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Lindsey Graham: FBI knew Steele dossier sub-source was Russian spy

2020-09-24 | 🔗
Senate Judiciary chair joins 'Hannity' to break down the new developments
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American think tank and told the FBI that they suspected such lots more details to come. Senator Lindsey Graham, has been all over this and we will continue to put more of it on the screen senator. So they knew that the sub source was a russian spy its on December two thousand and sixteen they figured out who the primary sub source was, and then they check to their database and found out that this individual was suspected by the FBI all the way back through two thousand and nine of being a russian agent. They had information that he tried to offer money for a classified information to Obama, officials that he was inquiring about military vessels and he was seen at the russian embassy back in two thousand and six trying to drop information off to the russian embassy put in a diplomatic, pouch, so Heres the point. The FISA court was never told this and were never informed
that the dossier primary sub source was a suspected russian agent and in January they applied for a warrant against Carter page using the dossier. Knowing that the sub source was a suspected russian agent and they never told the court that they eventually interviewed the russian sub Source- and he tells him the dossier is unreliable and they use it yet again, you know im trying to understand this, because it matters for the safety and security of the United States. Hillary Clinton paid for russian disinformation and they knew the sub source was a russian contacted agent. They knew it contacted agent, they knew it. For ten years, im told that he warned the FBI im told that he warned the FBI
and Doj, and there were contacts with Russians and the Clinton campaign and they treated it all differently. Is that also coming out in it theres more coming that you would find something that would make you mad more than wiping the phones? It makes me mad that the FBI knew that the primary sub source, a single individual, was a suspected russian agent and the use that persons work products to get a warrant on an american citizen on four different occasions. They never informed of the court of exculpatory evidence. I want to think their own for allowing this to come forward, and I want to thank them for providing this information and heres whats important. There knew about this. Their own has investigated this matter, so there are some people tonight
that had to be very worried, because now we know the FBI in December two thousand and sixteen knew that the dossier was being prepared by russian agent, never told the court. This was a massive effort by Russia to do a disinformation campaign against the Trump campaign and it worked campaign and it worked the FBI use to document, and I hope this is a game changer. I hope that the traditional media will look at this abuse of power, maybe thats why they are targeting you and your race. So much like Barbra, Streisand and Rosie Odonnell, I might be overwhelmed Lindsey, Graham dot com help me.
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