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Karl Rove defends Louis DeJoy's performance as postmaster general

2020-08-17 | 🔗
Louis DeJoy has no intention of slowing the mail, says Fox News contributor Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff to George W. Bush.
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With freedom, Capitalism Report report, innovation, Fox NEWS, contributor, Karl Rove, is with us here we go again. I dont know the same democratic Party that cant keep the city secure and educate our kids and that Obamacare thing we are going to trust them now with mail in voting and change. The law was seventy eight days to go. Look. This is fearmongering, they go out and say the Republicans are trying to pressure votes after people stand in line and in Harris County Texas, stand in the line for hours and try to blame it on the Republicans, despite the fact that the Democrats are in charge of each one of those parties, a Democrat was in charge of each one of those elections. Now they are coming out and making unhinged claims about the: U Dot S postal service. I know the man who is heading it.
He is a friend of mine, one, the postal governor said. We would like to interview you to be the postmaster general. I discouraged him because I said this is a really tough organization who has been broken from top to bottom, but you know why I did it Sean questioned MIKE. He did it because he spent his entire life in a company that moved things from point a to point b for a lo. He said I can do the exact thing. He has no intention whatsoever to slow down the mill. He wants the mail to speed up and guess what question what hes doing it. If they simply looked at the record, they would know this. He refused to still send me those whiteboards but thats. Okay. We will talk about that later. The charges for late delivery, five hundred dollars million a year. He said you know weve got to do something about it. At that point. Eighty nine point: eight percent of the male moved in whats called on Time
dispatch for the final recipient. He has already moved that up to ninety seven point: three percent. He has cut the extra trips by seventy one percent. We do see hundreds of million dollars that are being taken out of the taxpayers: pockets, thats. Exactly what hes doing with the entire agency- and you are Right- Susan Rice, former National Susan Rice, former National security advisor slanders him- it turns out the post office- was taking old boxes and putting in new boxes. As you pointed out earlier, the previous administration took out one billion, seven hundred million seventeen thousand mailboxes they disappeared. We didnt hear them saying that Barack Obama was trying to break the mail system or suppress borders. No, no! No! No! This is entirely politics, its slandering. It is fearmongering.
Shame on those democrats. We all know the FBI and knew that the Steele dossier was bogus and they were warned in August of twenty. Sixteen, so thats not on the table divide the country along every line possible thats. All you are going to get it and a socialist vision for America. How was I going to sell to America? Can I say one more thing about the postal service. They are all up in arms, saying that the postal service is going to try to stop delivery or delay delivery. It was a lie. The post office sent a letter to every secretary of state saying: do not set standards for us to deliver the mail that we cannot meet. I think its New York says that you can receive within three days. They have told the Secretary State of New York are standards for delivery, are between 2 5 days. If you tell people they can mail on election day and receive a three days letter, it may not happen.
Youve got a college student going to school in Massachusetts, mailing home his ballot to New York City. It might not happen Dodo, not make promises that you expect us to keep. If we are on record saying what doesnt match up with you are promising voters, voters its the secretaries of states, the states that are screwing this up, not the federal government states like New York that do not know how to do this. We have seen after the democratic primary. What happened. There is one change that the states will want to make, and that is you get to begin processing those absentee votes when they are received, and not so you cant even begin opening it until the night of the election. They report a heck of a lot quicker than the states that say we are just going to start handling them and processing them after the polls. Finally close, I hope the Republican
Party has their lawyers ready. One thing the country did agree on what happened to George Floyd cant happen. Again, we are going to go to the Dnc for a moment where George Floyds family is delivering remarks from Houston Texas. There will be a moment of silence. We will honor that that cant happen again, speak all ages, all genders all backgrounds peacefully protesting in the name of love and unity. George should be alive. Today, Breanna Taylor should be alive today, Aubrey should be alive. Today, Eric Garner should be alive today, Stephan Clark, Tatyana Jefferson. They should all be alive today. So its up to us to carry on the fight for justice. Our actions will be there legacies. We will always find ourselves in what John Lewis called good trouble.
