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Lawrence Jones talks to voters outside small Biden event in Michigan

2020-09-09 | 🔗
'Hannity' election correspondent Lawrence Jones reports from Warren, Michigan.
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Weak they know he is frail. They know he is well seems a quite a bit of a decline. Their candidate frankly come up to this point has been a national embarrassment. Joe Biden inspires no one. He struggles to communicate clearly some days he doesnt know what day of the week it is some days he doesnt know what office he is even running for constantly at state of confusion seems to be using the teleprompter move that up a little bit. Something is obviously wrong, but the media and, of course, Democrats. They want us all to ignore the obvious truth. Today, at a rare campaign event away from his basement bunker, there were way more trump supporter showing up than Biden fans joining us now with the full report Hannity two thousand and twenty election correspondent investigative reporter Lawrence Jones. So they didnt tell anybody. My understanding is until like an hour before the event where the event was and then when they did tell people more Trump people showed up than Biden people. You got it right Sean good evening. Earlier today, Joe Biden left
his basement and traveled to Warren Michigan to meet with union workers and with only an hour notice, supporters lined up only thing Sean, the people that were outside that were fired up. They werent Biden supporters. They were Trump supporters beer. It would take a look at what they had to say. Tell me: why are you also fired up because we love the president? We love the president. We love what he does for the country. Does it surprise you that we have all of these trump supporters right here and only two Biden supporters over there? My position would be the Biden. Supporters are so fractured, and most of them are probably still at sleep at home. Just like sleepy Joe, why is Joe Biden bad for Michigan, because China owns Joe Biden? Why dont Yall think there is more Biden supporters here, because Biden doesnt have the support that Trump has. Why do you think theyre keeping it secret because they dont want all this?
You think he wants to show up and see no supporters and Sean many political insiders are questioning if the vice president is hiding from voters. Is he really focusing on Michigan, or is he making the same mistake that Hillary Clinton made? I talked with more supporters and people in Michigan, and this is what they had to say. Did you know the vice president was going to be here in Michigan? No, not really not until the very last. Second. Do you believe the vice president kind of snuck in town and got back out of town? Do you think he worked enough to win methods in Michigan? I dont think either one of them have worked hard enough. Do you think he is going to win at this time? Yes, but as a Biden voter, he wish he would have spent more time talking with voters. Yeah, you are in a swing state. Do you feel like the vice president is hiding from you as a voter? A little do you think he is trying to hide from the people?
Well, yeah hes trying to hide from the people because he is not actually representing the people. The people have different views than what he is actually pushing. Sean come as you can see. These werent just Trump supporter is saying this. This was his own supporters saying he is hiding from them. So it begs the question: is he really serious about this race? Is he really serious about winning Michigan? I think he is still making same mistake. Hillary Clinton made back to you Sean.
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