything we know: thats good, moving. The president to Walter Reed is a very good move.
Theres a medical unit in the Eisenhower Executive Office, building its the big sort of ornate building directly west of the White House, theres a medical unit there its not designed to constantly monitor. So why not move the president to the Walter Reed Hospital, where theres a suite for the president and where there are skilled technicians that can monitor him around the clock and out of an abundance of caution smart to do. I also thought interesting enough to the presidents remarks. I thought they were very good and very smart to do the american people want to hear from him. They want to see him. He said I think, im doing good you had a sense of I have a ignpa will have to Ignpa will have to end it in a way its sort of weird but may work to his advantage that, rather than going giving a speech to ten thousand people and saying something that the press
picks up on and runs with now, he can very carefully the next few days style his message and send it out there by tweet or calling in to a program like yours or by calling in to fox and friends or by maybe doing a town hall, now gives him a chance to be very focused and discipline in his message. The next few weeks, people understand, if hes not out on the campaign trail lets talk about the treatment of the media. The mob youve been following this more particularly the New York Times. You had harsh comments to say earlier, I was taken aback. We want our newspapers to be things that are sharing information and the facts describing things this wasnt a news story by journalists that I have a respect for, but their editor did something wrong. If hes sick, referring to the president or becomes ill, it could raise questions about whether he should remain on the ballot. Really,
the guy is going in out of an abundance of caution to be checked out. Hes got mild symptoms, his wife is seemingly doing even better than he is were already raising questions, whether he should remain on the ballot. Thirty two days from the election. This was not a news story, its an opinion piece or maybe a journalist, hoping against hope that he might disappear from the ballot if they wrote about it.
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