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Mark Levin breaks down the Bernie Sanders-Joe Biden 'manifesto'

2020-08-20 | 🔗
Mark Levin, host of 'Life, Liberty & Levin' and author of 'Unfreedom of the Press,' joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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President Trump will be joining us in just a few moments. Joining now is the massive New York Times best selling author, a radio host, a host of life, Liberty and Levin number one in his time, slot number one in his time slot. I call him the great one. Our hour got good ratings and you bring on attorney General Barr and I cant win. It happens. Brother. Let me jump in here see this Sean. Do you know what this is its akin to the community manifesto? This is from Bernie Sanders. Nobody is discussing it. No newsroom read it its not discussed at the
Democratic national convention. Liberty is not dissused its a big hate fest. I want people to know what is in this tournament its one hundred and ten pages long, how they will destroy your country. They want to retrofit Americans homes and building to stop carbon dioxide thats. What you exhale and plants use it to create oxygen, encourage more publicly owned broadband networks. They want them unionized and have baseball, fits create a postal banking system for low income, families, bail out states and cities.
Fifteen dollars nationwide minimum wage elimination of right to work laws in states. This is their proposal. Domesticic workers, bill of rights and guarantees, the public sector unions guaranteed paid, sick leave and family leave redistribution of wealth through taxation. Federal government will provide affordable housing, federal involvement. This local zoning decisions, retool assembly lines for zero emission vehicle bye, Detroit all five hundred thousand school buses in America, transition to zero emission massive regulations of fossil fuels, leading to blackouts like in southern California right now, healthcare
they will destroy Medicare the age to enroll in Medicare would be lowered from fifty taxpayer. Funding of all abortions gun control treated as a public health issue by the CDC they call Healthcare, equity, national goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Do you know what they are you drive by the road and you see a greenhouse in the winter, and flowers are growing its called the atmosphere. It create a one hundred percent clean sector. They will demolish our economy, commitment to eliminating carbon pollution. Carbon dioxide is not pollution,
cut power plants by two thousand and thirty five. They want to install five hundred million solar panels, sixty thousand made in America wind turbines. All jobs in the clean energy economy will be unionized pursue climate justice. I have no idea what that means. I am not done, create unarmed first responders, like social workers, to go to non violent emergency. How do you know they are non violent until you get there end the use of private prisons and detention centers prevent prevent disciplinary treatment of children of color, lower the standards for prosecuting law enforcement officials and expand prosecutions of law enforcement
officials? This is in the Biden. Sanders manifesto, eliminate imprisonment for failing to pay fees, appoint leftists to the federal courts. I better not run out of time, abolish the federal death penalty all but end solitary confinement, abolish prison labor ensure one hundred percent housing for incarcerated. Individual immigration extend government paid healthcare to dreamers, paid healthcare to dreamers, Ankh government paid for by you, Ankh government, paid for by you
for illegal aliens. They must be looking out for blue collar workers waivers enough Heres. The bottom line any one of these proposals by this crazy left wing party thats what it is its been taken over by the hard core marxist left. Any one of these will harm the workers and families and communities in this country, its one hundred and ten pages long for all of the talk they do covering the Democratic National convention for all about who gave a good speech notice how the news rooms dont, discuss the substance of what the Democratic Party is running on. If they win everything will
change for the worse America wont. Look like America again, we tried these failed experiences in the third world. You get poverty and dislocation you get massive inequality and a police state thats what they stand for thats it. I have another minute for you. I gave you extra time. Well then, let me take it up. I have another minute. Of course you do. There are eighteen million Americans are watching this. The vast majority are I watching clips, who the hell can sit there after dinner and watch this and keep the food in their stomach. Michelle obamas speech was great. This is the nature of the media. Today, this one hundred and ten page document is sitting out there. People need to understand
they are going to destroy blue collar jobs. Look at California blackouts thats. What will happen in this country? Why take the greatest country on the east and freest on the face of the earth, despite these lies about systemic racism and destroy it? Why would you agree to do that? We have men and women throughout our history. Millions have given our lives to give us what we have today. I call on all patriotic Americans of all races stand up for your country. They are trying to take it from you thats. It.
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