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Mark Levin on why a coronavirus vaccine scares Democrats and the media

2020-09-10 | 🔗
'Unfreedom of the Press' author Mark Levin, host of 'Life, Liberty & Levin,' joins Sean Hannity on 'Hannity.'
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All right, the the hate Trump media mob, pulling out all the stops in order to take down President Trump. Basically, everything theyve been doing for four one: slash two five years now joining us with reaction, the author of the huge number one New York Times, best seller unfreedom of the press host the number one show Sunday night, life, liberty and love in. I call him the great one mark Levin Mark fifty four days out of an election. You know an election. I can make a case for why Donald Trump will win going to hold his base. The enthusiasm gap is massive. Weve got a candidate. Well lets, just be frank, seems like he needs a nap and a hot cocoa every day can barely campaign, but I always worry. Well, here is the word that
scares the hell out of Democrats and the media. It is called vaccine here is the thing the President of the United States and his administration are close to getting a vaccine, so they bring out Dr Kamala Harris and she says im not taking the vaccine. I could give a damn if she takes the vaccine are not they dont want a vaccine think about that they are the ones you dont mind. If people die, what if we have a vaccine before the election, is the presence of most of put his foot on the brake and stop progress on a vaccine? When you have Woodward, oh Woodward wrote something like I give a damn what Woodward said? First of all, I want the media to understand something. There are two candidates running you might want to ask the other candidate running Joe Biden. If you questions every now, and then we have six books in the last few months on Trump come on MRS Trump everything you ever want to know about the trumps disgruntled people, former
employees come how many books do we have about byte income other than Don Jr. Nothing, then, in government half a century had employees and staff a screwup, a bigot, all kinds of things. Women accused him of all kind of stuff. Where are the books? There are no books. Now, where is his plan for addressing the virus? Ive looked here? Is a man in charge of the two thousand and nine swine flu? How did that go disaster, beginning to end who says s former chief of staff? Where is the Biden Plan February nothing March, nothing April? Nothing may nothing July August, nothing walks around like he is in the desert, with a mask on what is wrong with this guy and by the way he walks in circles. What is his vaccine plan has no plan. One hundred and ten page communist manifesto, no vaccine plan tax, the hell out of America
plans for creating jobs, tax, the hell out of workers in the country, thats a great plan plan for opening schools, no close the schools dont open the schools. These are the Biden. Physicians now lets talk about operation, not operation warp that would be Biden. Lets talk about operation warp speed. A vaccine may be several come in less than a year. That is unheard of. That is miraculous. What are the Democrats say? Oh, that is too fast and must be political. The president is already contracted for manufacturing syringes because he is a businessman. He has two steps ahead already contracted for distribution. They are going to have a vaccine may manufacturing. While the Democrats are sitting back, shooting spitballs come, he got respirators hospital beds, ppe testing galore, like we have never had before what the hell
else as a president supposed to do, and where, where the Democrats, where was Cuomo and Murphy, come all of the rest, nowhere, the Democrat media wants you to panic. The president doesnt want the people to panic. I said the other day on the radio come its kind of gone out there, even without the panicking. What happened? Couldnt get toilet paper that should make liberals very upset. Couldnt get toilet paper, couldnt get paper, towels couldnt, get water bottled water hand sanitizer. The president doesnt want to panic people that doesnt mean hes, not breaking his back to help people are these people, nuts? The president, has saved people hes, trying to get a vaccine. That word vaccine now lets talk about downplaying an misleading apply income, the issue of down plan income, the issue of down plan miss the thing I from ABC News. What did they ever treat? Obama with such disrespect
no way, let me ask a question for months. The Democrats and the media called the violence. Looting, burning and killing mostly peaceful. Tell me was that misleading was that a lie? Let me ask you: for years, Obama and Biden refused to call islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism was that misleading was that a lie? Yes id say it was for years. Obama and Biden lied about Obamacare gee. Was that MS misleading w that a lie? I think it was the IRAN deal lied. They lied about Russia Collusion each and every day with help of the media. Let me ask you something, John Karl: why did you live? Why did all of the lie about Russia Collusion, which you did more questions today? The Democrats downplay the anti Semites and their party, of which there is a growing number. Why did they lie about that? Why did they mislead the
american people about that today? They downplay and lie about chaos with mail in voting we know theres going to be chaos, we see it in cities and states already. Why do they downplay that? Why do they lie and they lied about? Bidens mental health, everybody knows Biden is not well thats why they are typing. The answer is: can you raise the teleprompter, please post what and other live at the president killing people they actually talk about the present killing people. The president is saving people. The president did all of this without the help of a single congressional Democrat, without the help of Joe Biden without the rest of them, and apparently, apparently, the president of the United States is up there lying to the american people. What that means, how she is lying, the FDA is lying, what a bunch of black helicopter nut jobs and the media we have today.
Anyone who gives a damn what Bob Woodward wrote raise your hand exactly. Nobody cares thats it. The great one mark, Levin, dont, forget marks, show life.
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