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Lawrence Jones speaks to New Yorkers about rise in public drug use near Times Square

2020-07-29 | 🔗
'Hannity' investigates New York City's precipitous decline.
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Chanting, if we dont get justice, you dont get sleep. New York City is in a state of crisis and to top it off homelessness, drug use, spiraling out of control. In public view, it has become so bad one. Four star hotel is a homeless shelter for drug addicts. According to the report from the New York Post, Mount Town, downtown Matt Hatton and the Upper Eastside now filled with addicts shooting heroin in broad daylight in full public view. It is so bad. Discarded needles are lining the streets which brings us to Tonights Hannity special investigation. We sent our two thousand and twenty correspondent Lawrence Jones to New York to find out exactly what is going on and what he found should shock the conscious but remember a preview of coming attractions. If Bidens America comes a reality and I to seven days Fox news, correspondent, two thousand and twenty correspondent investigative
reporter Lawrence Jones. You learned a lot today good evening. It shone and we have been covering american cities in crisis, and the cities happen to be run by democratic mayors and New York City isnt. Any different residents are furious about individuals openly. Shooting up with drugs with needles and place the blame squarely within the Mayor Bill De Blasio. Take a look three months. We have been here since the shutdown every single day shoot up. We have a cigarette and they attack us. What do the leaders do? Nothing, and you say its not that bad by comparison you know I dont even see it anymore. I am kind of numb to the whole
thing people shooting at us. What do you think New York being compared to San Francisco skid row its getting there? Absolutely? Who do you blame for all of it? The mayor De Blasio absolutely never ever now Sean if that was only bad enough, the cap of the needles everywhere they decided to clean it up after the New York Post report, but now they are putting homeless individuals in four star hotels. The only thing is they didnt tell the residents that are currently staying in those communities. They arent happy, take a listen. They move the homeless population across the street. Here are you concerned im a bit concerned, especially as a woman at night, because I work at night. I come home late and during the day I saw one guy, hope and other guy across the street who is on drugs.
The whole dynamics of the community has changed. Do you support them doing this to your community? Not really, do you believe, absolutely absolutely the covid. You have to put them somewhere, you have to put them in individual rooms and I think it is well formatted and supervised. I have seen so many drug deals go down. I dont want those days to come back Sean, as you can see in the video. The local businesses have to hire security to protect the patrons from the homeless, people that are strung out on drugs. The people want to make it clear. They are not anti getting homeless help here. They want to be consulted and the four star hotel really the place to put them back to you, Sean
and use all people literally shooting up. We are not talking what we know more crime ridden areas in New York. We saw midtown the full extensive Upper east side of New York. We are talking the side not only shooting up, but we saw them. Prepping the drugs right in this area as well, and, of course, when I talk to residents that say why arent the police enforcing the laws that are on the books, they blame the mayor for the defund, the police message that he had to spanning the anti crime unit. They feel like the officers they use to see on a day to day basis feel like their hands are tied. They dont want to lose their jobs or their likelihood to then you also see people ive, seen pictures of and not unlike San Francisco on the streets. We saw that Sean and we talked to one person New York resident who used to be in
San Francisco, and he said he.
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