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Karl Rove lays out advantages each party has in Georgia Senate runoffs

2020-11-19 | 🔗
The Fox News contributor on how the Georgia Senate races are the 'last line of defense for conservative values.'
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The country need you badly here to break it down. Former White House beta chief of Staff, Fox NEWS contributor, Karl Rove ive, read that you might be involved in some fund raising efforts there if you are good youre good at that youre good at a lot of things, break it down for us Karl well, I am involved the national chairman of the Joint fund committee between the Purdue campaign and the Kelly Loeffler Campaign and the republican Senatorial Committee, the full disclosure. I am deeply involved- lets not kid ourselves. This is a real race. Biden won the state of Georgia, so Republicans cant take it for granted. Democrats demographics change its increasingly people from out of younger people, more liberal people, Stacey Abrams. She has spent they what you will about her. She spent tens of millions of other peoples money to build up a giant GEO tv machine and its revved up and going in the votes start on December. Seventh, when you
can mail in ballots and then Chuck Schumer he wants to, he has spent every think about this spent eighty four dollars million to try and defeat Lindsey Graham spent ungodly month of money, similar amount of money to defeat Mitch. Mcconnell, you dont, think, is going to pour money into the state. So those of the advantages the Democrats have. On the other hand, we have some advantages: Purdue with eighty seven thousand votes ahead of Jon Ossoff and only failed to get fifty percent because there was a libertarian candidate. Libertarians are not going to come out and vote for the socialist. Let me tell you that we got Republicans in the jungle primary. If the republican candidates outnumber the democratic candidates and the winner of the Democrat Sweepstakes there Raphael Warnock ran behind what people anticipated, he would run best advantage. These Democrats are on the left, particularly Warnock. This guys, like you, cant serve God in the military. If youre in the military you cant serve God I mean socialism is getting a
bad word. Youth minister hosted Fidel Castro as it Minister in Atlanta hosted Reverend Jeremiah Wright and then, when his anti semitic comments came out, defended him. This guy is a lefty in favor of any Nostra in the Bernie Sanders, Playbook and then GEO Tv. Both these candidates, David Perdue, who you just saw and Kelly Loeffler, both understand they are building a state of the art, get out the vote operation using lots of Georgians and plenty of volunteers coming in from outside of the state. And, finally, the argument that Senator Perdue laid out the only way to rein in the excesses of a democratic White House and the Democratic House of Representatives is to have a republican Senate. He put it right. This is the last line of defense for conservative values. If we dont control have a republican majority in the U Dot S Senate, then they are going to have come. As you said earlier, a clear path to this nutty agenda, get rid of the sixty vote. Rule pass every nutting, Ostrom and
lock in a governing democratic left majority for decades to come so money marbles and chalk. As we say in Texas, two things: im, not it got to give Stacey Abrams credit. She has built up a powerful mail in ballot. You know force for the Democrats, the Republicans ready to match that number one number two: how are Georgians going to react to? Oh, we just found six thousand ballots this week and the mask that has been created down there. I think a lot of them are probably ticked off. Do they feel disenfranchised and want to throw their hands up or are they motivated cant get to the polls soon enough? Well, the Republicans are going to build a big get out the vote machine. They briefed me on it. Theyve already begun. People started as big a Stacey Abrams, because shes got over six hundred thousand ready to go well, she may have come up with the Republicans are heading for bigger numbers and ive got to tell you. Theyve got to do
some catch up because shes been spending whats interesting is tax. Free dollars, shes been doing political work with tax free dollars for years, when I think in violation of the law, but she is now the supposedly nonpartisan voter registration get out the vote effort and put it into a partisan context. There were all kind of problems with that, but the Republicans are going to have a good machine to get out the vote, but you put your finger on it. How do people feel are people going to say you know what I voted for Donald Trump? He didnt win reelection. He didnt carry our state im staying home. Are they going to say? I voted for Donald Trump because I believed in a conservative agenda and I want that agenda advanced. I dont want it demolished. I dont want what he has done an office to be. You know the tax cuts, the policy put in place, the conservative judges I dont want that wiped out and im going to turn out and vote and thats going to be the message that David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler are going to have to get across here in the next forty some odd days, forty days, forty seven days, im not trying to be insulting. Do they have the right team in place
and im asking honestly because theres no time enough to play around here, do they have our best people behind the scenes that do the best ads the best ability to get mail in votes and build up that base and get people to the polls? Gimmick. Are you confident you know what one of the things that happened as they both took a look at their operations and said you know what we did good, but we can do better and they brought new people in they brought their teams together. There are a bunch of adults down there, which I really like you get in a situation like this and a lot of times, theres so much pressure, and so much controversy and people start going up against each other, sharp elbows start going, and then you start seeing it being leaked to the press. This guys, an idiot that guy is not. This person is really good. That person is not none of that. Instead, what youre seeing is a group of adults who say you know what we were in a tough fight in November. We are going to be in a bigger fight in January. We need help, and so they brought people in will have the
confidence not only of the candidates but of their colleagues and im, pretty optimistic that its going to be a hard fight, but I think we can prevail. You got things given coming. You got Christmas week new years week and then you come back on Monday. You vote on Tuesday start voting right better than that start voting by mail right now in the early voting Getz get to the polls, because the last thing we want as an ice storm on January fifth in North Georgia and all those good republican voters not able to get to the polls so that your mail ballot send it in immediately go to the poll when they open up early get your vote cast thank that vote before election day thats exactly what the Democrats are doing. The Republicans better do the same.
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