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Liberal governors double down on lockdowns as Florida, other states reopen for business

2020-12-28 | 🔗
Reaction from Rep. Jim Jordan, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski on 'Hannity'
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Its pathetic Kayleigh thanks a lot. We always appreciate your comments. This month, millions of Americans travel to Florida in search of warm weather, beautiful beaches and, most importantly, freedoms like William Wallace found Florida is open for business. Meanwhile, liberal governors and other states are increasing locked on measures and destroying small businesses in an idiotic attempt to battle pandemic. They call it following the science watch this. If we can go back now with everything we know, wed, probably all make different decisions following the science, I think, has served the state of Michigan well and im grateful for the incredible experts we have. That was Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Despite strict lockdown measures, her state is home to one of the highest covid death rates in the country to the east. The state of New York has the second highest death rate. Is one New York Post columnist weeded out anyone tweeting that Florida is not doing well, is
just hoping its? Not even debatable. Anything can happen, but right this minute, both New York and California would trade with Florida, and everyone knows it. Florida is wide open, while California and New York are crippled with closures. I live here its true, despite this, California is planning to extend its stay at home orders well after the holiday season joining us now. As a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Jim Jordan, two thousand and sixteen Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, informer Trump campaign manager, Dave Bossie, Congressman ill, go to you first, the left is absolutely losing his mind after president trumps two feet, suggesting that Florida is performing decently, Nobodys performing great its a pandemic right. Is this just evidence of how this hyperpartisan sick media culture even of virus gets politicized? Of course,
its that cancel culture mob its two days left use the right word when you use the word freedom think about it. There are over sixty million Americans who live in a state that has a stay at home order or curfew in Ohio. You have to be in your home at 1000 in Pennsylvania, when youre in your home, you have to wear a mask in Vermont when youre in your home, you dont have to wear a mask things: youre not allowed to have people over Governmentgovernment is telling you can leave your home, who you can have in your home and what you have to wear while youre there, if that isnt an assault on your freedom and we find out the states that are doing this have worse numbers than states that are actually opened up and allowing people to exercise their liberty open their business and exercise freedom, thats the fundamental issue and im glad the president is talking about it. We all need to be talking about it, Cory Ill go to you next. I find it sad tragic, really disturbing that California, which is engaged in these ridiculous lockdowns right now. I was reading a number today that just
totally blew my mind that when you look at hospitalizations per million, California is actually has more hospitalizations per million people in Texas and Florida combined and I live in Florida. Florida, listen its relatively open for business. This people in restaurants- I saw Dave Rubin tweeting. He was like him. I was in this crazy place called her restaurant and people brought food out. It was bizarre. It was crazy pills with the media. You have to remember these government officials havent cared about small business owners. They havent cared what they have done to these people who build their businesses over twenty and thirty years. How many government, employees, county employees, municipal employees or state employees have been laid off? The answer is: none government continues to grow. These governors have failed their states, they failed the people who put them in office and what theyve done is theyve destroyed the economy for tens of millions of people in perpetuity
New York is not going to recover anytime soon. We are seen because of the high tax burden, New York City, because of closures and the ineptitude of both the governor and the mayor of New York City is the people who can get out of the city are doing that permanent damage on those communities for a long time, and most people are going to move Stu and I have a friend who owns a private airport and he says th private airport. He goes. You have no idea how many people he goes. There are people flying down privately escape from New York people with money im going to reject California reject New York. Your average person in California right now is finding petitions to recall their incompetent governor enough is enough. The american people are fed up, remember, fifteen days to flatten the curve laughs.
We are going on a year where they are destroying the american way of life. They are destroying schools, sports, destroying our churches. It doesnt matter theres no place off limits to the government, overreach, thats, whats, so dangerous. Remember Dr Fauci used to say: dont wear a mask it doesnt matter, masks. Dont, do anything. Of course, we have mask mandates in state after state after state across this country. The american people are very smart and they know how to take care of themselves and their families, and they dont mean the government to do it for them. We have a long way to go here and we are in a dangerous spot with socialism on the rise. Thats going to be honest with you thats why these two Georgia Senate seats matter so much next month, yeah, no thats, true congressman. What worries me about this? On a serious note, I feel like the scientific
method and the search for facts are just dead. You have a hypothesis and you test it. The hypothesis was that lockdowns would stop. The spread in the data is not there to support it, and yet we continue to bankrupt people in states that people like you represent its kind of sick. It sure is, let America work again, make America free again thats what we should be focused on. I failed to accept this premise that somehow government cares more about a small business owners and employees. Government somehow cares more about a small business owners customers than the small business owner its ridiculous. We need to make America free again and focus on that and talk about that, and I think the american people are starting to push back yeah and ive seen some of the videos. There is a video of a business owner. He used his truck and blocked in a health inspector. He was like listen. If I cant work, you cant work. The video went viral. It was all over the place.
Listen. This is a government by the people for the people. It was supposed to be. How long can this possibly go on before people collectively say? Listen, ive had enough ive got to feed my family. We have seen gym owners with fines in New Jersey. They couldnt operate their business. Even the there was no science that Covid was being spread in the facility. People in the furthest reaches of our country in the western part in Washington State swing their governor for money, saying let us run our businesses. Governor Whitmer has destroyed Michigans economy right now in the states that have remained opened are doing better than ever. Their tourism industry, restaurants, their tax base, is improving every day. Theyve done whats necessary to take the precautions to curb this covid virus thats impacting our country, but we have to have personal responsibility and thats whats missing here with some of these overzealous overreaching governors. Quick final answer:
ive got about thirty seconds. Uc political change coming people are clearly getting fed up. Sadly, its democrats leading the way with lockdowns. The only good thing I can see is a long term. Rejection of big government thats going to be the one thing that you and ive been fighting for a long time: high taxes and big government and the overreach. This is a perfect example for the american people. If they can shut you down, they can do anything to you if they can shut your schools, determine who gets a vaccine and who doesnt. This is what big.
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