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Lawrence Jones asks New Yorkers about Joe Biden's remarks about Black voters

2020-08-10 | 🔗
New Yorkers respond to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's comments on diversity.
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The corrupt, ever the corrupt, ever confuse Joe Biden expected to announce his VP pick this week, and african american leaders are warning Biden that he will lose the election if he does not pick an african american female running mate and today, our very own Lawrence Jones, as New Yorkers or two thousand and twenty correspondent on the ground. Our investigative reporter all things two thousand and twenty joins us literally right now in the streets of New York City good evening, eighty four days until the election and seems like the former vice president cant get out of his own way. Now one hundred black male leaders are saying they will not support the former vice president in less he picks a black female as his vice presidential candidate. In we talk to New Yorkers today. This is what they had to say. What do you think about him saying that black people, all
think alike versus Latinos are more diverse, black people, all think alike, thats his thinking? How does that make you feel here? We another white man who has some antiquated views that was, after he had already said. You dont vote for me. Youre, not black, a one hundred black men wrote a letter and said in order for them to support Joe Biden. They want a black female to be the VP. What are your thoughts on that? I dont think its the time I dont think its the time to try to leverage it might be a form of affirmative action, and I have no problem with that. Thats cool saying earlier in the year.
Put the progressive side of the Democratic Party would not just pick Joe Biden and would vote their conscience and right now.
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