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Kayleigh McEnany on dealing with a hostile press corps, reports of another night of violence in Chicago

2020-07-21 | 🔗
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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And we have to be ready for that that, okay, you can imagine White House Press secretary, Kayleigh Mcenany has to deal with this on a daily basis. Jonathan Karl ABC News tried to ask a gotcha question about the situation in Portland. Kayleigh Mcenany was prepared. Lets take a look where in the constitution, does the President derive the authority to send federal law enforcement officers to the streets of american cities against the will of elected officials in those cities? What youre referring to is Portland and forty? U dot S code, one thousand three hundred and fifteen gives DHS the ability to deputize officers in any department or agency, like as custom and border patrol, and secret service secret service, and officers and agents can be deputized for the duty in connection with the protection of property owned or occupied by the federal government and persons on that property, and when a federal courthouse is being lit on fire commercial fireworks get being shot at it.
I think that falls pretty well within the limits of that code. By the way we have an update on what has just happened breaking literally ten minutes ago now eleven people confirm shot tonight, Chicago Tribune and the city of Chicago seventy shot. This weekend, ten died and one child was ten and another was eleven. We will have more on Portman, Chicago New York City and all the other liberal run cities for decades in a moment, but first we have two more clips from todays briefing at one point sounded like a reporter calling the press secretary, allying B, word, others heard the reporter say she didnt want to engage okay. I literally did my own poll of my staff. They say its fifty slash. Fifty but learned earlier might be a history of using that word, but we give the benefit of the doubt. We will let you decide. Is there a question about mass mail out voting, and I know
you dont want to hear them, which is why you talk over me, but I encourage you to read the op ed on the China Vaccine Research, research. Okay, you dont want to engage my staff, formal poll, fifty slash. Fifty I give the benefit of the doubt remember this show was the show that doesnt rush to judgment. We stand strongly against boycotts, silent voices that we disagree with and never call for anybodys firing. We let people decide and while its not totally clear what was uttered under the breath, its obvious. These briefings are incredibly tense, always combative and at the very end of the presser one reporter even screaming at the press, Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany to wear a mask. Take a look, wear a mask. Okay in case you dont know this. Anyone that surround the president is tested every single day.
Anyone that is around Joe Biden is tested every single day, which I believe is the right thing to do. The shaming game is total b dot s just another day of the press secretary dealing with the glowingly hostile media, a lot of money to get paid for hating, President Trump, every second, every minute, every hour of every day, joining us now press secretary, Kayleigh Mcenany, I dont think you can pay me enough money to do that. Job, youre doing a great job. Sarah Sanders, as others have before you lets start with the environment. There. Do you have any thoughts on you now have listen to the tape and heard what I think I heard the members of my staff disagree with me on. I told my staff and my staff was fifty slash fifty, but, unlike with the media, does to me does to this president, does to anyone in the Trump administration which is not to give us the benefit of
the doubt, but actively take this out of context chop up our words in a way, thats politically convenient to them and distorts the entirety of the message. Unlike the dishonest brokers, ive seen in the media, I wont do that to a reporter who showed animosity, who was cruel and rude and wasnt taking answers for the american people ill, give her the benefit of the doubt if she says she didnt say that something they have never given this president actively taken out of context, and then this mask shaming thing that is happening. You are around the President or Joe Biden and Joe Biden has admitted this. Everybody gets Covid tested. That would mean you are tested, probably every day. My guess. I know that the people in the room are tested every day. That means they are very safe. President pulled out his mess today encourage social distancing mask wearing, but then CNN wont even run him explaining all the updates on
this, but they only get to the part where they can play gotcha with the president and to me its a dereliction of duty, its their bias, their cult of hatred, their psychosis about anything, Donald Trump, thats exactly right. On March 31st, this president was asked about masks. He said if you want to wear a face in covering where one does no harm by all means where one, then, the CDC came out with guidelines and a set of opposing face coverings and mask said its recommended, but not required. The president was ahead of the game because he was behind the game. The White House press corps a full month later. When I did my first briefing, I looked around the room. No one was wearing masks so its very interesting to see the politically convenient White House press Corps when that was never the case. Always that was never the case always has been open to it.
This is just breaking as we come on the air, including a 10 year old and 11 year old. We are seeing them die in Brooklyn 8 year old in Atlanta 7 year old in Chicago, and saw the autonomous summer of love zone, murders that took place in injuries of others, calling it a war zone eleven people shot as of now just tonight in Chicago. You got a lot of questions. What is the presidents authority to have the authority to protect these cities that are war zones? I would argue when I think the attorney general has had. I think many other attorneys. The insurrection act is clear. I would warn the president against doing it unless its absolutely necessary, but these governors and mayors seem to hate the president and they want to yell at him rather than protect the roman citizens. At this point- and I dont understand that
thats exactly right, mayor, Lori, Lightfoot of Chicago, has lost control of her city bill De Blasio of New York City has lost control of his city. These democratic governors have lost control of their streets and there is a human cost. We need to know. Their names lost her life in Atlanta. You have who lost his life out in Kansas City and, at least in misery. You had a governor who came to the president and said I want federal help whatever I can do to make sure what happened never happens again, thats what a responsible governor does, but instead you have derelict mayors and children dying and its unacceptable, and this president will always stand up for those children and thats. What I love.
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