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Mark Levin asks if Joe Biden is 'still a white supremacist?'

2020-10-01 | 🔗
'Life, Liberty & Levin' host joins 'Hannity' to discuss Democratic nominee's 'racist' past
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President Trump will join us from the White House in just a moment. First joining us out to talk about the twenty twenty election. What will happen to America, God forbid Biden wins in thirty three days. You are the ultimate jury. The coast of life. Liberty live in apm number one show all across cable, best selling author radio host. I call him the great one mark live in. I am just guessing. You probably have a lot to say tonight about all of these topics. You know Sean. First of all, if you go back and watch the debate, you will see that Biden pulled the same stunt. He is a brawler heat interrupted over and over again the media loved it. He got his kicked nice technical guy. He did the weight laughing and
interrupting exactly the same thing. If you look at the beginning of the debate, you also see it was Biden who, through the first punch and interrupted the president repeatedly he had to make a decision. Am I going to take him on thats? Not what I want to talk about. Keep asking the president. If you will denounce white supremacy, he has done it twenty times. I want to honestly speak to the american people go over the head of the media tonight, and I want you to ask this question: is Joe Biden still a white supremacist thats right? Is he still a bigot? Where do you use his own language? Any moderator can find it took me forty minutes to dig this up in one thousand nine hundred and seventy October 12th Joe Biden. He said this to the Philadelphia inquirer. I think the Democratic Party could stand a liberal George Wallace, someone who is not
afraid to stand up and offend people. Someone who wouldnt pander but would say with the american people know in their gut is right. He says that also referring to Alabamas notorious George Wallace, also one thousand nine hundred and seventy five Joe Biden quote. I think the concept of busing that were going to integrate people so that they all have the same access and they learn to grow up with one another and all the rest is a rejection of the whole movement of black pride is a rejection of the entire black awareness concept, where black is beautiful. Black culture should be studied and to the cultural awareness and importance of their own identity. If that doesnt come close to promoting segregation, I dont know what does one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven from the New York Times Joe Biden old comments. He says that nonorderly racial
integration, nonorderly racial integration policies would cause his children to grow up in a racial jungle. He then says: unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that its going to explode at some point, Joe Biden, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven old letters. He wrote to a racist southern senator who was as racist and bigoted as I get a segregationist Democrat of Mississippi, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. I appreciate your help during this weeks committee meeting attempting to bring my legislation to the boat. He wrote on June thirty, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven that was in the Washington Post and wonder how they forgot about that. He was a plantation owner who believed blacks were an inferior race and forcefully fought to segregation throughout his
career as a democratic lawmaker in Mississippi they have letters going back between Biden and Eastland back to nineteen. Seventy two about bidens friendship with Eastland now lets go to nineteen. Eighty, seven it during a nineteen eighty seven fund raising trip across the south for his unsuccessful one thousand. Nine hundred and eighty eight presidential bid Biden sought to appeal to white voters telling audiences that he had received an award from George Wallace in in nineteen seventy three. He was one of the outstanding politicians in America, Joe Biden, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight also one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight on the floor of the United States Senate. He praised Segregationist John Cenas, a racist segregationist from Mississippi as a man of character as a man of character,
even said this of Stennis, who opposed Brown versus Board of Education, a southern them manifesto. This is a racist manifesto. A lot of these governors had signed on to it Biden even bragged, about Stennis gifting him with a table of which the southern manifesto was taught andsigned thats. Why? We are communicating with the american people, particularly african Americans, of black Americans, two thousand and seventeen Joe Biden says ive been around so long. Ive worked with James Eastland, who again was a segregationist from Mississippi. Even in the days when I got there, the Democratic Party still had seven or eight old fashioned segregationist. He would get up argue like the devil. With them, then youd go down and have lunch or dinner together at the political system, where we were divided on issues, but the
political system worked. That is Biden. Two thousand and nineteen comments he made about working with segregationists, two thousand and nineteen. He had been talking about his time, working with Eastland and then Georgia, Segregationist Herman Talmadge in the 1970s. When he began discussing their relationship Biden said I was in a caucus with James Eastland before imitating a southern accent and saying he never called me boy which, as we all know, is a derogatory term used against back men in the nineteen. Ninety four Biden, crime bill it wasnt just called the crime filled. It was the Biden Crime bill. He was the main author, the Democratic House pastor, the President Bill Clinton, who also has ties to segregationists he signed it Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Heres. What he said have predators on our streets.
That society has, in fact in part because of its neglect, created its a speech on the floor of the house. He describes young people, tens of thousands of them born out of wedlock. Without parents, without supervision, without any structure or conscience developing because they literally have not been socialized, if they literally have not had an opportunity, he said we should focus on them now, because if we dont or a portion of them will become the predators fifteen years from now. Who do you think hes talking about one thousand? Nine hundred and ninety three editor remarks were similar to comments made by Hillary Clinton in nineteen. Ninety six, where she said super predators who had no conscience, no empathy and to needs to be brought to heel, two thousand and ten? How is it he escaped scrutiny for his bigoted racist past
comments coming out of his big mouth? The two thousand and ten eulogy for Robert Byrd founded the Klan of West Virginia West Virginia had broken up with Virginia because it was with the union. Robert Byrd starts a chapter of the clan in West Virginia, so excited other Democrats about him and he filibustered the nineteen million six hundred and forty one thousand nine hundred and sixty four civil rights act. It made him the majority leader in the Democratic Party. One of his files was Joe Biden. He fought the nineteen sixty four civil Rights ACT, one of the things he said was to me or a lot of us. He was a mentor and a friend for a lot of us. He was a guide to. I have a question to ask Richard Spencer. You ever hear of him. He is one of the heads of the NEO Nazi Movement or the clan or something of that sort.
He endorsed Joe Biden for President of the United States when our President Donald Trump is asked about David, Duke denounced David, Duke David, Duke endorsed you. He denounced it over and over again in twenty Richard Spencer is bigger than David Duke in the crock pot. Subhuman white, supremacist Movement and Biden is not asked once what he thinks about that you have thirty seconds. Let me end with this question. Joe Biden, are you still a white supremacist? Are you still a bigot? Are you exactly what Kamala Harris called you? I think in many ways you still are in many ways you still are. All you do is yell at the president. You call him a liar. You dare to call him a racist. You are a disaster at. That is why they hide you in
the basement and thats why you started interrupting the president of the United States. The same thing you did to Paul Ryan if we had an honest press rather than corrupt. If we had people who really wanted to get to the bottom of each candidate, Joe Biden would have a chance.
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