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Kayleigh McEnany: 'Tainted election' did not capture America's vote

2020-11-30 | 🔗
White House press secretary and Trump 2020 adviser joins 'Hannity' to discuss campaign's latest legal moves
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Lose the republic, its kind of serious here with Mark Kayleigh, Mcenany, im, just kind of tired of being lectured by the people that pushed as my friend Dan Longino Saiddan Bonginosaid. We are lectured about what we should talk about or not talked about in the journalists that peddle, like conspiracy theories, never held accountable now, not asking a single question. Those are facts: Sean when you just know that are hard cold facts. You had an election where we had mass mail and coatings on the nationwide scale never tried before this level. You had these anomalies in places like Pennsylvania, another great article by Daniel Horowitz, noting that in Pennsylvania, where last time in two thousand and sixteen one percent of male and ballots were rejected if they get rid of signature maps and zero point zero. Three eight percent are rejected.
That means they accepted twenty seven times more absentee ballots because they got rid of signature matches. They fixed them in some counties and not others, and the result was a election that did not capture the vote of the american people of Sean. To me, mathematically shows one thing: if they did not reject at the same rights. It means they did not get the same scrutiny as in previous elections, which mean the law is not being followed. Its simple right is a very simple and Sean. This designed happened long before the covid pandemic. This design, the very first bill Nancy Pelosi put forward when she got the gavel. The first bill HR one was the created system without signature match crating a system where you had automatic voter registration and illegal immigrants. You cannot purge the ballot rules and make sure everyone on there was a live voter with an address. If the vote failed
HR one, what did she do? She is at the Covid relief funding. To put it in there again again make no mistake: we lose in Georgia, we dont prevail in the litigation. The tie, breaking vote of Kamala Harris will create a system by which the Republicans will never be able to succeed where mail and balloting is the law of every state. When I said I dont that the program I bet the program, we vet the facts, weve got Obama right. Rush, our rights, Ukraine, right we vetted Biden when nobody else would in the Biden family were not told, told what to do. They get everything wrong every single time. Where do the updates? What do you see the best opportunity for the Trump campaign to make the legal arguments the state to watch this week? Is the state of Nevada it weve been granted discovery and what that means in the litigation world is this. If we are now allowed to impose
witnesses- and notably Democrats are fighting tooth and nail for us to not to be able to pose witnesses and ask questions if weve been granted that in Nevada, the moment we were granted, bats are to our attorneys were suddenly matched by ten attorneys from the people who did fusion. If you want to throw it election, integrate tea. Mark Elias was put on the top of the case because they dont want to ask the questions that we will.
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