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Lara Trump alleges egregious voter fraud took place in Georgia

2020-12-04 | 🔗
Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser tells 'Hannity' president will fight for every legitimate vote to be counted
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Im Jonathan Hunt now back to Hannity more of the president and his travel to Georgia to hold a massive rally supporting Senator Perdue and Loeffler if one month and one day when those two have the elections take place, questions about the voting integrity after the new release, surveillance voltage from election night raised a ton of questions and response to the video Lara Trump tweeted out. I dont know who needs to hear this, but let but legitimate ballots do not come packed in a suitcase yeah good point. Lara Trump joins us now. It doesnt come packed in a suitcase and it doesnt come after you throw the poll watchers out just before that, then the same people that pulled them out are the same people that then spend some time apparently a couple counting at the end they tweeted out. It happened that night, even yeah and so outrageous Sean.
The fact that we are here in December and were having to point these things out is mind boggling, but look we want everyones legitimate votes counted in the problem we have is. We have shown that there is massive fraud all across the country, and Georgia in particular, has some really egregious voter fraud. Fifteen thousand people voted in the state of Georgia that dont even live in the state if they moved out of the state. Yet they voted. We think theres around six thousand ballots in each one of the suitcases that people saw on the crazy video being pulled out. There is for suitcases and if thats the case, thats twenty four thousand votes. If you take both those things, Donald Trump overwhelmingly wins the state of Georgia, but weve seen it all across the country, and we continue to point out that the fraud continue to have affidavits signed by a Hund people showing what they saw in terms of voter fraud. Look were fighting to the end
and I want to make it clear to the american people. This is not over dont for a second think that Joe Biden is going to be sworn in on January 20th. Everything also is so difficult now I know the president is going down to Georgia and, by the way, im glad hes going. We all know its. Obviously, about the whole country, Georgia holds the fate of the republic right now in their hands, but we are also talking about the presidents. Legacy were talking about family harassment, it look what happened to a Volga, Volga, look what you and Eric have lived through Don Baron has lived through President First Lady and Baron have lived through. I looked at this, and it says fair market rates charge fair market rate. Why are they now harassing her for five hours?
Its because her last name is trump. The reality is these people are so deep in the swamp that their goal is no honest and truthful people ever become part of government again, because the jig is up if thats the case, and they know that Donald Trump is held them accountable. Donald Trump has exposed all of these people. We even go so far, but the Trump organization to actually donate the money to their treasury thats spent on the property and thats not a requirement at that something we do so its a total transparency and not even the faintest hit of impropriety. Yes, they still come after it doesnt matter all that matters to these people is that the last name is Trump and they want to do the worst thing possible to all of us it. Let me tell you something that does not mean for a second: we stop fighting. It means that this fight is even more important now than it was before. You were talking about election integrity right now, its not just about right now its about the future of America. America. People need to know that our
election system is fair and that legitimate votes only are the ones that get counted. Good people need to be able to run for office. If this sort of thing should not happen to any family or any person. For that matter, no Republican will win again. Let me be clear here: if you percent right weve heard rumblings over the years, that may be Don Jr would run for president. I dont know I keep reading the articles originally from North Carolina, your families in North Carolina. I keep hearing rumblings that may be in two years. As a Senate seat opens, your name keeps coming out laughs. Lo North Carolina is my home state. It always has been and will always be my home. My family still lives there. It would be a true honor to be able to run for a position like that for the Senate seats, but look im very much focused right now. Sean on this election
that were currently in, I believe that Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the election. Weve got to prove it. Unfortunately, we have to work two or three times as hard as most other campaigns and candidates do, but you know whats come of the fights not over. We continue on. So we will focus on that for the time being. Nobodys watching this, who believes that we were seeing and hearing from real witnesses and whistle blowers gives us confidence. None of it has been fair. No adjunctive American would come to that conclusion, really not a fair question but im reading it and I got to ask every question out there. We will continue to follow it. Obviously.
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