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Lawrence Jones talks to Trump supporters outside president's rally in Michigan

2020-09-10 | 🔗
'Hannity' 2020 election correspondent Lawrence Jones reports from Freeland, Michigan.
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The only problem Biden never actually answered any questions per usual all right here with more from a busy night in Michigan tonight or Hannity, two thousand and twenty election correspondent, L, DOT J Lawrence Jones, Sir. You get to have some fun a little different than what you reported last night on the show I saw the crowd. I saw the overflow crowd. I saw the Lawrence Jones Fans surrounding L, DOT, J, come on pretty cool, oh good evening, Sean and looks like the president has a new nickname for the former vice president, Joe hiding. This is referring to the fact the former vice president doesnt get out of his Delaware basement that much, but it was a little different for the Trump supporters here today. A lot of them expressed the support of the president packing the lines others staying in their cars and what it was very clear they werent going to get inside of that hanger. They just stayed in the car. They said they are supporting the president because he is fighting for them
watch what they had to say. This is your first Trump rally yeah. Why are you supporting the president because he tells it like it is? What is it about the president that has all of these people fired up hes real? I think it is because he tells the truth mainly and if you ask me, I think, weve been surrounded by a bunch of people that arent telling us the truth do yall believe the polls no no way Biden is a heading Michigan. He might be five percent. Do you believe the polls when they say fake falls? Joe Biden wins, it is all illegal stole it from us. Joe Biden has any shot of winning Michigan. No, not at all the polls say he cant even finish a sentence. Do you feel, like Joe Biden has a shot? No, now Sean. As you know, we
cover both events and there were a clear, stark difference. Many insiders are asking the question. You got the Biden event two or four people outside but Trump event where people were packed outside. Is that an indication of who is going to win Michigan? As you know, it is a battleground state. Trump won last time when he win this time. Back to you and an amazing Senate candidate there he was there tonight, John James, yes, Sir, got a lot of support. He got a lot of support from the president. He came up short the last time he ran for office. They are hoping this time he is leading. The polls right now got a lot of fund raising dollars Sean, so they are hoping he can pull an upset here in Michigan been on this show before he is a rock star candidate, be an amazing senator.
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