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Lawrence Jones confronted at New York City protest

2020-07-01 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones reports from NYC Occupy City Hall protest.
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She wants the entire department gutted, as does some other people and other cities todays cover the New York Post, summed it up perfectly. This is the thanks. They get after decades of historic crime reduction, New Yorks, so called leaders are now apparently ready to let the city spiral way out of control. My question tonight remains when the defines the police are gets rid of the police eliminates the police. Every american needs to ask this question: who will you call in an emergency when your life or a family members life is at risk joining us now with a lab report from New York City, our two thousand and twenty correspondent on the ground Lawrence Jones is with us good evening. Sean. As you know, we are here in New York, Chaz right here before we decided to do this live shot. Our camera crew security were attacked by these people. I have covered a lot of protests. A lead of Blm Occupy Wall Street. This is may be the worst site.
Ive ever seen complete lawlessness. I want you to see what I experienced earlier today. Take a look everything, okay, this man, you need to leave. You need to get out right now. You need to get out right now. Dont touch me! I didnt touch you! I didnt touch you one time. Are you out here for black lives? Im? Sorry, sir! Thank you. I appreciate it all the people that were supposed to be there for black lives didnt want a black reporter out there reporting on the facts. Fox news will continue to report on this stuff, but I without fear or favor, but the question im asking is why isnt the rest of press reporting on the violence, the fact that its funded by outside groups, we have seen death to America.
You might remember that from the Ayatollah cops depicted as pigs. The only reason we were able to do this shot is because law enforcement is literally right behind us. On the other side, they decided to use intimidation tactics to keep us from doing this live shot here today, Sean back to you, everyone of our reporters, Lj Dan Springer, everybody on the ground, MIKE Tobin, its dangerous. What you do we by the way we are telling.
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