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Karl Rove slams conspiracy theory that Trump won't vacate White House

2020-08-05 | 🔗
Media floats theory Trump won't leave office if defeated in November; Fox News contributor Karl Rove reacts.
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Land, o frost, premium, fresh, look same great taste and out tonight. The democratic russian hope stirs the same characters back in full force, spreading new in full force, spreading new election conspiracy theories about the president, of course, never wanting to leave office. We start with Congressman Jim Clyburn South Carolina. His comments on TMZ team Z live is actually an awesome show. Take a look, I think its real. The facts are very clear. He says he is on the phone, seven or eight times with Putin. Recently nobody knows what he is talking about. Is he getting instructions from Putin? This guy really does not plan to go quietly if he is not reelected and if he is
reelected, I dont think he would plan to go quietly. This guy in a sense installed himself under whatever he can use to be president for life, never going to leave office until they pull him out, and also did you know, hes a Nazi, and these are stormtroopers he is sending in and it is like Mussolini and a fascist that was bad. The mob the media keep echoing the same bizarre and unfounded claims. This is all one big conspiracy, theory, well cult, if you will speak of, is going to be a split screen on January 20th, two thousand and twenty one. If Joe Biden is now going to be the 46th president of the United States, you will have him being inaugurated and watching police and armed forces trying to pull Donald Trump out of the White House. I cannot wait for that.
In this scenario, your painting president Trump losing by a narrow margin and then refuses to leave office. What does that scenario? Look like this is how democracies work, where leaders try to change elections or wield their power in a way to hold onto power. Longer, I think, were looking at potentially a trial run for a kind of genuine attempt, through intimidation and potentially through force, to try to steal the selection. Okay, nazis, fascism, not going to leave office kind of like the russian hoax in the same cast of characters, deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove, all right. That sounds to me like desperation, but they got away with it with Russia and Ukraine. Why not try again yeah
whats interesting to me is two of these were journalists, April Ryan and John Heilman, and both of them without a shred of evidence. Think about this. The idea that the president is going to somehow if he loses the election barricaded himself in the West Wing, assumes that there is a conspiracy afoot now, so that the people who work in the West Wing like Larry, Kudlow, the national economic director or the White House, legal counsel or mark meadows. They are all in on this because you cant barricade yourself in the White House all by yourself, so they are assuming that may be. The secretary of Defense is involved in this. After all this its going to be a military takeover, I mean this is so ridiculous and so absurd that these people ought to be ashamed of themselves. I mean talk about stirring up emotion and fearmongering Jim Clyburn im terribly disappointed, Heres a guy who, without a shred of evidence just because he believes that
hes going to say it and says the most horrific things about his political opponent. I get that he doesnt like him. He is from the opposite party, but have we really got into the point where hes, the third ranking Democrat in the house go out there and say the most extraordinarily bizarre things in the media? Just simply sits there and says you may be right. After all, several members of our club of a fellow journalist, they say the same thing hes going to barricade himself. We are going to wake up twenty years from now and he will have been president for life. You said they should be ashamed. The same cast of characters in the media. This is what theyve done for three years, all right. Ninety days out state of the race. First of all, I wrote a piece about this tomorrow in the Wall Street Journal. You have to admire the tactical agility of the campaign. Theyve been maneuvering in this
era of coronavirus, theyve kept him in the basement, kept him out of the spotlight and theyve been doing interesting. Things were running with Texas, they put up tv ads were going to Ohio and we are going to have a massive campaign and announcing our first hires. They are hiring two people. This is just you know: the media immediately jump up and say: Ohio is in play and Texas is in play because Biden is making a move. You have to take off your hat and say these people know how to lay it out there and manipulate the media to follow their story line, but strategically. I wonder if they are as smart as they are tactically, I dont think so, because their strategy is Biden benefits most when he is seen as the normal alternative. The traditional democrat alternative to the incumbent, and instead of letting him be that they are pushing him hard to the left. With his speeches, his rhetoric im going to end shareholder
capitalism, transform the economy, radical revolutionary changes, all these words coming out of his mouth and it causes. I think, cumulatively, over the next couple of months, if the Trump campaign of tax it head on and contrast, this could be Michael Dukakis, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight all over again. Interestingly enough, I was taking our colleague, Dana Perino Interview, Joe Biden yesterday, and she said Joe has always been a moderate, and that is always what will be. Obviously, she is not in sync, with the high command the rest of the high command of the Biden campaign, which says lets just make them the most progressive president in history thats. What he himself said lets make him that, in his policy, positions and views, police have become the enemy and trillions committed to the new green deal. Real quick in the future im going to have this board ready for use
because, rather than having to say it, I will just pull it up. Come on man come on. Man come on, man. Are you on drugs? Are you a junkie? Come on come on, man come on man.
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