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McCarthy: Chinese spy scandal goes much deeper than Rep. Swalwell

2020-12-10 | 🔗
House Minority Leader joins 'Hannity' to discuss Beijing's penetration of American power structures
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This by he might have dated the spy who may have loved him here with reaction Kevin Mc Carthy. You know I can joke a little bit about it, but nothing funny. This guy is on the House Intel Committee. They have access to top secrets im, not even sure if you get briefed on a lot of this stuff. I am one of the gang of eight. I do. The Intel committee commit not only keeps America secrets. This is Swalwell hes been calmed by the communist. He was compromised, but whats, worse is speaker. Pelosi had to cover for him. This goes deeper than just Swalwell great when you think about it. If the speaker, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff knew this and kept him on the committee, that raises a very big question. It also raises the question: when the Democrats backed out of the bipartisan China task Force now, it raises questions. Why would they do that whats most interesting? Is the Chinese have really focused on
Northern California, Silicon Valley, Dianne Feinstein, her body person, the person driving carrying all the phone calls was a communist by this doesnt wasnt? That Swalwell went to the FBI. The FBI went to him because they picked up on this chinese spy following her parade, the speaker knew about it and Adam Schiff. It raises more questions. Now we come into the new Congress on January 3rd. The Democrats dont just vote for whos going to become speaker if you vote for Nancy Pelosi, youre now voting to put Adam Schiff back on the Intel and Swalwell, and now you know this information to so you better watch how you vote. Let me ask about comments going back to the election in one hundred and six members now supporting this lawsuit by the Texas attorney general. More importantly, of all, the twenty seven tossup races, your side, one hundred and twenty seven of them. There been big problems in the state of New York for this week alone. Another last week, fifty five
ballots commit now its another forty ballots, its a twelve vote advantage for the Republican Party between District nineteen and district twenty two, a lot of is going on in New York, and they are still finding ballots. Five weeks later could get you note we found out commit where it had by twelve votes. Then they just came forward and said. We just found twelve ballots in this drawer. What is going on with New York ticket, where his lead been for five weeks? You just go to make coffee and you say: oh, I found some ballots now. I got to hand them in the biggest mismanagement of any state is New York. They put ballots out to everybody, commit meaning when they have a role. People are dead. People havent lived there before, but this is what he wanted to do. Send them to everybody. Now we have Claudia Kenney had by tens of thousands of votes, commit now youre down to twelve and how many more drawers are going to be opened. Every time they see
there is public and the lead do you think is going to hold that seat and is there anything Republicans can do to stop these things. Can we get one standard of signature, verification in Georgia in the state of Pennsylvania? Can we stop the Democrats from making new laws while the election is going on or the legislature passing things that are unconstitutional based on the state constitution or if they dont allow absentee oratory early voting is Wisconsin? Can we insist they not hand out two hundred thousand ballots like they did watch what they did in California. Election really goes by state fair. This is where we have to mobilize and get involved within the state, never allowing this to move forward again. What we found is, you are correct. We did not lose one incumbent. How was it Congress when they predicted, we were going to lose 15 20 seats and now were sitting
at two hundred and twelve may be to hundred thirteen five seats away from the majority. The Senate was supposed to lose. We didnt lose the Senate and were going to win Georgia by the state legislatures were supposed to lose. We actually picked up three. Now there saying we lost the presidency. These are the questions of why every legal do you believe it? I dont believe it. I think the eighty three percent of Gallup and the seventy seven percent of quinnipiac- I think it stinks to high Heaven aunt. Everybody can see it now. Every single pole was wrong. What we found is you trust the american public. Look at what this Republican Party did inside the house. Nancy Pelosi was saying she was going to win fifteen seats shes holding on by a thread. Remember when you come to vote on opening day, you have to be there and Nancy Pelosi. Had fifteen Democrats vote against her last time, if all ten votes against her, she will not be speaker. That will be interesting
by the way the Supreme Court needs to stand on the law and the constitution, and these states commit they made their.
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