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Karl Rove on tightening presidential race, says President Trump needs to expand appeal beyond GOP base

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Karl Rove, former White House deputy chief of staff, joins Trey Gowdy with insight on 'Hannity.'
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I think there is a minimum need to be charged the officers and as well as for Breonna Taylor. Joining us now is Karl Rove. How are you honored to be on with you give us your assessment of the state of the race on September? Second, during the Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden and the Democrats never mentioned the violence in Americas cities. We have been subjected to night after night of riots in Portland, and I remember one night. The next morning Senator Harris was attacking a witness in front of her saying. Why are you attack the moms and veterans that are peacefully protesting? We see tonight, people attempted
to DE orbit burn burn down. The courthouse Biden has been unwilling to take on the violence in the streets until he is hit by tv aside and hit by the Trump campaign feels like he is fading in the polls. Only then does he give one speech and immediately attempts to blame the violence on Donald Trump. We are a country of personal responsibility. Donald Trump is not responsible for people trying to fire bomb. The courthouse in Portland Oregon those people are responsible and ought to be held responsible under our rule of law. If the race is tightening, what areas does the President need to appeal to, and can we do so without alienating his base? It is tightening.
We dont know how much yet we needs polls on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdayo. The convention is in the rear view, Mirror USA today in June, a twelve point gap for Biden and now seven Harris had nine points today, plus six emeron four points for Biden and two points today there is one that had ten before the Democratic National Convention and nine after and now its eleven today. My sense is that the polls have tightened some. This is like world war. I any movement will be difficult and small, but its been good movement for the president. What does he need to do? The presidents base is with him. No president ever gets elected
on the basis of their base. Only the president has to continue to do what he did during the Republican National Convention make an appeal for a broader group of people, college educated women by african american voters, particularly young black males, who say I had better prosperity than when Barack Obama was president, and it was because of the policy of Donald Trump. We saw that in the spring before the coronavirus came on the feeling was there among african american voters. This will grab you Latinos. The president has the ability to go from the twenty eight or twenty nine in twenty sixteen up to twenty four twenty, five and twenty six again largely because they felt they got a better economic deal. When he was in office. He has a variety of people in
the latino community who say he is standing up for us for law abiding people who go to church and provide for their families. He is standing up to keep us safe. He has to do what he started doing in the convention, thats, why it was so effective. The first night, Herschel Walker, anchored by your former colleague and Governor Nikki Haley thats, the Republican Party, the american people, need to see. When I hear you say that I think our policies may be attractive to constituencies. That did not do that in the past, but repelled in our rhetoric do we need to be better at messaging. Thats part it, but we have to show up in between elections. I live in Texas. Our republican governor was
reelected last time with fifty percent of the hispanic vote. Our candidates make it part of their existence to campaign in the valley and go to San Antonio and meet the leadership of the hispanic community thats. What we have to do as a party, its not just a convention, its a lifelong commitment to show up and get involved in the community. Karl, let me ask you about something that happened last night, Joe Kennedy. When I served with him, he was the hardest working colleague we, and that was true on both sides of the aisle. He may have been the most humble and was progressive, but yet he lost was this a clearing of the field
by AOC for a future presidential run or is there no place for Joe Kennedy? Kennedy was probably not liberal enough. Ed Markeys embrace of the Green deal and the embrace of him by AOC cemented him in the Democratic Party that was the hard left and Ed Markey played to them. Markey played to them. He had the advantage of incum incumbency. Thinks of how many people he helped over the years Kennedy, having represented just a congressional district doesnt, have that statewide base its hard to knock off an incumbent unless they have done something really really wrong. Even if you are a Kennedy, this looked like a reach. It looked like he was a little
bit too ambitious and people said we are not finished. Letting Ed Markey serve its not your time. This time.
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