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Law and order emerges as a top election issue

2020-08-28 | 🔗
Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, Rep. Lee Zeldin and American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp join the debate.
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Great, like freedom of expression and the rule of law and the rule of law joining me now, along with the American Conservative Union and republican congressman from New York. Thank you so much for joining us here tonight LEO Leo. I want to start with you because your neighbor down there and Maxine Waters this was a while ago, but she was one of the first to market saying you need to start harassing these people. You need to start making it public displays out there. I dont know how in the world the Democrats think they can be victorious. Do they think the american people are stupid? Do they think they dont notice that the Democrats are the ones encouraging this behavior and that Donald Trump is for law and order? This is the reason why I am voting Republican for the first time would use our last night with Rand, Paul and Vernon Jones. It doesnt make a difference. What color your skin color as these are thugs out there attacking
law abiding citizens. The Democrats are now lying saying that we are in favor of law and order. They have let cds burn for 4 5 months and President Trump has offered help and they have refused. This is outright shocking. This allowing these criminals to run rampant in the streets without any recourse, is going to haunt the Democrats, and that is why the polls are shifting and thats why they are going to vote for the law and order. President. I and other Democrats are going to vote for Trump, because we want law and order. We want school choice. We want the good things that President Trump articulated in his acceptance speech. You didnt hear a single word about the democratic programs and policies last week at their Dnc convention why it is pure socialism, its a case of keeping are american values versus having are american values destroyed by these wicked wicked extreme Democrats
congressman congratulations. I thought your speech was just absolutely fabulous. You were also at the White House last night. What was the scene like for you and your wife as you exited the White House? They were out there crazed and unhinged. These rioters were waiting for us to come out. They were screaming and cursing they were looking for trouble and physical confrontation. You can just see it in their eyes and you heard it in their words, the police that were there were taking action to protect those who were trying to leave the White House. Obviously we were all leaving the White House peacefully after a great fourth night of this Republican National Convention, my colleagues in Congress calling for unrest calling for confrontation. This is one ends up happening and worse. I still remember fresh in my mind what happened to Steve Scalise on the baseball field there without those capital police officers, there wouldve been ten dead members of
Congress and then some. If what was happening last night happened to a democratic. U dot s senator and it was caused by a republican group. It would have been top of mind on all the cable news outlets all day long, CNN, MSNBC and every single member of Congress would have to put out statements condemning it. What is crazy, what is amazing ends that we all a few months ago when we started seeing the burning and the rioting and the weeding instinctively. We knew that was wrong and we wanted law and order safety and security for our country. Its only been in the last 48 72 hours that, whether its Don Lennon on CNN or its the Biden Harris ticket they are starting to condemn it because of bowling its not about instinct and doing great thing is because they want to win an election. That is the way I see the Democrats that run this place. Matt ive got to tell you for Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house to go out and call Republicans and republican
members of Congress enemies of the state. I just cant. Imagine how the press would react if it was the other way around. This is a very clear tactic of socialists. What they are trying to do is shamus. Shame us make us feel bad for supporting Donald Trump and intimidate us. When we left the White House last night, it was so obvious it was so organized. It was so well funded. It was so well branded with their black lives matter. T shirts theyre, trying to make the very nucleus of the republican Party. The conservative movement feel uneasy about being involved in politics. People are watching that and they know it. They want people to feel unsafe about supporting Donald Trump theyre trying to destabilize civil society. This is not the way normal people operate normal people who have respect
how political differences, but they can still respect the other person. When I saw the expletives and the middle fingers, the single finger salutes and the words coming out of the mouths of these, mostly young white, probably privileged from elite neighborhoods and families, attacking seniors attacking voters. I will never be lectured to again after last night from anybody on the left that says somehow we are trying to intimidate voters with our conservative philosophies. It is always the opposite with they charge us of doing they do in what I tell the american people right now stand up. This is the moment its America versus socialism is bigger than the two men on the ballots, its about the survival of our civilization and our country thats. What this election is about, I believe, theres enough good people in this country to save it LEO Joe Biden has taken a
position that he wants to redirect: funding away from police departments, the good men and women they are to protect the people that were just trying to walk down the street. I dont know how in the world the Democrats think they can continue to say that they want to defund these police departments youre, absolutely right and thats another one of those big lies hes, trying to walk that back Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris were in favor of defunding the police. They used all these magical words but theyre in favor of it now theyre trying to walk it back because of the violence that the american public is seeing. They are in favor of it. Donald Trump is in favor of supporting the blue thats why? He has the police unions behind him, Joe, the union guy, no police support, but now they are supporting Donald Trump. One last thing: there are a lot of law and order, people that want to vote for Donald Trump
Right, a lot of black Americans. The Democrats are nervous because they saw and slash or in Anne Marie Johnson, Herschel Walker, independent black figures. Independent lack thinkers are voting republican and the democratic base is in trouble. You listen to Senator TIM Scott, you listen to Herschel Walker, and you understand that the conservative values and the Republican Party have a lot to offer a lot of different communities. I thought it was hats off to.
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