The names we do not know the faces. We will never see those who cant mourn because their mom murdered and it go viral. Please join me in a moment of silence for the souls we lost to hate and injustice when this moment ends lets make sure we never stop saying make sure we never stop saying their names thats. The type of thing that we have been saying on this program. It cant happen in America again, and I will say this too.
We also have to remember we interviewed on this program. Our own Lawrence Jones interviewed the father of that 1 year old little boy and the grandmother of that 1 year, old child killed in a stroller in a park or the 8 year old, beautiful girl that died in Atlanta that little zone down there. Lawrence also interviewed the family of that 7 year old, beautiful girl who lost her life. On the fourth of July weekend, at her grandmas house, her grandmas house or my interview with Lorenzo SR its the biggest election of our lifetime, the Democratic Party has been missing in action. It defined the police. How about protect the folks fundamental job you have is to protect Americas national treasure. That would be our kids one thing all these big cities have in common. They have been run by liberal Democrats for decades states run by liberal Democrats in most cases for decades,
the carnage, the chaos that we have seen unfold night after night on city streets. I call it a preview of coming attractions based on Bidens statements and yes, Kamala Harris statements and by liberal democratic mayors and governors when they get their way. In November, we are going to defund all the police. Look at Portland Oregon day. Eighty another senseless act of violence caught on tape. This weekend. Look at this the driver of a pickup truck. Look at this severely beaten by an unhinged mob, knocked out by a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. What you are seeing is beyond disturbing watch
watch, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, yelling and screaming now Portland police. Look at this in slow motion. Look at that police telling Fox news. We just got this update. The man is recovering from nonlife threatening injuries, investigation underway. Maybe we can find the perpetrators of this. So far, no arrests, mayor in Portland, marching with anarchists. Let me send and help so you can restore law and order. It gets rejected despite the violence they are now doubling down on this destructive agenda. Even
calling for more unrest in our city, streets, listen to democratic congresswoman, Presley what she had to say, turning a deaf ear to the needs of our families and our communities hold them accountable, make the phone call send the email show up. There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there has been unrest in our lives. A national rocketing on injustice in this country, communities from Boston to Portland to everywhere are rising up to demand, accountability and divestment from a broken system. Its not just Portland cities like New York and Chicago they suffered the carnage and the surge in violence Andrew Cuomo refused to take any and all responsibility, hes, actually blaming the president. I guess to distract from his horrific coronavirus response,
putting Covid 19 patience in nursing homes, leaving empty the bed that Donald Trump built and converted with Covid 19 with all of the ventilators and listen im up in New York City crime is a problem. Crime is a problem, the genesis of the crime we can have a great debate about, but the trumpet economy trump, not providing covid relief. George Floyd murder, trumps response to the George Floyd murder, so I think Trump has some liability for the increase in the crime Andrew. I think you have the liability for what you did with covid. We are new Yorkers. We are not like these others. We have the best medical care in the world.
Well, you didnt Andrew. What is the result? Andrew joining us with reaction, civil rights attorney, the host of justice, but to see you both LEO. Let me start with you. I watched that theres, a part of me that wants to get angry, but unfortunately I have become accustomed to the madness and insanity im having a little bit of a hard time taking any of these people seriously im taking an election in seventy eight days very seriously, its called live, free or die. Guess what that is, not hyperbole. I will tell you right now: the Democrats have lost their moral compass. She is encouraging violence. You asked me earlier when we were on your radio show they had no policy with the cities, how disingenuous governor Cuomo, who is in egomaniac he got all his ventilators.
He got everything he wanted and that crime that goes on in New York is crime generated by the mirror. To look the other way, it hurts and attacks police officers. The democratic leadership is a reflection. What has to happen? You saw the photograph of that young man. If you want law and order in this country, youve got to vote for Trump, because the Democrats have abandoned law and order in this great country. We have to vote for Trump to restore law and order. How come you wore the Trump hat when I have the night off? What was up with that by the way autographed by the.
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