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Mark Levin blasts 'unconstitutional' Biden executive orders

2021-02-03 | 🔗
'Life, Liberty & Levin' host tells 'Hannity' why Chuck Schumer should be on trial, not Trump
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We now know they corrupt congenital liar Adam Schiff. The biggest conspiracy theorist in Congress is apparently now behind the California Governor Newsom to appoint him to the state attorney general vacancy. Well, that raises two major questions. First, is Governor Newsom really that dumb to give the job to this corrupt compromised congenital liar like Schiff? I guess the answer. There is probably yes, the second. What sort of new conspiracy theories would Schiff come up with as a state AG guaranteed by the way to send more people packing out of the United Socialist Utopia known as California, here with more on this and other issues, unfreedom of the press, author best seller number one. I call him a great one composed of life. Liberty live in right here on Fox. The number one show great one lets ask this:
how would you say the start of this Biden? Administration is going first of all, Adam Schiff shouldnt be running for attorney general. He should be running from the attorney general, as I watch Biden sign, these executive orders like Benito Mussolini, handing out declarations, and I listen to chuck Schumer the Democrats in the Congress. We have two problems going on here. First of all, we have a monarch in the White House and we have a mob autocracy in the Congress, neither of which want to follow the constitution. I will give you some examples. I started to make a list s packing. The Supreme Court and Schumer talked to Rachel Maddow wanting to expand all the courts. Clearly, a violation of separation of powers. They are trying to have an ideological court system that violates separation of powers. This is article one attacking article three, the federalization of state election laws in this hr, one
that Nancy Pelosi has been pushing to turn the states into California, so they can never lose an election Democrats that violates article two section, one clause, two of the constitution: you can do that by statute. You need to amend the constitution, they talk about d, dot c statehood like they can just pass a statute. The district of Columbia is created by the constitution as national capital area. It is not to be put under a state that is article one section eight, so they are not free to do that. This outrageous and the so called impeachment trial in the Senate. The Senate has no authority, no jurisdiction whatsoever. It is absolutely robe, it is a complete clown show. The constitution is clear from article one section: three conviction know somebody who is in office, removal from office and disqualification from future office. It is not like the Democrats are literate when it comes to the competition, but I guess we are going to hear them yammer on and on about it article one section: nine
clause: three: what that Congress is not free to pass punitive legislation to punish or penalize somebody encroaching on the judicial function, especially without a real trial. That is what they are doing if they try and use the 14th amendment against President Trump. What else Schumer wants to get rid of citizens? United Citizens United, allows advocacy during elections free speech, so they want to attack the first amendment and free speech the second amendment they want to regulate and use executive orders and to destroy the second amendment. These are the bill of rights. Now bidens over forty executive orders in action violates separation of powers. We dont have a president who dresses up legislation as an executive order and sits there like he has some nursing home. I just signed this one. I just signed this one him and he doesnt take any questions, so that is article two. The presidency attacking article one, the Congress, but the Democrats dont much
mind because they like what he is doing this executive order on Keystone XL pipeline. We have an amendment, the fifth amendment, thats part of the bill of rights, its the taking clause. You dont get to steal, somebodys property without remuneration, so thats a violation of the fifth amendment. We have the equal protection clause in the fifth amendment that applies to the feds, the 14th amendment. That applies to the states equal protection clause. He signs an executive order that promotes race based discrimination throughout the federal departments and agencies. Clearly in violation of equal protection. He assigns another executive order. Destroying womens sports in this country for biological females again violates the equal protection clause of the fifth and 14th amendment of the constitution. Now what has he done? Come apart from this Biden and his party are part and paid for by the teachers unions. That is why he opposes the number one civil rights issue that President Trump was pushing school choice,
these kids that cant afford private parochial schools they cant get out. They are stuck so he is bought and paid for, as the Democrat Party is by the teachers unions and they choose them over. Your kids, America Biden and his party are using Covid 19 to give hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars to blue states. Blue cities special interests, their constituent groups, having nothing to do with the pandemic. One dollar trillion already sits there that hasnt been spent, and he wants another two dollars trillion for starters: Biden killed thousands of american jobs, hardworking middle class american jobs, while opening the borders to illegal aliens. God knows how many numbers of illegal aliens Biden has royally screwed up the productions and distribution of vaccines developed by President Trump and his administration. They dont know what to do. He has never known what to do. There is not a single one of the
people in his inner circle. Thats never worked in the private sector, doing anything productive, they dont know what they are doing. Bidens foreign policy and national security teams are laced with individuals who despise the state of Israel and slobber all over communist China and that genocidal regime in IRAN. Now, while were at it, he has enough time to make sure that who is appointed to head the criminal division. Ex colleague of Hunter Bidens lawyer hes got to take care of the family. I want to talk quickly about Chuck Schumer. You mentioned it. He threatened two: U Dot S Supreme Court justices, he threatened the Supreme Court. He assembled a mob on the stairs of a supreme court that tried to break into the Supreme Court, but for that 13 foot bronze door there and he warns those justices that they are in fact in for Hell. If they dont vote the way he wants, he threatened the Supreme Court.
He used the Cavanaugh hearings him as Mollie Hemingway, so brilliantly wrote to convene a mob to disrupt hearings who the hell does this clown Schumer think he is stomping all over the constitution. With a fifty slash, fifty vote in the Senate trying to impose his will on the american people on the whole country and now going to have a robe trial. He is the one who should be on trial and all the other reprobates that for decades have been threatening the american people, making outrageous comments to try and start up and create frenzies among their own base thats how lousy the Biden Administration has been in fifteen days fifteen days, thats it great one. Thank you.
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