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McEnany accuses Ga. gov of trying to 'deceive voters' over election

2020-12-07 | 🔗
White House press secretary and Trump 2020 adviser updates developments in Trump's legal fight on 'Hannity'
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Not many times which is good for you. Thank you senator. I appreciate it. A update on the states and whats going on Kayleigh Mcenany with us. You just heard from Senator Cruz in Pennsylvania. Talk about Wisconsin talk about Nevada, talk about Georgia. I watch the legal side of the cases. Can you update us and lets go around the countries and lets start in Pennsylvania, sure Pennsylvania, the MIKE Kelly lawsuit, the one senator TED Cruz, and I commend him for all hes doing in the case whats key in the case as this when the intermediary judge, the Commonwealth judge, said, I think youre going to win on the merits here, because the votes laid out its very clear that we would win on the merits and MIKE Kelly Wood. The moment that happened. She said forty eight hours from now. I want you to present your evidence what happens and it calls an extra Neri move. The Supreme Court, which is 5, 2,
Democrats and dont, show the evidence we have this doctrine and stopped it. If Senator Cruz is asking vote in the Supreme Court- and we know Bush v Gore, the justice said when theres a flagrant departure of what the legislature laid out. There is a federal question there. Senator TED Cruz is right and we will see what Justice Alito Danse, Reince Priebus laid out the good legal side with the President and Wisconsin thats exactly right at the Wisconsin case, the two most legally sound cases out there, because Wisconsin too theres constitution very clearly lays out how absentee voting should be because they believe it susceptible to fraud. He needs to be highly regulated, but instead you have individual, saying im indefinitely confined because of fear at Covid ive, no idea check nothing come out thrown out the window mass influx of mailing ballots with no, I dot d check legally sound, but one note
here, Sean moving onto Nevada for a second I trained we are seeing is do not let them see the evidence tonight. When ive learned in Nevada weve appealed at the Supreme Court. We have a judge justice on the Supreme Court who had to recuse herself or an affiliation with one of the Joe Biden electors. You have the attack dog leftist lawyers we dont, want evidence submitted and dismiss it out of hand. We do not want to look at the evidence. Be quiet, go home, nothing to see here and thats what we are seeing in courts across the country, the state of Georgia. We know about this consent agreement for the life of me and I think the crowd involved also is very clear. Pfeiffer. President Trump, the government has the authority to call the legislature back into session in light of the Senate. Runoff seats coming up on January 5th, less than one month away.
Voting in person voting starts next week are exactly right. Let me tell you something: theyre trying to do and confuse the viewers here. Governor Kemp is saying: im not calling a legislative session to overturn, but thats, not whats, being asked of him Cully legislative session to allow for signature matches and in the selection and the next one they are trying to concede. Voters by conflating the two but be clear, call eight legislative session to fix signature match its a specific to men and one theyre trying to confuse voters. One standard for mail in and one standard for in person voting should be the same standard photo. I dot d, signature verification same thing.
We need to maintain the chain of the ballots in terms of accountability. You cant have drop boxes that are monitored thats insane too Kayleigh, not fair, Governor Kemp, no different than Stacey Abrams Governor Kemp is Stacey Abrams.
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