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L.A. County sheriff updates condition of ambushed deputies, addresses anti-cop rhetoric in America

2020-09-14 | 🔗
Sheriff Alex Villanueva joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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Bleep, I hope they die pretty disgusting and repulsive the monster who shot these two officer officers still out there. One hundred thousand dollars reward for information on the gunman. The sheriff challenged, Lebron James to patch that reward joining us with more is the l dot a county sheriff himself Alex Sir, I watched your emotional press conference the other night. Our thoughts and prayers are with your entire team and these officers in particular any new updates. They are in stable condition. Do we know if there will be long term damage that, and the question still has to be answered. They are still in intensive care. Unfortunately, it will take a while to have the recovery
process and gain full control of their extrimities. We will continue to pray for them and support them. Hopefully they will make a complete recovery in New York City, the mayor cut the budget by one dollar million and one hundred and fifty million cut from the LAPD. We have a vice presidential candidate that praised that cut to the police officers. Then we have a presidential candidate that police become the enemy. Of course, we should redirect funds away from the police. Then we heard in the Dnc violence was mentioned twice in passing happening for over one hundred days. I will go over the list of how many officers have been murdered. Your reaction in terms of a leadership position and of top
politicians, bashing police on a daily basis. I want your reaction. All right, I dont support any elected leader. Anyone who is an influencer in society has an obligation to support law and order. I heard things at the local level that is astonishing. They are fanning t the flames pouring gas on the fire. They are not bringing people together, they are further dividing people its reprehensible, I wont say this- is the outcome of that. However, they are contributing to the narrative. There will always be one person in the crowd that takes them at face value. They will take independent action on that people needs to be responsible. Words have consequences. This is a prime example of that sheriff. Let me ask you more directly. We have seen night after night,
one hundred plus days city after City Molatov, cocktails, precincts commandeered by anarchists and cops pelted with bricks and rocks and stabbed and shot forty three officers murdered in the line of duty and thousands have been injured. One party in this country is denying it saying, thats a myth. How do you have a convention and not talk about this? Only under political pressure? Do they speak out a little too late? If my mind, sir, I hold them accountable for their rhetoric. Well, we havave to go by fact and not emotion, its easy to manipulate emotion, its hard to manipulate facts in nation average. Once a week, a cop is killed in duty
once a week. I know there is a narrative that people are trying to push out. There is a George Floyd happening in every department across the nation, thats, false and irresponsible, and that encourages the mob mentality to storm precincts law. Enforcements agency across the nation need to defend their police stations and act responsibly with the public and work hand in hand with the community. The mantra everywhere is accountable for law enforcement, but it gets lost in the shuffle individual accountability. I would like to know about your challenge to Lebron James.
There were peaceful protesters, chanting black lives matter, thats the group chanting. What do we want dead cops? Now we had twenty thousand protestors outside of my building a few months ago exercising their first amendment right and we were there to defend them exercising that right when they show up armed like they are going to play NFL football as a linebacker. They are not a peaceful protestor lets end that nonsense right now. Anybody with helmets and goggles and frozen water bottles and mortars. They are there to do damage. We wont support that lets see if Lebron James takes your challenge.
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