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Kayleigh McEnany responds to evidence of potential Mueller team misconduct

2020-09-11 | 🔗
DOJ records show some members of the Mueller team wiped their department-issued phones; reaction from White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.
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Contracted the virus now back to Hannity. Earlier today the President announced a peace deal between Bahrain and Israel, which is another massive huge step towards Middle EAST peace, so commit the mob. The media give this major accomplishment the credit it deserves. They didnt mention the first peace deal with the UAE. I doubt they will do it here. Yesterday, new documents released by the Doj, showing that multiple members of the team actually wiped their phones clean before turning them over to the inspector general today, Republicans are rightly demanding answers and suggesting this could amount to anticipatory obstruction of justice. Where is the outrage from the mob and the media? Imagine if Donald Trump did it White House Press secretary, we have a lot of people get prosecuted by the molar mob for
process crimes, including obstruction and not handing over e mails and lying to Congress. Didnt wait could get yes, we did now. We learn what his team was doing. Several dozen several dozen devices were turned damaged, wiped clean some of them intentionally. So one of those devices was Andrew Wiseman to wear his breath. Had prosecutorial overreach to among these defenders, Miller as saying we will prosecute view, several dozens of us are engaging in the same kind of construction. It just shows the depth at which this has gotten out of control, because we also know that they were warned numerous times even before the first Pfizer warrant was issued, commit we know that they were warned by the State Department. Christopher Steele has an agenda Hillary paid for it and
its not verified. They signed it anyway, when they got to the sub source, the source behind the dirty russian dossier that Hillary paid for then they found out in January of twenty seventeen. The sub source said. This is all talk its not true. Now we know it was debunked, so it was never verifiable so which means we never shouldve had an investigation period. I dont hear from your friends in that press room with you regularly, hammering you with questions about these issues, why they dont care. How many times have I been asked questions about very legitimate things like Michael Flynn, the injustice done to him, the Obama administration that Oval office meeting during my tenure we found out Susan Rice on the way out the door, writes this e mail inscribing and meeting from days prior weeks prior. Actually, that says, Obama did everything by the book. This was a very curious e mail commit not asked about that
because they simply dont care and there are two tiers of justice in the country. Fourteen Mueller and Hillary Clinton paired the president discussed this yesterday. The president lays it out and commit. Do you get any questions about the abuse of power and corruption of them? Do you get any questions about them? Zero, literally zero from the reporter sitting there in the chairs in the briefing room? None, I even acquired you how many of you have reached out to Obamas office, his representatives to ask them questions, not a single hand, went up because they simply dont care every single day. I watch the media. For example, I watch the president. The president acted on ten days after the firstly identified case of coronavirus that was January 21st at the travel ban went into effect on January 31st,
Joe Biden on February. First said it was hysterical and fear mongering. He said it all throughout the month of January, come at the month of February and deep into March. Now he is saying: oh no. We supported the travel ban at the time its amazing he didnt support the China Travel Ban. They didnt support the European Travel Ban, paired his advisers, saying it would turn into serious pandemic and noting his same advisor is the one that said we barely survived. It was neural fortuity that the Swine flu was not one of the mass casualty event of our time. I dont think you get paid enough. I could not do your job at its job impossible.
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