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Lawrence Jones speaks with Chicago residents about gun violence plaguing city

2020-07-27 | 🔗
Lawrence Jones, host of 'Keeping Up with Jones' on Fox Nation, joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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Euros citizenry that you should all of these mayors are a distress our own Lawrence Jones in the ground in Chicago Lawrence. Last time you were in Chicago, you interviewed the family that lost at 7 year old young girl, beautiful little girl. He interviewed that family. That was on the fourth of July weekend, whats going on there now good evening, Sean right now in downtown Chicago, its pretty peaceful, but on the south side the bloodbath continues. Over the weekend, fifty nine people were shocked. Three people were killed and right before we got on air, we got word from our sources that five people were shot. Unfortunately, we dont know their condition Sean, but earlier today I went and talked with residents on the south side to get how theyre feeling about this bloodbath in their city. Take a look. Youve got over fifty people shot over the weekend correct in fourteen people at the funeral home thats around the corner from my house, I drive past it all the time
I could have been a victim of that just writing past. What do you do? Just normalize it its not normal? I dont want to do its crazy. Our children yall do nothing to help our kids. You dont care anymore. You dont think the leaders care we know they dont care, sending in federal agents. Whats your stance. Well, I have heard some comments from Mayor Lori Lightfoot and she dont want that type of action in our city, but im for it. Weve got to do what weve got to do im going to tell you the honest to gods. Truth, you have to come together and pray. Prayer is. The only thing is going to help us right now: prayer Sean, as we were talking with those people right there. On the south side, we got another tip from one of our sources that told us that a ten
month year old was shot and is in critical condition. We went if you look at the screen. Youll see some of the videotape of the crime scene. This goes to have the parents are feeling we talked to a business owner, hes afraid for the sake of his child. He said he cant go there and play with him heres what he has to say. Who is responsible for this, its a trickle down effect? It comes from the top. It comes from the people in charge of the city. It comes from the people in charge of the state. What makes me upset is that I applied to be able to purchase firearms March 25th. They are not giving you the opportunity to protect yourself and your family. They are not giving me the opportunity to protect myself. I can protect myself. I need something to be able to protect my wife, my children and my child to be, I feel, scared living in the city of Chicago, I think its a nightmare. I have nightmares of leaving the house and being assaulted
because im not able to protect my family Sean, an emotional interview from the business owner whos been in Chicago his entire life. He says hes considering moving. I am reaching out to city officials to ask them. Why is it so hard for residents to get guns when you have criminals every single day? Having guns illegally back to you, Sean.
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