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Mark Cuban defends Obamacare, blasts President Trump's trade deals, praises Joe Biden for deficit reduction

2020-06-30 | 🔗
Dallas Mavericks owner and 'Shark Tank' star Mark Cuban joins Sean Hannity on 'Hannity' to discuss the 2020 presidential election.
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All right, Joe Biden, all right, Joe Biden, seemingly wants to ensure that the american economy will never get back to full strength, apparently wants to roll back tax cuts that help lead to a record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic, Americans, Asian Americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment and african american youth unemployment, something Biden and Obama never accomplished. When the campaign called fund raisers. On Monday, the ever forgetful week, Joe Biden, said im going to get rid of the bulk of trumps, two dollars trillion tax cuts, and a lot of you will not like that hes an entrepreneur, an investor. I love your show shark tank. He owns a sports team, Dallas Mavericks mark Cuban who supports Joe Biden all right. I love when youre on the show. First of all, thank you for promoting that. I watched anecdotally the people of my
grocery store. Thank God they wore them. They didnt get sick. Even Jimmy Kimmel praised me im, not a canceler or a boycott are all right, so youre on the show. Last weekend I missed it. I feel like I failed when we say Cuban says he hates trump youre on my show, its always about you, trashing trump. I actually defend him, but with that said, you actually said this and I missed it. Take a look. The biggest compliment in eight years tell me the biggest compliment easily their biggest accomplishment, its unfortunate that theyre trying to dismantle it. Okay mark you said Obamacare, okay, the promise of Obamacare correct me. If im wrong was keep your doctor, keep your plan and
save. I didnt ask the question: on average, save twenty five dollars per year per family, the results are in millions lost their doctors, millions lost their plan. On average, a country is paying two hundred percent more. Nobody saved a penny, and nearly forty percent of the country only has one Obamacare exchange option. Now. Are you going to tell my audience that worked youre too smart for that yeah? I am and im glad you read your whole list and I got it all written down, because the insurance rates were going up far faster until Obamacare it slowed down the inflation for the health care rates were skyrocketing until Obamacare. Here we are Shawn Shawn. Did you go to one of those thirteen public schools in Baltimore, where not one kid is proficient in math,
because hang on the promise was keep your doctor. Keep your plan save two thousand five hundred dollars a year. First of all, they are not mutually exclusive. Second of all, inflation for health care was skyrocketing, but you know what, when you ask voters today, do they want to keep Obamacare? What are they say? You know the numbers. Okay, I will put up the screen on Obamas promises. Im going to repeat it. I will put it up on the screen. Keep your doctor keep your plan, save on average, two thousand five hundred dollars a year. Okay, look at what it says: millions lost their coverage on their plan. Are we going to spend this whole time? You listing details on Obamacare, Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Mexico is paying for the wall. You want to know how we got a better trade deal. Prompted that no, we didnt.
Yes, we did Donald Trump doesnt, even know how tariffs work. I am going to give you some business. How did you become a billionaire? Do I need to buy you a calculator im going to give you some business advice? If youre going to negotiate, you dont fall in love with dictators that you have to negotiate with somebody. You love. China gave us more money than theyve ever given. Can I get that gave us more money? Western Europe gave us more money, Mexico, Japan, they didnt, give us more money. Are you talking about NATO? You dont even understand how NATO? How do you make? I watch you on shark tank and you are so much better than this. Here is my next. You said youre going to invite me back heres my next question. You said you were going to invite me back and I was going to be allowed to talk about some of Joe Bidens attributes.
I know his accomplishments in eight years as VP. Here are the facts: thirteen million Americans on food stamps what happened to the deficit during the Obama administration? What happens to the deficit during the Trump administration? Thats number one number, two one. At a time, Biden Obama took on more debt than all forty three presidents and vice presidents before them combined fact, and what happened to Donald and his deficit. Hes only been there three and a half years and hes had record low unemployment, every deficit and guess what the worst pandemic, since one thousand nine hundred and eighteen and Joe, was against the travel ban. Hes made it worse, hes made it worse,
unlike you and I he wont, wear a mask. He wont wear a mask guess what Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the two people that dont need to wear masks. You want to know why, because everybody around them gets tested, you need a mass where it you look better with it. You know that you said it. I said I wear the stupid thing I want. You are Dallas Mavericks playing basketball. I want football, I want baseball and I had to wear a mask to protect granny and grandpa im going to do it. You know why Donald wont wear a mask because it messes up his Joe Biden went where one and his stupid youve got to admit. The guy is not exactly with us. Be honest, be honest. You gave Donald Trump, the ultimate softball questions, Joe Biden lost it. He doesnt have a fastball, a curveball or a slow pitch. Come on mark. You know, Donald Trump, cant
answer your questions. You and every Fox news. Interviewer gives him the easy questions and he cant answer them. How did mark Cuban become a billionaire? I need answers.
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