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Kayleigh McEnany: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an ‘overcomer’

2020-09-18 | 🔗
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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Philosophies, Jay Sekulow, thanks for being with us. Thank you here. We reaction from the Trump Administration Kayleigh Mcenany Kayleigh. I had contact with people on the ground in Minnesota. They were clear, also confirmed with John Roberts Hefls, not a. He was not aware of it. The president was told about it as he was getting on air force. One and the conversation went like this. He said he heard one of the reporters. She just died. Wow. I didnt know that telling me that for the first time, what else can you say about an amazing woman? He was saddened to hear the news. Ive heard president Trump in private quarters, saying he admired her tenacity. How can you not she had a history of overcoming you heard, Shannon talk about that
she lost her older sister lost her mom before graduating high school went on to go to Harvard LAW where she began her legal studies, nine women out of five hundred her husband got cancer in law school. She was raising a 3 year old daughter, taking care of her husband on the law review and worked to the top. She was a trail blazer for women. I had the same privilege of attending the same university tonight we honor her legacy. This is the White House. We lowered the flag to half staff. The president said how much he admired her career. I didnt know your story until you gave an incredible speech at the Rnc Convention, a very difficult decision because of dna and Genetics, you determined the odds that you
would get breast cancer at eighty four percent, which had to be frightening. You knowso many tough decisions, you explained your decision and how you made it and why you wendt through it what your mom had gone through. I learned about Justice Ginsberg, which was incredible. She was inspired by her own mom and her mother had died from cancer. Literally just the day before she graduated high school thats right, her mother died of cancer. Her husband Marty plagued by cancer overcame it. She was nine out of five hundred in her class, were praying for her holding her family close to our hearts at this time. If you could sum up this woman, she was an overcomer thats. What she was she will have a place in american history. She battled by the way bravely two forms of cancer.
My father, passed away from pancreatic cancer underwent a pulmonary heart operation that was malignant apparently at one point, and in July, two thousand and nineteen missed oral arguments for the first time since she joined the court appointed by Bill Clinton in one thousand nine hundred and ninety three apparently wanted to be an opera singer, born in Brooklyn, one thousand, nine hundred and thirty three. At the time she was sixty years old known for her soft spoken, quiet manner, Kayleigh Mcenany. Thank you for.
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